Hero Online Leveling Guide 1 to 60

Hero Online Leveling Guide 1 to 60 by GR4C

So it seems like most of the lvling guides are out of date with the new hero patches and stuff.
So here is my lvling, not buying lvls, guide 1-40. very fast and simple imo.
it is based around the FT armor event (Mar. 25, 2010 – Apr. 23, 2010) for the bonuses. but if you are reading this guide, then you prolly have those.

Lvl 1 – 11: Very simple, just follow the tutorial. It should bring you very close to lvl 11.
*Dont skip the tutorial. It gives you a restat/reskill and 100% exp bonus tablet for 10hours.

Lvl 11: Head to highlands and either kill some rogues or head to the good bear spawn near the monkeys/apes. If you have a wolf, use it.

I personally chose to use the exp tablet starting at this lvl. I also lvled on the pvp server for the bonus, at least i think theres a bonus. Im not positive about that.
You could wait until you get to 25 if you want to start aoeing, or around lvl 12/13 if you are using a rod with the lvl 10 aoe skill.

Lvl 12: Stick to bears or head to the top of the hill near mistress peony and try the lvl 15s. If you used the exp tablet, this lvl should take 5-15mins depending on your build.

Lvl 13: I chose to kill the lvl 18/19 renegades at this lvl with my wolf. Took me 10-15 mins.

Lvl 14 – 16: Same as 13.

Lvl 17: I headed to Venom Swamp to kill the lvl 20-23 spearmen/archers.

Lvl 18: Same as lvl 17.

Lvl 19 – 30: I actually started lvling in SS beach at 19 with str/int and didnt receive more than 20 damage. With the FT armors def, you should receive very low damage no matter what build. Lvling here is very simple, try to stick to scorpions and the viragos. They have low hp and seem to take more damage from skills. The skeletons seem to receive less damage and the amphibians have more hp. But if you are aoeing, bigger aoe = more exp = faster lvling. So dont be too picky if you are aoeing.

Lvl 25: Get your lvl 25 aoe skills and head back to the beach. The lvls from here on in seemed to fly by and i was using a dex/int build blade user. They seemed to take less than 15 – 20 mins each.

*I actually timed myself using a str/int rod user. It took me 40 mins to get to 25 from lvl 11 using the exp tablet. Ill update the time it takes me to get higher lvls as i get there.

Lvl 30: Get the love set. The extra stuff some of them add are better than the FT accessories.
You could get a bear at this lvl since they help lure mobs, just make sure you bring food.
You can also get the Wind Drift skill book if you want to run a little faster or dont have a mount.
I wouldnt worry about getting wind drift any higher than lvl 3 until you get your main skills.

Remember, most lvl 40 skill books require the skill to be lvl 9 before you get any good aoes, so save up those skill points. The lvl 40 skill books require 93 points to get to lvl 9. That means you can only spend around around 20 – 30 skill points and still have 93 left over by lvl 40.
*Guide at the bottom.

Lvl 31 – 35: You can stay at the beach or you can head to the top of SS hill with the horsemen. Or if you have good damage/defense, head to SP and test the waters.

Lvl 35: You get your new set of FT stuff. This stuff is badass imo. The weapon put my dex/int characters skill damage at over 1k, and i have base str.
So just imagine what itll do for those of you that are str/int. The armor adds the same stuff, just more base def.
The accessories seemed to double w/e they added, but i prefer to mix n match with the love set for maximum damage/hp.

Lvl 35 – 40: Definitely head to SP. I was 2 – 3 hitting everything but the bosses and the lvl 50 mobs. If you have enough def/sk. def, i recommend lvling at the tigers near the top 2 portals or at the top of the hill near the valkyries.
I timed myself and using just the lvl 25 blade aoe, i lvled twice in just under 30mins, as a dex/int at tigers. But thats up to you and what you feel your character can handle.
You can get a hawk at this lvl, but if you are lvling near the tigers, a lvl 40 hawk might not b worth using to lvl unless it is a higher lvl one.

