Hero Online First Cryptic Tale Guide

Hero Online First Cryptic Tale Guide by ForumTroller

Guide to the Cryptic Tale 1 ~ Puzzle of Wisdom (starts at 1 Dan 0 Kyu)

This is not a complete A to Z walkthrough, it does not give the details that are easy to follow in your Quest Log Details in game, only those parts that are a bit tricky Smile so don”t try to follow this guide step by step, its only to get you over the rough spots!

This quest comes as a series of quests in your story tab, beginning at level 10 with The 1st Cryptic Tale – The Truth Investing

Read your quest log details often and read what the npc”s say. Those should get you through everything else. If you haven”t found the quest log yet, just press Q (with shout box closed). There are 3 quest tabs and when you click on a quest you can click the Details button for instructions.

You can follow along the chapters in each of the Cryptic 1 Story quests from the link to Mugzzzy”s guide

Tip: Be sure to keep all of the quest items for this quest in your inventory until you complete the quest. Sometimes one missing part even if it seems not to have anything to do with the part of the quest that you are on, will keep it from working. As an example some people have trouble turning the 10 Bear Leathers and Twine of Destiny in to Lord Sagun, well you also have to have the previous quest item named Warrior Hwang”s Inspection Tablet in your inventory (even though it doesn”t say that in your quest details) or you won”t be able to click Lord Sagun”s quest link to the 1st Cryptic Tale to turn in the Bear Leathers and Twine. It”s not a bug, you just have to have ALL of the quest items with you.

Here are the answers to Physician trainer Bong”s questions in DC: (you will need 100 minor heal pots in first slot if you miss one). The answers are 3-2-1 of the list of answers. Q1 pick 3rd answer, Q2-2nd, Q3-1st answer

Q1: What do you think is the greatest reward for a physician?
A1: Accomplishment

Q2: What do you think is the most important thing that a physician needs?
A2: Sacrifice and Devotion

Q3: What do you think is the one thing that a physician should accomplish before his or her death?
A2: Public Welfare

After you get the 10 poison toad legs and the last twine from the spider in VS you come to the last part of the quest called “The Puzzle”. At this point you should have these 4 books in your Inventory:

Lord Sagun”s Mae Solution Book
Lord Sagun”s Solution Book
Ki Solution Book
Poison Solution Book

Lord Sagun and the Mad Physician both call one book The Dragon Solution book in the quest text but when you get it, it”s simply called Lord Sagun”s Solution Book in the description when you mouse over the book in your inventory, thus solving the mystery of the missing Dragon book everyone has a problem with and thinks they are missing a book Smile

The part that most people have trouble with is placing the books into the statues in Venom Swamp.

All books must make a chime sound when you place them into the statues. There is no correct or incorrect order, it is random, different for everyone.

If you don”t hear the sound retrieve and go to the next tree. If you do hear a sound, leave the book in the statue and go to the next. If all books have been placed and you didnt hear a sound for each, you need to retrieve them all, start placing them again. It”s not as bad as it sounds, it doesn”t take long in my experience Smile Jot down the trees that make a sound and keep trying the others until you have them all. You will get the gems either way it just won”t break the seal unless all made the sound Smile

Here is a map showing the location of the statues and the final Tombstone of Conveyance

After you break the seal, it will say to take the letter to Peony. You won”t have a letter in your inventory it was the letter that pops up when you broke the seal, just go to Peony it will work Smile

Some cautions: At the level you receive this quest the monsters surrounding the statues and tomb of conveyance will be quite a bit higher than you so they will hurt you Shocked I highly recommend you wait until you are a few levels higher to finish the puzzle. You cant use the reward from it until you are level 30 anyway Razz If you are a brave soul and want to do it at a low level, make sure you have plenty of healing potions and return charms on your toolbar Smile

Box of Love: Take the 3 Twines and Millennium Scroll to the Blacksmith and use the Composition option to make a Box of Love. It never fails to create Smile If you have trouble putting the items in, try putting the blue twine in the first box first then it will allow the others to go in. I had a problem with this one time when I lost a twine, killed a spider and got it again but this second twine would not work. I finally found the first twine on one of my other toons on that account and that one worked Smile but it left me with a useless extra twine that is not tradable, sellable and wont go away using the Tavern Clerk”s delete quest items option Sad

To open the Box of Love costs 1 gold if i remember correctly. You can a get gold or silver bar (rarely), crafting mats, even a stack of 50 Grand Ginsing if you”re lucky! (lol joke). I did get a silver bar from one and an iron thread or something from one and yes, the jackpot ginsing once! Razz Post what you get out of your Love Boxes here Very Happy or sell them, I hear ppl selling for a mil or two, but don”t know if anyone buys them Confused

Feel free to post questions or suggestions for the guide Smile I will update the guide if there are other parts of the quest that people are having difficulty with.

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