Dragon Nest Modding Costumes Tutorial

Dragon Nest Modding Costumes Tutorial by Sething

before i start this tutorial i want to say a lot of people who make these mods put in their own effort to do this, this tutorial on decompiling mods is not meant to be malicious…its simply for entertainment. also, im not a tech support…or a mod request line….just simply sharing information between fellow forum go-ers, i dont mean to sound like a d-bag if i come off that way lolz….

also if you are not using a cash outfit and do not have some sort of headwear(like the permanant devil horns) you might not be able to use the hat since you wont have anything to reference the skin file to….it would be a bit more advanced to allow it if its possible…i will not go that in depth

one more thing: keep a neat file structure…it will pay off later when you spam the bejeezus out of mods….anyway onto the fun:

a DDS viewer (google DDS viewer and you can find one that makes your explorer thumbnail view show DDS files)
software that ill “unpack” .pak files and software that can create .pak files both can be found HERE
(thanks to v2seraph for the upload)

and of course, something that you want to re-mod

when i got my packer and unpacker a bunch of files were in chinese and things didnt work right when i used the tools….if this is your case then i suggest renaming things….i renamed the script file “script” for easy recognition

run the un-pack software and select the script file

select the .pak file you wish to decompile(extract)

select the destination folder (where you want the files extracted to)

extract the files

this is what a typical extracted clothing fashion mod looks like….a tip i got from a chinese site:

you only need to rename the .skn file to the clothing your character will be wearing.
with that said, i see many .skn files here for multiple non cash shop armors…so im going to just rename 1 armor set…since i intend to use this with a cash shop outfit.

this picture might make it easier to understand….
NOTE: i found the cash shop outfit name from exploring an extracted recource01.pak file….there was A LOT of trial and error in this process…not all cash shop outfits are in one recource file…it may be in recource03(like the christmas costumes)

this is the renamed .skn files with THE CASH SHOP SET I AM USING.
NOTE: my cash shop outfit comes in pieces that will co ordinate well with the mod file i am using….it will take photoshop and a bit more advanced knowledge to make a 1 piece outfit work with my current cash shop outfit.

copy all of the files into a folder named Resource inside your packing software folder and run the packer!

ive been doing this a week and already im confused on what mods are what due to improper naming….i have to extract them just to find out!

start DN and make sure everything works!!!!!

make a ton of mods!!!!!

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