Dragon Nest Super Armor Guide

Dragon Nest Super Armor Guide by chaose5

Ok Another concept Superarmor:


Superarmor and delay are different thing. See my first post for the explanation for delay.

Superarmor is a hidden status for a certain char. Higher superarmor prevent skills from being disrupted.

Basically all chars have the same base superamor value. However, the value of superarmor on the char increases if certain skills are casted.

For example, most lv40 ultimate have very high superarmor value.

Notice that during apo roar, if bow master cast his lvl40 ultimate, his skill won’t be cancelled or blown away. If he just stand there doing nothing, he will definitely get blown away. Why is that so??? Because while casting the lvl40 ultimate, a certain hidden value of superarmor is given to the bow master. Unless he is hit by a few skills which have very high superarmor destruction ability, his superarmor won’t be broken and his skill won’t be disrupted.

Btw, all boss/mobs have a certain superarmor too, which is the bar below his HP.

Mercenary has 2 buffs that increase the superamor value. SM has a skill to reduce superarmor of targets too, if i am not wrong.

Superamor can’t be buffed by armor/gears or whatever other means. It is a value that changes depending on which skill you use.

Superamor Destruction

Now, lets talk about superarmor destruction stats, which is another hidden stats.

Superarmor destruction is NOT affected by any of the armor/weapon that you used.

Superarmor destruction only increases by a certain value depending on which skill you cast.

For example, flying swing of mercenary has very high superarmor destruction bonus. Each skills has a unique value of superarmor destruction.

I have come across a skill list with the respective values of superarmor destruction and superarmor in chinese forum, but i think it’s not necessary to understand it to such detailed. Through experience, you willl more or less know which skills of yours has high superamor or superamor destruction.

It is especially important to know which skills has high superamor destruction, during the apo electric ogre hugging. If some1 is hugged, other members should use high superarmor destruction skills to break the superamor of  the ogre, thus saving your party member. For Force user, that would be the Big Rock (summon Comet) and Gravity ball.

Sword master has a skill: Eclipse that reduce the superarmor destruction of his targets.

Relationship between Superamor and Delay

Ok.  What happen after superarmor is broken?

It will depends on which skill break the superarmor.

Some skills by default causes the target to delay/flinch (hacking stance and alot of Sword Master skills for example), some skills (like Summon Comet of Force User) will cause the opponent to fall down instantly, some skills will cause opponent to stagger (knockback but not yet falling down, but at this stage, the char has very weak superarmor, any single hit would cause him to fall down) and some skill will cause opponent to be floated (like alot of acrobat’s skill).

Again, it is the unique characteristic of each skills which you have to find out on your own ^_^

Relationship between Superarmor and Faint

Once a target is fainted, a bonus superarmor value will given to that target. Faint is regarded as not good in PVP due to this. You break your chain of combo, because you can’t continue to juggle your opponent.

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