Hero Online Money Making Guide

Hero Online Money Making Guide by MYTH

This guide is for sustaining your money during grinding and maybe getting profit out of it.

By 50+ it will be time consuming but will get you big rewards.

Can be used for any lvl(these ways will not be added):
PP+1=500k for fast selling or 550k sell to other players
Five Element cases= NPC it for 5k
Burning, Flowing,Glowing cases of any kind(if you decide to open the Five Element cases for 15k): NPC it
Gems: 10k ea (personal shop) Dont sell garnets,Emerald Jadites or critines if you want to + your armor/weapon
Quests: The ones that gives you money, recommended to do all quests except for the lesson and loyalty as a present
Any drops you get from grinding: NPC them
(unless you need to use them)

All of the above

All of the above

23+ If a Hunter, in a helpful guild, and have a high tame lvl, tame the mounts in VS(venom swamp) Sell for 400kish

Cryptics, If you are a female, sell the male or keep for alt and vice versa, sell male cryptic for Body:1m-1.2m Boots: 900-1.1m

Female cryptic Body 900k-1m Boots: 800k-1m
All of the above

All of the above

if completed 3rd cryptic tale, sell strength wine for 10m-12m
All of the above, element cases become less common

All of the above, 5 element cases no longer common.
Lead masks:20k ea
selling the lead masks can sustain your payments to revival pills and health pots. 3 lead masks= 100 revival pills +10k profit
Books: Tussah, Chromatic gem, Violet Iron etc. ( all the high lvl mat books )
Dont attempt to make them.
Tussah: 250k min
Chromatic: 50k
Violet Iron: 100k
(not sure about prices, wouldnt worry much, sell only if they want to buy)

50+: Mining: Recommend to be Zhuang! Keep all PSL and GS (Pure Stone liquid and Gold Sand) Now worth 150m and 500m……. wait for a month and sell even higher!
Any Xtal (garnet, emerald jadite, jadite, opal)
Silver ore 100 = 200k
Coal 100 = 150k
Iron ore: 100 = 100k
Plain rocks:100 = 70k

Any weapons/Armor
may attempt to tame lvl 53 mounts at bm, bamboo mountain

Any weapons/armor
Attempt to make +5 ish weapons/armor for blood eagle/ composite blade/ golden polearm

+5ing weapons/armor
Making books (divine,master)
attempt to tame lvl 83 mounts at tranquil vale

Pearl making 350km ea pearl
PP+2-4?+2=5m +3=20m 4+=?

NOTE: You may try selling exp at around 70+, WARNING! WATCH FOR SCAMMERS, to sell exp go to pvp, find a buyer, either let them kill you first then give you money or opposite
If you have no honor prices go like this:
70-75=7m per kill
76-85=12m per kill
86-95=20m per kill
101+= 40m per kill lol

for 70+
Mudo island monsters:
may drop hax vio or tox weapons sell forvery high prices
n5hkhkhkhk=750m (you have to + it yourself)
Bosses , gt (great tiger at sp and higher may drop too)

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