La Tale Guardian Guide

La Tale Guardian Guide by TsubasaNeko

I. Stat Build

The main stat that you must build up is either of the following:

A.) Strength and Luck = pure damage

B.)Stamina and Strength = high hp and Ok damage

You must be wondering why Strength is always mentioned, the main reason for this is—-“Strength gives you +0.42 damage per Strength point” and that could mean a lot when it comes to damage so more DAMAGE = more kills and less deaths. Stamina dictates your HITPOINTS/HP, it is also responsible for Knockback’s/KB which means the higher your Stamina is the less you get knock backed/stun-locked etc. for some reason it gives you a little defense as well or so as what some people say you may find stamina to be essential if you are planning to be a survival type guardian. Luck gives you more chance to hit CRITICAL, so the more Luck you have the BIGGER DAMAGE you make and the BIGGER DAMAGE you make the faster you kill.

Always enchant either of the 3 main stats for killing and survivability. Luck = Crits Str = Base damage+ Sta = HP + Def. Here is a very good explanation of how to super enchant your Accessories/Weapon/Armor:

—>>La Tale How To Enchant Your Gear Guide

II. Techniques and Things you might need to know

Guardians/Saints are considered one of the most formidable classes in PvP, they are well-known for their Long-ranged attacks that deals constant damage and Short-ranged deadly attacks as well. The techniques are pretty simple, with a little practice you can be almost “Unkillable” in PvP if that’s even a word. LOL
A.) Know your range – a guardian must be aware of their position when attacking an opponent, they must be in the right range when using a skill. One wrong move could lead to a miss kill so figure out how far or short your skills are before even using them.

B.) Be familiar with the battle field – some stages/areas where you PvP gives you BONUSES like Speed boost, HP recovery etc. for example the Invoke area, on top of it there is a [?] that gives you a full HP heal that refills every 10secs. or so. Take note on that. :)

C.) MOVE around A LOT and make a full use of Dragon Kick – by moving a lot I meant that literally, Guardians are really nasty they move a lot and because of that they get hit less, some of your skills are better done by jumping, running, moving behind an opponent, etc. so its more like hit and run. Dragon Kick deals multiple hits, and while you are doing this skill notice that this cannot be cancelled unlike some skills that has a long animation that can be cancelled, during the time that you use Dragon Kick you are INVULNERABLE for roughly 1-2secs.(or more) that depends on the height of your jump. By the way, Dragon Kick can only be used after a jump/followed by a jump. Example of this is Crescent Kick.

D.) JAS – you must be wondering what this abbreviation mean, it means Jump->Attack[plain/hard]->Skill. This is a particular technique that you MUST master. Unlike the Wizard class and some of its advancement they can only do this by exchanging their PvP points for a book that allows them to JAS, and compared to you this is for free!!! All your skills are situational and your aerials are deadly USE THEM WELL.

E.) Opponents skills & Crouching uppercut – this is self explanatory. To be a victor, a Guardian must know an opponents skill and its animation. Crouching is the key for better survival, less damage is taken when you crouch so if you know how long an opponent skill is you will probably know when to attack next or what move to do however crouching alone is not a good technique because “Uppercut” is also important. The “Uppercut” launches the opponent in midair and breaks guard which is crouching. This can be obtained by exchanging your PvP points then placing the skill on your shortcut keys.

F.) Back dash/PvP Counter attack – Can only be obtained by exchanging PvP points to Lemy. Back dash allows you to do a backflip, you are immune to skills/spells when doing this. Not only that, when used at the right situation you can actually evade and go behind an opponent and mash him/her with your skills. :)) PvP Counter attack is just how it is said COUNTER ATTACK.

G.) Title – it is the name above your players head. This is somehow important too because titles give a player an added stats. It can be movement speed bonus, crit rate, crit dmg increase or whatever you desire. This can be obtained by using guidebooks or from events or exchanging Ignate title coupon to Ignate.

