La Tale Duelist PvP Guide

La Tale Duelist PvP Guide by Saitei

Step 1: Why?
Pros: We can kill anything that we can knock to the floor with our bullets.
Cons: We can’t kill anything that we can’t knock to the floor with our bullets.

Step 2: Level to 195. (Level 194 is acceptable if you complete dotnuri 3 20 times for the 1 level LDE that allows Lv 194 to wear lv 200 weapons that have been LDEd down to 195.

Step 3: Gear.

Get a LOT of super puzzles and enchant bonus items. You can expect to use stacks of super puzzles and masterhand title and advanced remedies and or mastercraft mask and normal enchant remedies.

Pick one primary stat out of str or luck (not stam because if you expect to win by cheating the KB/flinch system, go make a Guardian or Holy Order. No matter how much stam you stack onto your gears on a explorer class, you will still be KBed/flinched by anyone with pro gears.)

You will mainly be enchanting this stat on single enchant gears and repuzzling with super puzzles on gears with dual stats. (A short explanation of repuzzling is for example lets say you have a coliseum gun with 29 min damage lv 10 and 50 max damage lv 10 with 103 dur left. You cube using a max damage level 9 puzzle and it adds 1-3 dur, lets say it adds 2 dur this time and takes off 6 max damage. You then eat enchant items until success of puzzling is 100% and you enchant with a Max Power Level 10 Super Puzzle and it adds more than the cube took off, for example lets say it added 8 max damage and takes off 8 dur, leaving you with a 40/52 gun with 97 dur left. So by repuzzling your gun went from 40/50 103 dur -> 40/44 105 dur -> 40/52 97 dur. This is the way the very rich people in this game make their seemingly impossible gears that end up having low durability left.

Obtain a Str Or Luck Increase Powder and a Magic Decrease Powder and a Stat Reset Book. (Whenever you decide to stop leveling your duelist between 195-199, you eat a stat increase powder, a magic decrease powder, and then use at least one stat reset book to customize your stat ratio.)

Colli Guns+9 repuzzled to 77 dur or less then Lv 11 12’d min and max damage
for example 22 dur Colli Gun+9 Lv 12 Min+44%, Lv 12 Max+79% Expect to blow up a lot of Colli Guns+9.
Valkyrie Guns are an expensive option if you can get them to +9 or higher with good enchants.

Hell Set+9 (for 25% target defense decrease) (Hell Boss past Asgard drops these)

Captain Bong’s Glasses with LV 10 Physical Accuracy (and for 5% target defense decrease) Gandolfs and Large sets in Capt Bong’s Castle drop these.

LV 190 TAID Bindi (85 physical damage)

Epic set(For people that choose str) or Tactful set(For people that choose luck).
or 5-8 pieces of LV 190 TAID set (Set5 bonus is 300 luck, Full set bonus is 30% critdmg and 5% critrate but not sure if that’s worth losing a lot of TDD.) Epic set is redeemd via PVP points, Tactful set is crafted by armor craft (preferably by people that have afk crafted to lv 40 then resetted to dur armor craft), LV 190 TAID set is from LV 190 TAID.

Tiger Sign or Goblin King Explorer Seal+9 (preferably by people that have afk crafted to lv 40 then resetted to dur accessory craft)

Single or dual statted elemental stone that was crafted from a Lv 1 elemental stone matching your elemental magazine with 317 dur or close. (crafted by people that have afk crafted to lv 40 then resetted to dur accessory craft)

Get Lucky Learn or Lucky Striker Title to add to max damage and critrate. Lucky Striker is better although considerably harder to obtain.

Step 4: How
Skillbuild’ll look something like this at LV 195 with Dotnuri 1 Complete 20 times for the 1 skill pt and after saving at Elias Savestone. (1(savestone)+194(levels)+10(3rd job)+1(Dotnuri 1 complete 20x)=206 Skill pts)

Lv 1     3 Pts      Gun License
Lv 5     5 Pts      Gun Mastery (Novice)
Lv 10     10 Pts      Gun Mastery (Skilled)
Lv 10     10 Pts      Gun Mastery (Expert)
Lv 10     10 Pts      Gun Mastery (Highest)
Lv 4     8 Pts      Shooting Forward (Main attack skill)
Lv 2     4 Pts      Shooting Backward (Left at LV 2 for Prereqs because this skill is useless in PVP and PVE)
Lv 4     8 Pts      Sitting and Shooting (Other main attack skill)
Lv 1     2 Pts      Wide Range Shooting (Get at least Lv 1 of this as an anti-strider skill)
Lv 1     1 Pts      Backstab Shot (At least one level of this, This is your 3rd most used attack even though it’s ability to knockback isnt as good as the main skills)
Lv 1     1 Pts      Gadget Punch (anti-ducking skill)(optional)
Lv 10     10 Pts      Good Luck
Lv 5     5 Pts      Concentrated Fire
Lv 5     5 Pts      Fast Tiger
Lv 10     20 Pts      Heavy Fire
Lv 5     10 Pts      Accurate Fire
Lv 5     5 Pts      Lucky Days
Lv 10     10 Pts      Concentration of Aim
Lv 10     20 Pts      Weapon Upgrade
Lv 1     2 Pts      Head Shot Upgrade
Lv 10     20 Pts      Earth Magazine (Or any other preferred elemental magazine)
Lv 10     20 Pts      Piercing Clip (best upgrade clip for PVP and PVE purposes due to 20% TDD)
Total Skill Points Spent      189 out of 206
The other points are available for spending on more levels into wide range shot, backstab shot, attack skill upgrades, elemental magazine expansion, gatling, hawk eyes, 5th tier.

