Dragon Nest Manticore Nest Guide

Dragon Nest Manticore Nest Guide by waka_waka

Dragon Nest SEA has released lvl 40 patch and it means that Manticore Nest and Apocalypse Nest will be available for lvl 32+ players. Here is a guide on Manticore Nest and later I will add Apocalypse Nest guide for you.

Stage 1: Rotten Rock Demon

– Kill mobs then mini boss will appear.
– Lure the Mini boss away from middle statue.
– The middle statue heals surrounding mobs.
– Time stop works on mini boss but not freeze.
– Frozen still stacks for damage multiplier.

Stage 2: Minotaurs

Try to kill as fast as possible. Minotaur Knight has buffs which can increase their damage resistance.
– Try to keep each Minotaur in their own section in case your damage isn’t enough, you don’t want them buffing each other.
Merc can remove their buffs.
– Frozen status doesn’t work on the Minotaur Knight.
Time stop works.

Stage 3: Medusa

– There are crystals in the middle of the stage.
– The ground shifts when you see Medusa raising her weapons, also there is a notification count down.
– Immediately go to the crystal that is elevated, the area next to that crystal will recover your hp, much more than what Medusa can dish out.
– Tanks should maintain agro while dps take them out from range.
– Time stop works on Medusa.

Stage 4: Rock Golem

– Break those Dark Crystal statues.
– Pewpew mobs and then the boss.
If you don’t kill boss fast enough, more mobs spawn.
– Those mobs drop recovery items.

Fianl stage: Manticore

Does various attacks during certain life bar, all of which are pretty much straight forward to avoid.
– Manticore boss has a diving attack while its flying which is a two stage attack, it send a shock wave to the entire area and then produces spikes around it. Best way to avoid is to jupm and then Evade (sidestep, blink, tumble etc)
-While flying the boss can Cast Gravity Balls and Hurricane

Gravity Field
-Certain safe areas around the boss. Mainly on its side
-Can K.O is HP pool is low

Here are introductions and tips to avaid Manticore boss’ certain skills:

Gravity Balls
-Usually does this first
-Easy to avoid
-Available as a Skill Crest

-Easy to avoid
-Tanks should grab agro after boss does this skill

Claw Swipe
-Easy to avoid
-Similar to Cerverus’ but not as frequent
-Uaually does it mainly on 5 hp bars

Fly then Aerial Stomp
-Run around incase it drops gravity balls

Tail Swipe
-Straight forward attack
-Easy to evade

Power Stomp
-Two stage attack, avoid by jumping and then evading

Black Hole
-Damage is low but does multi hits.
-Damage is only in the center
-You can run out of it to avoid

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