H.) Ping – this is very important, it doesn’t matter how strong your gears are or how good you are in PvP because if you have latency issues then you will have the hardest way of winning. Winning is pretty much impossible if you have high Ping. Here is the link to a website that will allow you to view your Ping:


I.) Guard dash – Why do you ask? this is quite difficult to pull of because you must be very versatile and adaptive because you have to use TAB to use your shield. Using Guard dash allows you to launch an opponent in midair so its like breaking his guard. This is possible but seriously difficult to pull-off. Here is a good video showcasing how to use a guardian in PvP. He was also able to use Guard dash Launching the enemy and the air and then followed up by kick launchers. :D


J.) Pets – almost forgot about this one. This is very important because you can use pets inside PvP. :D There are a lot of pets that boosts your damage, accuracy, evasion and other stats as well. You can also use pets skills and stack them with each other for better results! Here is a chart for some of the pets that can stack together:

III. Skills

(In this section you will be educated of skills that is/are important in PvP.)
Note: That [SLOW/NORMAL/FAST] means how long the animation is.

A.) Flame Kick – [FAST] Short-ranged 1 hit that launches your opponent to the air.

B.) Crescent Kick – [SEMI-FAST] Short-ranged 1 hit that launches your opponent to the air, but for some reason this is somehow only possible if you have a decent damage. This can also be used when you are evading or jumping into a platform or hard to reach places, it is a good skill that can be stack with Dragon Kick that gives an extra height to your jump.

C.) Dragon Kick – [FAST] Short-ranged 3 hits that can only be used whilst in midair/airborne. As I stated before you are invulnerable when using this skill, nothing can cancel this skill as well.

D.) Aero Boom – [FAST] Long-ranged 3 hits that sometimes inflict knockbacks that depends on the damage.

E.) Final Crash – [SLOW] Mid-ranged 3 hits that allows you to go behind an opponent WHILE doing damage.
These skills are your main skills, it all depends on you how you mix it up. Dealing Long-ranged attack to an opponent then charging in then doing a Short-ranged attack, then run/jump behind the opponent “Uppercut” using Crescent kick + dragon kick, punch skills this is one of the most obvious mix up and its effectiveness will depend on how it is performed. Notice that all the skills doesn’t have II on their name its only because II means it is stronger skill and it will all depend on you if you prefer on using it since somehow some skills are slower when it is II.

5th tier skill
This is limited and only for Lv.125+ and can only be bought by exchanging 5 SS5 skill to Ases at belos. You can either buy it from people at the market or Auction House @elias or get the SS5 skill scroll by killing monsters at midgard or 120+ monsters, they hand out skill scrolls that allows you to do 10 RANDOM quests in exchange for 1 SS5 skill coin. Unlike the other skills 5th skill uses AP not SP. :D

IV. Weapon & Armor

Choosing your equipment is important, because for some people who ignores Coli Armor/Weapon are ineffective in PvP. Picking a well enchanted Weapon or Haxing it is your best pick. All is either of the 5 listed below.

A.) NPC/Crafted weapon and armor – This is ideally one of the cheapest because you can obtain this from either the auction house, people and crafting. NPC equips are somehow good in PvP can have as much as 5 enchants on it, its pretty much color coded (Green = 1 enchant, Skyblue = 2 enchants, Orange = 3 enchants, Red = 4 enchants) the 5th enchant is Violet and it is a player’s pick of whatever he/she finds suitable on the armor/weapon.

B.) Blue named Weapon and armor – these are crafted as well or can be obtained by exchanging a Weak/Strong special weapon coupon to Toma. This is pretty much one of the best since Blue named Weapons/Armor has an added effect that an NPC weapon/armor couldn’t possibly have. Blue named armor can be obtained from bosses’. Ex. Time attack instance dungeon (TAID). TAID equips are known for its hax bonus stats that depends on its set number. Ex. Set 2. Def +, Set 3. Movement speed+, etc.

C.) Epic Weapon and armor – this can only be obtained by farming PvP points and exchanging to Lemyfor the desired weapon or armor. Note that Epic weapon lasts for 30 days and can be extended using Epic Extension Low/high that can be purchased from the Fashion shop using Astros while Epic armor is obtainable by either exchanging it using PvP points or exchanging an Epic armor coupon to Ignate. Note that an Epic armor obtained from Ignate has no Enchant on it, and enchanted epic armor can only be obtained by exchanging your PvP points although I’ve only seen a Skyblue enchant before so I guess it is possible to see 4 enchants on an exchanged Epic Armor. :D

D.) Valkyrie Knuckles – This must be somehow enchanted with min/max, Max dmg would be the priority. This can be difficult for you to have because this can be obtained by winning past LA TALE EVENTS and 1st place La deck.

