Heroic Odyssey Beginner’s Guide

Heroic Odyssey Beginner’s Guide by Heroic Master


Character move:

basic 6.jpg

In the game, the character is located in the center of the screen. Need to move from a location to a location, scroll and click the mouse on the place where you want to go.

Dialogue with the NPC

basic 5.jpg

Walk near to the NPC, click on the NPC with your mouse to start your conversation.

Buy and sell items:

basic 4.jpg

Talks with the relevance NPC, according to the text that appear on the NPC dialogue panel, choose the corresponding option to transact with the NPC. Follow the transaction panel instructions to complete your transaction.

Use items:

basic 3.jpg

Click the interface backpack button or use the shortcut keyB to open the backpack. Mouse over to an item and click to use the item.

Drop an item:

basic 2.jpg

Left click a selected item in the backpack and drag it to the game interface to drop the item.  Or left click the selected item and click the discard button to drop your item.

About combat:

basic 1.jpg

Mouse over the monster that you want to attack; you will see a sword icon appear on the interface, left click to attack the monster.


1)Quest status:

“!The current quest can be accessed
“?” Completed quest
“?” Incomplete quest

2) The quest status will appear at Quest system, NPC Dialogue, and the map.

3) quest that had been deleted or fail to accept can be accepted again from the relevance NPC.


Main Quest
In Heroic Odyssey, there will be some incident happening around the player, all incident is related to the player. All the incident will build up a completed story.This is where the main quest come from, all the main quest will proceed out the road to be a hero. Completed the main quest will get a lot of experience and money, enrichment with learning experience. On the road to become a hero,player also can feel the war between the Qing, Chu and Han.

Extension Quest
Extensionquest is some funny incident, it will help player get extra experience and money, player can know more story from extension quest.

Daily Quest
Daily quest is every day will refresh some easy quest, example: dungeon monster quest,guild monster quest, repeated monster quest, elite monster quest, boss quest and other daily quest. Completed the quest will get equipment, experience and money as reward.


PK Guide:

1)  Killed same kingdom player will increase the value of crime, each player killed will increase 100.
2)    Message about value of crime: 200 yellow name, 300 red name, 500 will jailed.
3)    Every3 minute will decrease 5 points  value of crime, 1 hour will decrease 100points.Avoid punishment gold metal can be purchase at mall, it can decrease 100points value of crime. When decrease until l400 points, can come out from the  jail.If you are strong in the game, please don’t bully other.
4)    When red name player been killed, it will drop money. The money will get by the player who killed him.

On the map,click the monster can start the battle mode.

“red number” is the damage on yourself, “yellow number” is the target monster damage.wild2.jpg wild3.jpg

When the monster blood is exhaust, there will be some rare item drop by it. Remember to pick up the rare item, avoid from disappear.But remember to watch out yourself blood, when blood is decrease remember to use herbs to recover.

During the battle, using skill will make yourself stronger.

Used skill will decrease your MP, use wine to recover your MP.wild5.jpg


Click the map or npc and monster on the quest navigation will automatic find the way to the specific destination, very easily.

navi 1.jpg

Click the“bot” at the left hand side of the small map , the character can use skill to auto attack, very easily and remember to pick up item manually.
navi 2.jpg


Mailbox is a letter beside the map, click to open it.

mail 01.jpg

Mailbox interface after open it.

mail 02.jpg

Right hand side is to compose email, fill in the name, title and the content, click send to send out the mail, the mail can attach together with not bounding item and money.

When receive mail, the letter will become red and flashing.

mail 03.jpg

Receive mail.
mail 04.jpg

Left is the mailbox list, right is the selected mail content, when inside the mail have item or money, the mailbox list will have an attachment picture. When saw this mail , please remember to receive the item.

mail 05.jpg

Click the  selected mail collect all button, it will receive all the item and money.Choose reply to reply a mail to the sender, click delete can delete the mail.At the left side of the mailbox, click the mail which to delete, click “ delete selected” can deleted all selected mail.


Key in the message on the chat panel and click send to chat in the world panel.

Choose the chat channel option in the chat panel.


Select the “Screen”to use difference kind of way to chat.chat3.jpg

Select “+”to view the system history.chat4.jpg


Click the“skill” button, press “learning” skill will automatic added to shortcut bar.After added to the shortcut bar, press the number to use the skill.

Different jobs can learn different skill, skill can make the player become stronger, so keep it up guys!!

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