Lvl 40: Dont forget to do the quest “Trade Route” in SS. It gives you your 2 lvl 40 skill books and its very simple. Or if money isnt a problem, just buy the skill books at the SP skill book seller. I think they cost around 200k each, not sure on that. Ill check next time I log in.

I did Lvls 11 – 40 using the exp tablet and i still have around 350 mins left. So it took me around 4 hrs to get to lvl 40 as a dex/int blade user.

I recently did 11 – 40 on my str/int rod user and it only took me around 2 hours. I used the 2 main aoes, rattle of snakes from the lvl 10 book and shocking drop from the lvl 25 book.

Here is a guide to required skill points needed for skill books.
*Guide made by WuHsien, credits go to him.

Just the skill points/books guide is WuHsiens, the rest of this is mine.

Here is 40 – 60. Now at lvl 40 you can head to great wars. Try not to miss them when you are on. They give you easy money.

Heres a list of Items that you can get to help you lvl that are relatively cheap:
Yoos Helm (quest item. get it from 3rd cryptic tale)
-72 HP
-120 Chi
-35 Def
-60 Skill Def
Lasts 7200 mins

Fruit of Str (buy from other ppl, costs around 750k)
-15 Str
Lasts for 5000 mins (~83 hours)

Thousand Year Old Pill (costs around 4m)
-10 Str/Dex/Int
-25 Wind (skill def)
Lasts for 5000 mins (~83 hours)

Exp Cookie (Reward from Great War, cost around 750k)
-20% additional exp.
Lasts 180 mins

Skill Def Cookie (Reward from Great War, cost 100k)
-100 Skill Def
Lasts 180 mins

Hero Accessory Set [Lvl 40] (costs around 500k per piece)
I am too lazy to type out everything that this set adds, but ive tested it with my 55 str/int rod user with 3 vio spear and it beats love set and ft set in terms of hp and skill damage. Very helpful for 40 . If you dont waste the time on them by keeping them equipped if you arent lvling, these could last you until 70.
Last 500mins

Also Cryptic Armor/Boots (receive 1 from 2nd cryptic quest)
Armor adds 40 Def, 8% Def
Boots add 30 Def, 6% Skill Def
Both add 5% additional exp, stacked for 10%
Lasts for 7200 mins

All of these are helpful. They add precious stats and some extras that are useful for any build. Very cheap for how long they last. So think of them as investment if you buy them.

40 – 45: By now, you should have your 40 skills. Hopefully you have the aoes that you need. You can head to tigers or you can head to the top of the hill.
The top of the hill WAS an awesome spot to lvl. You can always find an empty spot to lvl and the spawns there are huge and close together. Saves time on running around. Mobs there are 48/50.
However, with the new raid boss that spawns at the top of the hill, this place is only decent now. If you dont mind avoiding 2 bosses, 1 if you can kill the tiger, then it is still nice.
You can easily make over 1m in drops in about 30mins lvling here, but that really depends on how much you can carry.
These lvls on my Str/Int rod user took me around 1hr total for all of them at the top of the hill. However, i must note that as a rod user, i have 3 aoes at lvl 40. Also, i was using a hero acc set, cryptic boots (no armor, just the boots), an exp , and fruit of str.
For other weapons, you normally only have 2 aoes at 40.

46 – 50: You can tough it out at the top of the hill which is still good or head to tigers and amazons near the BM portal.
Tigers are lvl 55 and amazons are 52.
These lvls took me around 20 – 30mins each if i remember correctly.

49: This lvl is, has always been, and prolly always will be a bish to do. Dig through it and get to 50 for your 2nd job.
This lvl took me 40mins.