E.) Divine Set – Is a class armor this can be obtain by crafting or buying it at people in Elias. Cheap and easy. It can have as much as 4 enchants just like NPC armor but without the set bonuses. :D

I recommend a Goblin Fist+9 enchanted with max damage atleast 40% max damage only because of its +20% crit damage and it’s availability. You can get this by exchanging Weak Special Weapon Coupon(WSWC) to Toma you can purchase WSWC from players selling it, auction house, and some event OGP have e.g. “gift box that you’ve done well”. OR PvP Ninja sharp claw, only because PvP weapons are made because for the purpose of PvP but this can be difficult to obtain since you need a lot of PvP points to get this. OR any Enchanted NPC weapon that has Min/Max atleast 40%. Armor is pretty much what you prefer, but Class armor would be the best pick because of the many options it could have (4 options).

*When upgrading and enchanting you must always consider the Durability of the equipment and the weapon.

*Functional sets bonuses does not apply in PvP simply because it is imbalanced e.g. Dragon Poe so as Special Cloaks e.g. Ishutaru wings.

*with all weapon and equipment mentioned accessories are important too. BINDI’s, EARRINGS and RINGS.
+Bindi = Tengu bindi for a little evasion or Valhala Crystal opt’ed for the additional overall stats.(your pick. both is good.)
+Earrings = Hell earrings for TDD, Guild earrings for more HP and SP +crit rate opt’ed with either LUCK or STA, Phoenix earrings for bonus overall stats +crit rate.
+RINGS = Hell earrings to set with the earrings that gives TDD, Guild ring with additional 300hp/300sp +crit rate and gives min dmg%.

If you are well funded it is important to use SUPER PUZZLES that can be obtain by having 1-5 & 6-10 SUPER PUZZLE and exchanging it to Toma. Also keep in mind of the following when it comes to enchanting these are your priorities:

SHOES = MOVEMENT SPEED atleast MS +45 & PHYSICAL EVASION *movement speed is VERY important because you will have to run most of the time to evade the opponents attacks and to distance yourself from very ranged classes.

Critical dmg is not the same in PvP.

100% critical damage = 30% in PvP
150% critical damage = 45% in PvP
200% critical damage = 60% in PvP

There is also a Rebalance Notes that allows players to find out the changes in PvP. Here is the link:



1. Guardians are a melee class but we also have one of the longest range skills considering that we only use fist and kicks.

2. Base HP is monstrous we are probably one of the highest hp class in game.

3. Guardians are the best JAS’ers.

4. Guardians have great accuracy assuming that skill points are placed accordingly in the masteries.

5. Passive buffs and Active buffs are godly, Guardian has strength buff, hp buff, party buff that helps in survivability in PvP.

6. Can do multiple combinations of combos.

7. Fast animation skills on par with GS.

8. Dragon kick makes u immortal every time you use it, you can use it to dodge while attacking an opponent while he/she is using her best move that has slow animation.

9. Capable of doing multiple hits in midair.

10. We can KB in midair, we are considered one of the classes that can actually stun-lock.

1. Doing combo with skills is easy but SP goes down so easy. :(

2. Normal and hard attacks are the somehow useless for its extremely short range.

3. We rely only on skills.

4. Not best for late reaction slow tapping players because playing Guardian is active and must always be moving around.

5. Guardians don’t have Area of Effect (AoE).

6. Most of Guardians skills can’t stun lock opponents (but it will be entirely different once you know the skill combinations).

7. Plain attack and hard attack cannot KB unlike other classes.

8. We don’t have skills that can heal.


To summary everything I posted above. I say Guardian/Saint class is a formidable class in my own opinion, They have one of the most important stat in the game and that is HP. The difference of Guardian to a Templar in PvP is—Templar has Shield, shield can be enchanted by physical evasion. Templar also have a passive Target Defense Decrease that makes us Guardians a little less stronger than the usual. Templars also have skills that could really KB and lastly they can HEAL. :( But that doesn’t mean Templars are better. Yes they can enchant physical evasion BUT we have the Highest accuracy in the game. Templars has higher Defense because of the shield that they yield BUT they have to get close to actually hit us GUARDIANS while we can do long-range attacks and the HIT and RUN tactic. Templars are okay too but guardians can be really fun once you get the hang of it. :D

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