Dungeon Fighter Online Soul Bender PvP Build Guide

Dungeon Fighter Online Soul Bender PvP Build Guide by SwaggerJack

Hello my fellow slayers! I have been browsing the forums and I think I have come up with a pretty solid pvp build for Soul Bender. Because The ASPS skill build planner doesn’t work to good on this site I will type out my choices and post a brief (or long if need be) reasoning on why I chose this skill and its lv. I would like to inform everyone that I still would like constructive criticism with this so I have a OTF (On the Fence) Rating for each skill. It will be out of 1-5. 1 meaning I have nearly no doubts and I am fairly certain this is correct with the skill and its lv while 5 is I’m not sure at all about my choice and would like help. Do note I used the skill planner to calculate my SP usage and I have enough for my complete build. Toward the end I will post skills that i have thought about for my final build below and would like other peoples opinions on getting. I will state when my actual build ends and the “I thought about it” skills begin. So without further adieu lets get to it!

General Skills
Leap – 1 (I got this skill to 1 for Kalla spam. I don’t think the 20 Sp used for on it is that build breaking, so its a nice little skill. It can also help you jump out of unfavorable spots when you pvp.)
OTF Rating:1

Indomitable Spirit- Max ( Basically when you use a skill you have a chance 100% at max to ignore another persons attack. This is a skill I am having 2nd thoughts on it because of the mixed feelings from the DFO community. Some say get you need it, while others say avoid it and its terrible. Would like help with this choice.)
OTF Rating:5

Quick Rebound – Max ( I don’t think there are any arguments with this. Awesome skill that is needed for pvp.)
OTF Rating: 1

Asura Skills

Wave Wheel Slasher – 5 with Cancel ( This is your best option for a grab skill. As I really don’t count Phantasmal Slayer as a grab per say. I think this is needed for any pvp build.)
OTF Rating: 1

Blade Master Skills

Upper Slash – Max ( I don’t think there are any arguments here either. Needed for any pvp build I think. Maybe i could tone the lv down a bit, but not sure to what. Would like some help on this decision.)
OTF Rating:3

Guard – Max ( I don’t get the cancel for this skill, because I don’t think you’ll be using your XXX combo in pvp most of the time. Its a good skill but need some help deciding whether to max or leave at 1.
OTF Rating: 3 for maxing
OTF Rating: 1 for at 1

Triple Slash – 1 ( Free Skill)
OTF Rating: 1

Short Sword Mastery – Max(19) ( I know will get a lot of WTFs about this one. I picked short sword because I am unfunded. I heard from many people that getting high lv katanas cost some serious money. So i decided to opt for the cheaper one. I know katana is better for pvp because of faster ATK speed and reach but, I’ve seen some Soul Benders do good with a short sword also. I am really on the fence with one and i need assistance. Is my reason justified for not getting the katana mastery, or should i just get the katana mastery and find a way to buy them?)
OTF Rating: 5

Berseker Skills

Gore Cross – 1 ( I got one point just as a combo extender. I think the 15 SP for it isn’t so bad or build breaking so I got it.)
OTF Rating:1

Mountainous Wheel – 1 (Free Skill)
OTF Rating: 1

Now Here comes the meat and potatoes of my build…

Soul Bender Skills

Ghost Slash – Max ( I’ve seen many builds max this and why not? Its a bread and butter skill and our best single target nuke. Some guides say not to max it but, I think the SP spent on will pay off big time in pvp.)
OTF Rating: 1

Kazan – 5 ( I get 5 into Kazan to unlock Saya later on. To be honest Kazan isn’t that good in pvp. Most of the ghosts are used for zoning purposes witch Kazan doesn’t do well. The other 3 ghosts zone so well due to the fact they have a negative debuff that your enemy doesn’t want, while Kazan only buffs you and has no debuff. While i suppose you could Max Kazan to do some serious damage with ghost slash I personally don’t think its worth the SP.
OTF Rating: 1

Moonlight Slash – Max(28) ( This is another bread and butter skill for Soul Bender. The damage scaling for Moonlight Slash with each lv increase is nice. And the fact that no matter what combo you try and pull off with Soul Bender you will have to incorporate this skill in it somehow, why not let it do a nice chunk and max it?)
OTF Rating:1

Full Moonlight Slash – Max ( Needed for any Soul Bender build out there to be honest.)
OTF Rating:1

Ghost Drive Slash – Max(16) ( This skill is awesome! Makes our heavy hitting skill chargeable for more dmg and sending out a ghost that has a sweet effect depending on which ghost you used last. A lot of people say you have to choose between Moonlight Slash and this, but I couldn’t
choose and got both. Besides I had enough SP for both anyway .)
OTF Rating:1