Attack Skill Commentary:

Attack Distances:
Shooting Backward < Gadget Punch < Wide Range Shot < Sitting and Shooting < Shooting Forward < Gatling Gun < Standing Heavy Attack

Shooting forward is the main attack that comes out fast enough with reliable long range. If it connects and stuns opponent you can use Sitting and Shooting right after if they are still within the attack range of sitting and shooting.

Sitting and shooting is the 2nd most used attack that comes out faster and with higher damage than sitting and shooting although with noticeably less range and higher delay time after use. It’s mainly used instantly against opponents that you can knockback that come within its attack range and also used after connecting a Shooting Forward.

Example Uses of two main attacks:
Jump -> Heavy Attack Immediate Cancel into Shooting Forward to hit airborne opponent or opponent on ground. -> Upon landing and connecting hits, Sitting and Shooting

Jump -> Heavy Attack for 2 hits on ground opponent into Shooting Forward -> Upon landing and connecting hits, Sitting and Shooting

Opponent already on floor and recovering -> (optional)Standing Heavy Attack(If KBs) ->
Shooting Forward or Sitting and Shooting -> (alternate the one you haven’t used yet) Shooting Forward or Sitting and Shooting

Standing Heavy attack is an okay attack once you’re familiar with its range and have decent gear. It is cancellable into the other attacks so it doesn’t leave you open to being attacked.

Backstab shot is the third most used attack as a less reliable substitute for the two main attacks. It can be ducked under and rarely knockdowns an opponent although if it connects and stuns the opponent you will be a safe distance away.

Wide Range shot has its uses, one of which being used to attack any strider or blader that blader jumps and comes close to you. There’s no worry of missing the strider because wide range shot hits both sides. It will miss ducking opponents and should not be used by itself or when the main attacks are available.
Possible use:
Jump -> 2 Hits of Unguarded Knockbacking Heavy Attack -> Wide Range Shot
Dash Attack that KBs -> Wide Range Shot
Don’t: Jump and immediately cancel into wide range shot, most opponents will duck and then counter.
Don’t: walk or run into range of opponent and then use wide range shot, it has a slow startup and your opponent will most likely hit you before you hit them.
Opponent is above you on the Yong Gyung or Water map -> Wide Range Shot will hit them because not only does it hit left and right of you, also a small amount of vertical distance.

Gatling Gun I haven’t tried although I think most pvp videos I’ve watched, the duelists always fire it from a jump due to its slow startup. The duelist one has to be loaded with BP before being able to shoot it. (Loading BP is very time consuming already for maintaining Piercing Clip and Backstab Shot so don’t expect to be able to fire gatling gun all the time if you get it. Currently one BP Load loaps 200 BP, Gatling Gun Loading Costs 40 BP and 30 more BP per level (40+120=160 at Lv 5). Expect to BP Load -> Gatling Gun Load -> before finally being able to fire Gatling Gun)

Gadget Punch can be used against turtling ducking opponent because it pushes them back regardless of damage dealt and if it’s a critical they are stunned for a small amount of time. However, it probably has the 2nd lowest range of all duelist attacks and its startup time is as slow as wide range shot. If it does not critical hit, the opponent does not receive the same hitstun as other attacks and may instantly counter. It is rarely used since if you are in range for gadget punch to hit an aggressive opponent, you are already too close to them and they can hit you before you hit them if you attempt to gadget punch them. It’s mainly used against opponents that intentionally stay ducking to defend. Example use: Jump -> 2 Hits Heavy Attack -> Gadget Punch

Elemental Magazine Expansion can be air cancelled although any time you miss a standing opponent with it leaves you wide open. opponents can also duck it and instantly counter due to lack of stun after ducking it. If it connects they are launched into the air with stun similar to an uppercut. Mainly fired from a Jump -> normal or heavy attack cancel into Elemental Magazine Expansion.

Do NOT get Destroy Hall, it is a very slow nuke that will only hit opponents that accidentally walk onto your screen. If they see you in the animation they will either knock you out of its skill animation or get behind you and laugh as it misses and proceed to kill you.

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