Heroic Odyssey Adventure Island Basic Guide

Heroic Odyssey Adventure Island Basic Guide by Heroic Master

The Adventure Island build up by the small island, but it have been occupied by the devil power. All the heroes come to the island, they hope to defeat the devil power, to protect the justice…..

Adventure Island Instruction:
1)        All the level 35 above player can enter the dungeon.
2)        Player can enter together with team member, the maximum member is 3.
3)        In the adventure island, there have different level. Each level have time limit, you will failed if over the time limit.
4)        You can get a lot of experience, exploration achievement, honor reputation point. You can use the point to exchange honor set equipment.
5)        In the adventure island, you will randomly get the orange crystal , it is one of the material to create orange weapon.

Level: 35 level above
Entrance: Wuling Adventure Island NPC
Enter Time: All day
Number of times: Each day 3 times
Time Limit: Every level of the dungeon  have time limit, you will failed if over the time limit.

Adventure Island Quest
Requirement: Defeat the boss Roman at 30 level of Adventure Island.
Reward: Level 3 orange crystal x 1

Tips: You can find the next level entrance on map, it will save the time.

Korean Frontier is aggressive

Overlord Rules:
Which of the team using the shortest time to defeat the boss, they will become the overlord on that level.

The statue of the overlord will be create on visible place.
At the dungeon, you will get valuable mall item from the treasure chest. But the remaining time will deduct after you open the treasure chest.

Tips: The dungeon will be more difficult when enter higher level of dungeon. Improve your own power and party together with other jobs before you enter the adventure island.

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