Afterimage of Keiga – Max ( Soul Benders need this to be maxed. We wear cloth so an awesome boost in evasion and reduced dmg is very crucial to winning in pvp. Honestly i don;t think I’ve seen a single guide that didn’t max this.)
OTF Rating:1

Summon Hazy-Eyed Bremen – Max(17) ( This skill rocks. Makes enemies lose magic def and causes your other ghosts to inflict status alignments at a much faster rate. This should be maxed on any pvp build I think.)
OTF Rating:1

Lunar Curtain – 5 ( I only got this for Kalla later on. Its a good debuff, but i think its more suited for pve since it has cast a time and limited range. I personally think a better choice is Fear of Darkness.)
OTF Rating:1

Summon Ice Saya – Max(21) ( Another great pvp skill! When coupled with Bremen it has a higher chance to freeze which is very handy. Higher the lv more % chance of freeze so I think its a no brainer to max Saya out.)
OTF Rating:1

Ghost Step – Max ( God Soul Benders get a some of good skills don’t we? some people leave this at 4 for Phantasmal Slayer later on, but i say max this skill. It grants you invulnerability so as long as your running. With the time of the invulnerability increasing with each lv. I think this is mandatory to max out for pvp.)
OTF Rating:1

Rhasa: Carrier of Plague – Max(18) ( Some people leave him at one others max…so bottom line I’m not to sure about Rhasa. He is a really good ghost, but I think max might be a little too much, granted there isn’t much else I would put the SP besides maybe Neutral Wave Slash. Need help on this one. Should I keep Rhasa at max or at 1 to have some SP saved over for a different skill.
OTF Rating:4

Phantasmal Slayer – Max(16) ( On the fence with this one as well. I like the dmg increase with each lv but I’ve seen some guides say you have to pick between Kalla and this. If I absolutely had to I would pick this one to leave at 1 and max Kalla. Need help with this one.)
OTF Rating:4

Summon Kalla of Dark Flame – Max(13) ( My favorite skill. Although I’ve seen some builds not recommend this or some people choose Phantasmal Slayer over this, I still think its worth maxing.)
OTF Rating:1

Fear of Darkness – Max(9) ( A better alternative to Lunar Curtain in my opinion. I like it because of the fact its a passive and has the darkness debuff Lunar Curtain does. Lunar Curtain only has a 15 darkness resistance drop more than Fear of Darkness, but it also passively reduces enemies atk speed around you.)

EX Skills

This section will be pretty short. Because this is a pvp Soul Bender build you will only be focusing on Ex passives, as EX skills and EX skill passives are not allowed in pvp.* Note all of these are maxed out.*
Vitality Enhancement- Increase hp to take more hits
Intelligence Growth- Increase Int to hit harder
Hit Rate Mastery- Increase hit rate so less misses occur
Evasion Mastery- Increases Evasion making opponents miss you more often
Elemental Attack and Resistance Training- Makes your dark attacks do more dmg and increases your resistance to elemental attacks respectively.
Everything else is just for pve really. So I think I’ll just save the TP for something else.

This is the end of my build. From here on out it is skills I’ve thought about putting into my final build. but didnt have the SP for it. If any of these skills should seriously be considered or are absolutely needed please help me rework my build so I can have some left over SP for these skills.

Magic Crit Rate – Max (I thought this might be a nice little passive to have. Since others classes combos are very long they generally don’t need to get this because a few random crits could mean gravity kicks in much sooner, thus ending there combo. I think that Soul Benders however can use this Because our combos don’t use XXX and aren’t that long. Mostly just Upward Slash to Moonlight Slash then hit them with a charged ghost slash as they fall. I think the added crit could really help make the Ghost Slashes and Moonlight Slashes hurt that much harder.)

Neutral Wave Sword – Max ( I waited to put this skill down to talk about it more in depth. From what I gather this is a good skill for pvp. I don’t think its “mandatory” by any means. But i do think it is a skill i should consider putting in my build. This is the most serious skill I’ve been considering putting in my build. Any opinions on whether i should have it at a certain lv , max it, or even put any points into it at all would be greatly appreciated.

Katana Mastery – Max ( See Short Sword Mastery Description)

Blache – 1 ( Honestly I was thinking of putting one just for the novelty of it. I heard that it sucks in pve and in pvp. But I would like to have it just for some dmg in a dungeon. And in a fight with my friends to bust out the “almighty” Balche just for the lawls. This has the least priority of all the skills in this section.)

Well Here is the end. Thank you for reading I hope to get a lot of good tips from players to make my build better.

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