Kabod Online Magic Pattern Guide

Kabod Online Magic Pattern Guide by AnimalXX

Magic Pattern

With in the magic pattern there is magical items and magical cards that enchants the items.
Structure of magic pattern system as follows.

Releasing a Hold

When you first receive magical item, the magic pattern slot is in hold.
You must remove the hold in order for you to enchant the pattern slot card, you can remove the hold by using the magic pattern NPC.
Failure to release the hold, you can lose the item.


Hold released magic pattern slot can be raised in levels by “awakening”.
Same as releasing a hold, thru ‘Magic Pattern NPC you can raise the level of pattern slot, when successful, but if failed the item in question is destroyed.

Card Enchant

Holding both magic item and the magic pattern card, you can enchant the item.
The magic pattern item that has been released can be added with the options of the pattern card.
Upon failure the magic pattern item does not disappear but the card is used.
Results of the magic pattern card enchant is diverse.
– Base levels(strength, cleverness etc.) option to raise
– Combat levels(attack, defend etc.) option to raise

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