Eden Eternal Monster Invasion Guide

Eden Eternal Monster Invasion Guide by GMorly

One of the cooler new features in Eden Eternal is Monster Invasion. The world of diaspora just got a little more chaotic as now there are bands of monsters that will attack towns – with lasting consequences! It is up to the eternal guardians to stop this.

How does this work?

When you get to a higher level zone (above lv. 20) you may notice a few things on the map
A blue crystal Icon like this:

A grey Skull Icon like this:

These are all part of an ongoing global event. Every now and then you may see a message stating that a town is in danger of attack, and you will see a grey skull on your map moving towards one of those blue crystals.

If the monsters get to the crystal, they will start attacking it. If the monsters defeat that crystal (it has limited HP), it will turn red and all the NPC’s will flee for their lives. Meaning you cannot quest or trade in that town.

How do I stop this?

In order to stop a monster attack you can do two things:
Preferably, you reach the monsters before they reach the town, and you lay the hurt on them.

If you are too late, you can attack the red crystal to reset it and alert the NPC’s that the town is once again safe.

Just to be clear. If you are looking for an NPC and they are missing, find a nearby red crystal and restore it. The NPC will return when you defeat the red crystal.


After a monster mob is defeated, or a crystal is recovered, you will automatically receive mail! This mail will contains a reward for your deeds, and all involved will be rewarded – so there is no need to worry about loot distribution. Every participant will receive a mystery box that may contain scrolls, reputation items, or sweet armor/weapons!

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