Eden Eternal PvP Arena Rewards List

Eden Eternal PvP Arena Rewards List by gmmaru

Here’s a sneak peak!

aaand in order!:

schoolboy chic lapis ensemble

schoolboy chic maize ensemble

schoolgirl chic lapis ensemble

schoolgirl chic maize ensemble

scarlet summer stroll suit

emerald summer stroll suit

scarlet sailor dress

emerald sailor dress

bluebeary bear satchel

cherry bear satchel

ocean blue newsboy cap

bold violet newsboy cap

lore spectacles

eden spectacles

red santa hat

green santa hat

original rice cake headdress

red bean rice cake headdress

“burnt” rice cake headdress

blue pacifier

pink pacifier

tailcoat: elegant green

tailcoat: charming red

evening gown: graceful golden

evening gown: vivid violet

lake green masquerade suit

purple masquerade suite

lake green masquerade dress

purple masquerade dress

vicious minidemon wings

tricky minidemon wings

advanced magic hat: elegant cyan

advanced magic hat: charming red

envious mardi gras mask

feathered majesty mardi gras mask

Note: These items are subject to change

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