Loong Online Crafting Basic Guide

Loong Online Crafting Basic Guide by Pandamoniums


Crafting or Production skills as they are known in game are a means to making your own items and from there to profit. There are 4 groups of skills which do basically the same thing with a different out come, these are:
– The ability to gather resources across the map: Mining and harvesting.
– The ability to process raw materials into refined ones: Smelting and Crafting.
– The ability to make a finished product: Pharmacy, Forge, Armour Making, Tailer and Craft.
– The ability to dismantle items: Dismantle-(I have not manage to get this skill to work so i have no first hand knowledge of this skill if anybody knows how to level / use this please tell me )

Mining is the skill you use to collect ores and herbs.
The types of resources you can collect include:
-Iron ore piles
-Stone ore piles
-Silver ore piles
-Gold ore piles
-Jade ore piles

you can get different sizes of all of these resources and difference grades. The sizes are: (as i have seen)
– X ore pile
-Large X ore pile
-Rare X ore pile

Herbs are different, Sizes:
Sizes: (?)

The Grades: (Goes higher but i don’t know what they are called)
-High Grade
-High Quality
– Rare (Apparently made by smelting)

I believe that it will be worth getting yourself the Mining skill even if you don’t plan to craft you will be able to sell the resources (in Open beta) and an easy form of money.

Harvesting is the skill you use to get cloth material or food material.
The types of resources you can collect include:
-Chunxin Grass (?)


Pharmacy is the skill you use to produce Pots(pills) and foods This can include:


-HP potions: Restores your Heath
-MP potions: Restores your Mana
-Cure All Potions: Instantly Restores Health / Mana
-Slow Potion: Constantly restores set amount of HP over 30 minutes
-Internal Injury Killer: Restores Internal Injury
-Others: Quest Objects(?)


-Common Foods: Tempory buffs Example: Physique + 5 for 30 minutes
-Alchohol: Tempory buffs normal involving Hit/dodge rate or running speed. Comes with a draw back called drunk state.
-Delicate foods: (?) The one item i can make of these says “Recover 100hp.” seems useless to me.
-Pet Food: Pet meat to give XP or Pills that raises a beast’s vital essence by XX (?)

In my eyes this is one of the most important skills to myself (tanker) it drastically reduces the amount of money i have to spend on potions. Highly recommended.


Forging is the ability make weapons and grinding stones.
Materials used in forging
-Iron ore
-Gold silk bamboo

There are three tabs for forging
Weapon Craft
Weapon craft is the tab where you create your chosen weapon. At level one forging you can only create up to level 10 weapons.

Comsume(thats how spelt in-game fairly sure it should be “consume”)
The Consume tab is where you create Grinding stones which are very important in ensuring you weapon does not brake.

Weapon Design
In the weapon design tab you can create weapon patterns which are used to create weapons using an NPC called “craftsmen” I don’t know what the advantages are to using him.

Armour Making
Armour Making is the ability to create armour and identification scrolls.

Armour:- Armour is used mainly by External attackers.
Resources used to create armour: (would know more and be level 2+ by now by vitality bugged on my alt -Rage-)

Identify scrolls
Identify scroll are used to identify crafted or looted items they have a rare chance to be purple. Colour scale: (more information on this scale and how to improve your chances on getting purples)

Resources needed to create:

You can also create armour patterns(?)

Armour making goes hand in hand with harvesting and i would highly suggest you get both.

Tailoring is the ability to create Cloth armours and fashion items.

Cloth Armour: is used mainly by internal attackers
Items used to create cloth armours:
-Cotton cloth

Fasion craft: is used to create fashion items which can be worn under your armour and you can choose weather to show your armour or fashion.
Items used to create Fashion:
-Superior silk Organdy
-Superior cotton cloth
-Huyang design book (Buy from Fashion vendor NPC for 6g or from Gui Guzi for hotohori Edictsx5)
-Jade star design book (Buy from Fashion vendor NPC for 6g or from Gui Guzi for hotohori Edictsx5)

Crafting is the ability to “process or refine cloth material or food” (Anything you can gather from “Hervest”)
There are three tabs for crafting
B]Refine[/B] Is the ability to make lower level items into higher
Basic level Forumulas: [
5 Common Leather can be turned into 1 Superior leather
5 Superior Leather can be turned into 1 High quality Leather
5 Common Cotton cloth can be turned into 1 Superior cotton cloth
5 Superior cotton cloth can be turned into 1 high quality cotton cloth

From what i have seen this the 5x=5y (x = lower level mat y=higher)

Process – The tab is empty for me maybe somebody can inform me?

Degradation Is the ability to downgrade materials (cloth and food).
Basic level forumulas:
1 Superior leather can be turned into 3 common leather
1 High Quality leather can be turned into 3 superior leather
1 superior cotton cloth can be turned into 3 common cotton cloth
1 high quality cotton cloth can be turned into 3 superior cotton cloth

Say as refine they a patten but this time 1y=3x (x = lower level mat y=higher)

Smelting is the ability to process or “refine ore or herbs” (Anything you can collect from mining)
This skill is completely the same as crafting apart from refining different resources. There are three tabs for smelting:

Purifty is the ability to upgrade Ores or Herbs.
The basic formulas are:
5 Common X can be turned into 1 Superior X
5 Superior X can be turned into 1 High quality X
(getting a little lazy i will fill this out properly soon)

Process – No idea what this does if anybody can inform my that would be lovely.

1 High Quality X can be turned into 3 Superior X
1 Superior X can be turned into 3 common X
(getting a little lazy i will fill this out properly soon)

Dismantle – Clueless


This is what the majority of resources look like. (I am missing a few)

There are predetermined spots where any resource can spawn spread across all the maps. What resource shows up is random but i believe there are only a couple of spots which spawn the “rare” resources or treasure boxes (more on this later) I shall not be telling you theses spot you will have to find them yourself. The picture below is the route i take to farm resources and i find its has the most resources closest together as well as the resources refreshing the fastest(respawning).

Note: This is also where a lot of the Pkers go to fight.

How To.

Resource collecting
Resource collecting is fairly simple you go around the game work until you find what resource you are looking for and left click to harvest(as long as you have the correct skill)You can get between 2-5 of each materials from a normal recourse, the bigger the resource the more materials you will get.
There is also a chance of collecting higher grade materials (example: superior leather.) This is just luck though i believe the chances are improved if you find a “Rare type” resource pile.

I warn you that i am no graphics designer and this is done in paint with my “pro skilz”

1- These are the tabs click on to switch between them.
2- This is the list of products you can create
3- End product
4- Progress bar
5- When making armour or weapons this will show you the chance of getting what colour
6- Items required to produce product
7- You can add items here to increase success rate
8- The amount of vitality required
9- The amount of experience you will gain from making this product.
10- Amount it will cost to make and the amount you want to make. (It will only cost gold if you use an npc)
11- Information on the item you wish to create.

-step 5 vitaility
-step 6 Pros / Cons
Step 7 Etcs
-random monster events
-drawing off agro

This is a guide a will be making for crafting please bare with me as i might add to this slowly or fast depending on how a feel. It will mostly be an introduction into crafting not a step by step guide.

If you see something you believe is wrong or some i have missed please comment for i am doing this based on solely my observations.

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