Firefall Information Compilation

Firefall Information Compilation by CP Xeros

Firefall: What we know so far.

This is a list I’m doing and will maintain for those who are new to the community and wish to read a list of what Firefall is, please post things that I have missed. Thanks. Stuff related to the technology of the game (i.e. will it run on this os, etc) or lore will not be posted. I want to stick to the meat of the game and keep it easy to read/accessible.

Firefall, what we know so far.

Red 5:
Red5 Studios is NOT a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, regardless of the horrid rumors, this is simply not true. They are their own company. It is borderline insulting to say this and is a very narrow point of view, companies other than Blizzard can make quality games.


– Team based Action Shooter
– Open world, persistent game
– >>>>>>READ THIS ZOMG<<<<<<
The game is a Cooperative Teambased Shooter, not an MMO as stated by Red 5 Studios
– The game is slated for a Q4 2011 release
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It is currently a PC only title, Devs have confirmed no Mac support for now, however, it’s a possibility later down the line
– F2P game with micro-transactions/cash shop
– The game will be released world wide
– Large, streaming world
– The game is an action oriented shooter with some MMO and other genre elements mixed in.
– Obvious Influence from Starship Troopers, Planetside, Tribes.
– Game is physics and skill based, twitch based game
– Game will be accessible to all, however, it won’t reduce the challenge
– There will be PvE as well as PvP
– The Wiki Wacker is the official drink of Firefall


– Assault, Medic archetype are announced, there will be other Battleframes later, in the video there are packs for the Recon and Robotics, two classes that have yet to be announced.
– No dice roll for attacks, it’s pure shooter mechanics
– There is no friendly fire in co-op, however, PvP might have friendly fire
– Primary weapon: Assault Rifle: Infinite Ammo, can be upgraded
– Primary weapon: Plasma gun, AoE based attack, can be upgraded
– Primary weapon: Sniper Rifle (what looks to be) in the video, unsure about ammo, probably can be upgraded
– All guns have limited ammo excluding the Assault Rifle which is infinite ammo
– Crater: AoE aerial-based attack
– All weapons, armour can be upgraded with a module based system
– Guns have recoil
– Medics have a healing gun, which looks like a stream of healing, equivalent to Team Fortress 2 medic gun.
– Medics have a healing grenades as alt-fire
– Loot drops from monsters on death and can be picked up (not sure on the rolling system )
– You can upgrade your backpack which controls your abilities and some guns.
– Loot is currently FFA and only your team can see it, no rolling system in yet
– There is no, and will be no cover system in Firefall, it’s Run n’ Gun
– Jetpacks are energy based. much like in Global Agenda and Tribes
– There are two separate hitboxes (i.e head, body), headshots do bonus damage
– Bullets may be affected by gravity, they are still working on it to decide what is better
– There is class armour and not specific types of armour, it can all be customized with modules to adjust stats
– You can change your class in the player hub, however, your level applies to one battleframe
– Thumpers attract enemies because they make a lot of noise
Equipment Screen shows (in Gameplay video): Assault Pack (w/3 slots; 250 energy), Assault Battleframe (w/3 slots; 1600 HP), Plasma Cannon (3 slots; 1044 damage rating), Assault Rifle (2 slots; 1020 damage rating)
Inventory Screen: Rate of Fire Module (Increase RoF +10%), Elite Assault Pack (334 Energy; 3 slots), Salvaged Regeneration Module 1 (Restores 5HP/sec), Assault Rifle III (2 slots; 1030 damage rating)
Ability: Shockwave – A (what looks like) a 180 degree frontal attack, the power seems to diminish as it moves along. IT is charged by the backpack and seems to take 3 to 5 seconds to charge, whether it must be fully charged to be used or can be used in shorter, but weaker bursts is unknown.
Equipment??: There looks to be a sort of glider attachment in the video, whether that is a part of the backpack or a form of transportation via NPCs, I don’t know.
Vehicle: There is a armoured vehicle in the recruitment video (00:08 to 00:10) whether it is a combat oriented vehicle is unknown and the name of the vehicle is unknown.
Weapons: We now know that currently there is a weapon stock melee attack
– There is in combat and out of combat sprinting
– Battleframes have signature weapons, i.e. the Plasma Cannon is the signature weapon of the Assault class.
– Vehicles are connected to Army ‘Tech Trees’ and can be called down
– Thumpers can be called down
Vehicle: Motorcycle called the LCV?
– All weapons have an alt-fire mode, or at least a zoom in/aim
Module: Salvaged/Epic Rate of Fire Module, perhaps it increases the rate of fire and/or reloading time? We now know a module can modify one or both these things.
Module: Regeneration Module, perhaps it can allow for in combat regeneration or increased passive regeneration
Module: Epic Speed Module, perhaps it boosts running speed
Module: Salvaged Jump Height Module +25%: Modifies jump height
Module: SIN Cloak Module (at the forge, the description says “Reduces SIN damage by 30%”
Module: InfiltrateFrame IIIR, unknown properties or class
Modules: You can apparently equip modules that modify the properties of weapon fire
– Wings/Jetpacks can be used in combat, which means it’s player controlled and not pre-set on paths
– You must switch between Active Skills and use them by pressing Z


– There is a party system, no confirmation on a raid system yet
– Dynamic events, where things will happen with/without player intervention
– Towns can be under siege by the Chosen, it happens during random times and may or may not happen if other events around the world occur.
– Towns can be taken by the NPC faction if players don’t defend it, but can be retaken with missions.
– Players can create their own army (a.k.a guild, clan, corp, kinship)
– Thumper mission: Mining resource called ‘Crystite’ which allows of updating of weapons, etc. It can be dropped anywhere in the world.
Dredge: One of the player hubs.
– ‘Melding Titan’ is a large boss type mob who can attack cities, normal guns do not work in killing it, you must use turrets and so on to inflict damage.
– There is collision detection
– Equipment changes change character appearance.
– Two dropdown types shown in the video: Request Support from Your Army, Calls down a Thumper for Mining Operations
– There are player owned vehicles, one noted so far is the hover bike in the video.
– There are passive NPC mobs
– There are mountable weapons (i.e. Cannon, etc), whether they can be player built or not is unsure
– Most likely there will be a day and night cycle
– Mission names: “Bounty: Beach Raiders”, “Mission: Camp Attack”, and “Mission: Infestation”
– Things still happen even when you are logged off so events like when The Chosen attack a city could have started minutes before you have logged in or may have concluded. It’s a dynamic world.

Thanks to these folks for contributing:

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