50: You get your new job (house manager in DC), after a very easy, but annoying list of quests. The quests are simple in what they require, but annoying actually getting the items needed. It does however seem they have lowered the amount of items needed, unless it was just me.
You are now only required to get 16 leopard teeth, 33 black ninja gloves, and 10 young tiger heads. Dont be fooled, this list is only about half of what was previously required, but it is still time consuming. However, the exp you get from farming these items and the exp you get from turning in these quests puts you near lvl 51.
The whole thing took me about 45mins to 1 hour to complete, but it was worth it and i must say C.Med rocks XD.
Also, get yourself a great tiger or a baek-du if you can afford one.
Great tigers are around 500k, usually in DC you can find one in a shop. Baek-Du might run you for 5m.
Just put the pet on avoid, bring food, and start lvling. Avoid means the pet just follows, combat means it attacks anything near it, and defend means it attacks what you want it to attack or whatever attacks you.

51: The 2nd job promotion quest put me at around 50 with 90%. Grind that extra 10% or however much you have left. Nothing new about this level, except you are closer to 55 and a new kickass weapon. Hopefully, you have one ready by now. If not, join any wars you can and sell the boxes, or open them if you feel lucky.

52: Definitely head to Tigers/Amazons. The best spot here to lvl is generally around BM teleporter, if you can get one to yourself. If not, just run around and try to get some big spawns. If you have debuffs from your 2nd job skill book, use them as they help lure mobs.
This lvl took me 30mins or so.

Lvl 53 – 55: Tough it out at tigers, or if you have pwnage equips and some decent hp, head to BM and try to lvl there. The mobs there are lvl 58 – 70, with the lvl 70 being the boss.
Be warned, you probably need around 450 def and 800 – 1k skill def to receive minimum damage there.
These lvls take around 40 mins each depending on your build and any extras you are using. But, the money you make from the drops isnt too bad. I personally have made over 1m from an inventory of items. And, if you get over 1k kill count, you get extra bonuses including money and just generally better rewards, mostly return charms and pet food.
At over 2k kills i believe, you start to receive ginseng. I won around 200 ginseng from one lot when i had 2500 kills. That wasnt even on a double.

55: If you have a vio weapon, or drac if you are rich enough, (i dont know why you would be reading a lvling guide for lowbies if you have money for a drac tho) use it. If not, try to get yourself a 3 vio with SAR%. It really helps your skill damage. It might cost you 40m or so, but itll help you lvl and you can always sell it later. If you cant afford a 3 vio, try to save up enough money to get one.

So far it has taken me a total of 9 hours of actual lvling to get from lvl 11 – 55 using a str/ int rod user. I still have 1 hour left on my exp tablet.

*Note: I have not done 55 – 60 with FT event items. I have, however, done them on other characters and its all the same after 55, so im putting them in now. Very direct and to the point.

56 – 60: Tough it out at Tigers/Amazons if you are str/int, unless you are a warrior. Dex/int, or warriors, can head to BM.
A good spot to lvl is either the top of BM, mobs there are 63 – 69 i believe. Another good spot to lvl is right near the NPC next to the teleporter. There is a little path that leads into a nice little spot. Mobs here are 58 – 60. Just watch out for the reindeers or any other mob that can be tamed.
The mobs in the forest leading up to BM top are 60 – 63. This is a terrible place to lvl tho, mobs are spread out. Or, at least they were last time i was there.
So either aim high and go for BM top or aim low and stick near the teleporter until you get higher. In between sucks, imo.

Remember, not everyone is the same or has the same build/equips, so lvling times are just a time to try for. Dont be critical of yourself if you cant do something the same way as others..

Again, ill add more as i get more lvls. Ill prolly stop at 70 – 75. By then you should have some decent lvling armor.
You could use the event FT armor until 70, just mix n match with other armor pieces to maximize the stats you need.
If you need pure def, not def %, after 70 , BM armor is cheap and adds 480 def and 560 skill def clean. Thats for the whole set, including accs. It also adds 250 HP, 150 dodge, and 100 skill damage. Costs around 5 – 7m per piece.
Again, mix and match with other armor/ accessory sets to get what you need to lvl.

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