Fallen Earth Builds Suggestions Guide

Fallen Earth Builds Suggestions Guide by NiuqOteen

This is an attempt to help all the ppl asking for build advice.

If you are new please take the time to read through this aweful mess of a post, you might even learn something.

If you have something better plz take the time to explain why the choices you made matter.
(Example) = This build is better at 156 first aid because you get almost the same heal but bandages are very cheap compared 196 first aid for almost the same heal.

First and foremost here are two links to the tools to make your own decisions.

1) A Character Planner made by some mad genius, We love you man! ( not sure who to credit and do not want to get that wrong)
Enable Extended help button at the top is handy.

2) Fallen Earth Skills & Mutations Database v1.9.2

Top Right Set it to 500 rows per page
Read through the Tips section!

Updated: 08/14/2011 by Lanzo & Hollywood Undead ( Two people i would like to literally hug)


If you see one of the following individuals, please take a second to thank them for their hard work and effort put in to making this database:

Hollywood Undead
Rowdy Warpath
Sassa Daisakka
Vicious Sid
Misbee Haven

Thank you for all the time and work put into this resource!

Most of these will be Stripped down PvE builds, would love for someone more PvP minded to post a Few example PvP builds.

Again these are suggestions not end all perfect builds

LVL 30 Melee build

Disrupt and Dent armor for 2 Stuns ( Power line is controversial right now avoid it if your looking to min max/ More exact information is available. )
First Aid and empathy for healing, debuff removal , and resurrect for your buddies. ( You can heal your hors!)
Group tatics gives you your aura Slot with 3 different options. Little bit more damage / Better Regen / Bit more crit
Armor use provides passive ( always on ) damage reduction as well as Dreadnaught Stance ( Defensive Stance )
Dodge helps you avoid damage in this build it is also access Duck and Weave ( Defensive Stance )

Hard to tell which will be better at this level. More armor but move a lil bit slower, or 10% damage reduction with a stamina drain.
Precision adds passive Critical hit Chance , also give you a weak snare and short buff to Crit. ( till next attack? )
Note: No offensive stance in this build

LVL 30 Melee Sans power / precision

Melee build with bit more healing and durability less buttons to play with.
Consider Duck and weave for Defensive stance.
Higher Empathy ( although its only slighty )
Enhancement for Aura ( + armor )

LVL 30 Rifle Crafter (Sub Pistol skill for rifle for Pistol crafter )

Similar setup to above melee but allows for Maximum trade skills.
Endurance is raised to increase maximum health and armor use. ( this is optional )
Skipped the power line completely

One stun via disrupt
Two Snares one from Precision one from Rifle line
Direct Damage from Rifle line
Again First aid and Empathy for healing debuff removal.
Group tatics gives you your aura Slot with 3 diffrent options. Little bit more damage / Better Regen / Bit more crit
Note :No offensive stance in this build if using Rifle line

Now lets take a look at something alot different. Not recommended for new players included to give a look at something odd and different.

LVL 30 Group Healer/ Crafter / Pistols

First this isnt something you want to plan on soloing all the time, only really shines with a friend or two.

Max Trade skills Check
Weaker Defensive skills Check
Social for Max discounts $$ Check
Ability to heal the a group of Check

Offensive Stance via Pistol skill
Defensive Stance is Provided by Enhancement Straight + armor
Aura + Armor for you and group
Nano provides lots of healing options aimed heals Cone heals Group Heal over time
Empathy in this case is mostly for Restoration Heal over time on the move
Social Provides the best vendor sell and buy prices, A short but powerful defensive cooldown in Diplomatic Immunity.
Lets not kid ourselves though Social is for the vendor prices.
Note: Gamma regen will be a pain work that cooking!

Next for those that made it this far and are thinking………
Ok those are cool and all but i just wanna gun ^%!( down as fast as humanly possible! ( May not really be as fast as possible)

LVL 30 Pistols ( No begging for ammo!!!!!!!! )

Empathy again for healing Nice to have something to do with your gamma.
Group Tactics for more Crit Aura = Offensive Coordination
Concentration or Attack posture for offensive stance ( i recommend Concentration )
Dirty Tricks = Dirty Steel armor debuff poison damage over time stuns npc’s
Kneecap a decent 7 second snare
Incendiary Strike ( Aka Smoking sabot Round ) Nice fire Damage over time.
Armor use to take less damage access to dreadnought stance if ya need a lil more defense.

The two damage over time abilities can really up the damage output.
Note: Ammo is a concern till higher levels.

At Redfalcon’s Suggestion here is Pistol Build using no power, with more self healing.

LVL 30 Melee with rifle support

First i must warn you that your damage will be lower than focusing on one weapon, but the question is often asked. Yes you can but you will have to make sacrifices. So ask yourself is the utility worth it?

Why rifle why not pistol? Range oh and scopes.

Let your rifle Lag behind your melee skills, after all we are after the range not the killing power.
Scoped rifles with long range are what we after here, leave them shotguns alone.

I have explained all the skills here above. The Theory here is the utility to have ranged damage out weighs having extra healing, max tradeskills, or higher damage output with melee. So why do this ? Tradeskills slightly higher than pure rifle/pistol/melee, the ability to soften them up before engaging in melee, sometimes charging in to bash their face in will get you more aggro than you can survive.


With the points spent in perception to increase rifles max skills might as well take advantage of the higher dodge cap.

This Build is Using 19 extra AP as opposed to the 5 that you should get just doing quests. So to squeeze the most out of it you will be putting in extra time in on those ap Quests.
If you really want to do this without the extra ap. Drop the Rifle to 75 or use less dodge

Here is an example of a lvl 40 Melee w/rifle support as you can see he has more support skills and the gap between melee and rifle is much larger.


LVL 30 Crafter/ranged with Full discounts ( max social )

ADD Rifle or Pistol
Used enhancment for Aura and defensive stance to capitalize on the charisma spent


I purposely left out damage Mutation builds, as i have no personal experience with them.
Would love for someone to post one up that they know is functional.

Sally Smith’s Beginner guide ( some outdated info )
Big thanks to Sally Smith
and Blackrabbit2999 for helping to preserve this info
Fallen Earth Beginner’s Guide

Play how you want to play ! ( this message not approved for PvP purposes )

I hope this helps those struggling with what the hell to do with those AP’s.

Good luck out there


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