Eden Eternal Daily Fortunes Guide

Eden Eternal Daily Fortunes Guide by BigNakedBob32

What are daily fortunes?
Daily fortunes give the player a 10% boost in Class Points for a random class branch.

Where can I get my fortune?
Get your fortune by visiting Tarot Card Reader Morlin at X394, Y469

Morlin is next to Conan in the big red dot.

Tarot Card Reader Morlin as he appears in the full length feature film Eden Eternal.

How do I use my Fortune?
When you talk to Morlin you should recieve a Fortune Slip.

Simply right click the slip to obtain the Daily Fortune item.

Right clicking the Daily Fortune will give you a 4 hour 10% buff to Class Points in either Defense, Melee DMG, Ranged DMG, Healing or Magic DMG class branches.

The resulting buff will last for 4 hours.

How often can I obtain a fortune?
Fortunes can be obtained from Morlin every 4 hours of gameplay. Players will obtain a buff that acts as a count down when they collect their fortune.

The timer will only decrease while the player is logged in.

Are there any requirements for obtaining fortunes?
There are no level requirements for obtaining fortunes. You may only obtain 1 fortune for every 4 hours of time in game and you can only use 1 daily fortune buff at a time.

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