Dragon Nest Gear Guide

Dragon Nest Gear Guide by yuto-kun

Hello, This is Yuto Ishiara posting a new Dragon Nest Guide, It have passed much time since the last time we met, so i hope you guys enjoy my new guide:

How many times you feel Powerless? , How many times you want so bad a gear but you cant get it? , How many times you failed at buying something you dont really need? NOT ANYMORE! Thanks to this guide!

Getting Started:
Okay this guide will guide you step by step to reach to improve your gear in order to your capacity of making fast money. What you basically gotta know is that you may spend ALL the money yo have earned by using this guide tips on the lvl 40~50 Equipments and Plates.

The Equipment you MAY HAVE NO MATTER WHAT! ON LVL 50:
– Best DMG Plate : Physical and Magicial Damage plates like this one will Cost Arround 1000~4000 Gold so be aware of them, cause they did Drop on apocalypse nest / Bishop nest. So what does this plate does? It will give you an extra amount of Phys/Mag damage Plus a 7.5% of MAG/Phys Damage! something completly awesome and overpowered.

– A good Main Weapon: Okay this is maybe the second most expensive thing, but it will grant you the work of a 33% of your Gear, So basically its important such as the dmg plate,
What you might know is that more Refined is your weapon the damage will increasse considerabily, so it would be a notable change between a +9 sword or a + 10 Sword:
Tips for an Awesome Sword:

-Tips A: You can Buy a Rare one (Blue Item) and enchant it till + 10~11 after that you may use Weapon Option codes that adds extra Options to your Weapon, THE WEAPON MIGHT HAVE THE Following option : Magical / Physical Damage incress 5.8% ~ 5.8% or more. IF IT DOSENT, use a destruction code to remove to previous Weapon Extra Option and then try again.

-Tips B: If you decide to buy a Rank A(orange item) weapon and not a rare one (blue item), Then you did plain bad, beacouse the difference between a [+10 Rank A Weapon] and a [+10 Rank B] Weapon would be of 100~200 extra Damage, a totally crap counting the difference between Prices, You did spent 500~700 gold on a [+10 rank B Weapon] with the correct options and 1200~2000 gold on a [+10 Rank A Weapon] with the correct options.

-Tips C: Once you do have a stable gear you can focuse on Better gear, like Sea Dragon set , leaft set, etc. that costs arround 4000 gold per piece, The difference between stats beacomes totally overpowered:
with your previous set you will have arround:
*30K~50k HP
*2000 ~ 3500 DMG
*20% ~ 30% Critical Chance
*10K~60K MP (depends on the class)
* 2xx~3xx Strenght / Wisdom
*20~40% Defense while reciving a Hit
*Stable MP recovery
*Stable Stun / Stun resist

With a Sea Dragon Set:
*70K~160K HP
*5000~8000 DMG
*30% ~ 60% Critical Chance
*Over 40K~100K MP
*Over 600 Strenght/ Wisdom
*Almost unlimited MP beacouse of the MP recovery
*Awesome stunning chance and Stunning resist
*Much more options that i will add while i look at them closly

***Note**** The Previous numbers MAY BE NOT EXACT, Its just an example to show how much it will change.

-Okay okay, still that you only talk about gear stuff and how to get far, but how i can do that!?
-Well nothing can worth from the nothing, what you may do its just keep all the money you can to get the things that you cant get by a drop, for example the damage plate, and waste it when you are sure that you cant get that thing.
Tips for saving Gold and Get gold fast:

Tip 1: (May be its just for DN korea, hope not) When you did lvl UP they will gift you some items like Seals / Glasses to see the items behind / Jellys, Use them to win all the ammount of gold as possible, In case of the Seals, seal things that worth lots in auctions, like Destruction codes or Option codes, In case of the Glasses you may keep them still you waste them on Apocalypse / Bishop nest to try to get awesome plates/ stuff.

Tip 2 : ALLWAYS KEEP THE JELLYS, JELLYS ARE A PRETTY USEFULL AND VALUABLE ITEMS, that allows you to protect your gears while enchanting, so dont waste them on lvl 40 or lower equipment, just use them when its time ( on the + 10 Rank B weapon) and the upcoming gears you will have that remplace your previous 40~50 equipment.

TIP 3: ALLWAYS DO THE BOARD QUESTS AND SELL THE BAGS, i know it would sound STUPID but those 2 gold per dungeon make the difference between 10~100 adittional gold per day. (actually am getting from 500~1700 gold per day but i will explain later)

TIP 4: Do pick all the useless items and sell them to the NPCS, it will save your money from repairing gears and maybe it will give you a small extra ammount.

TIP 5: Do allways keep your Money and dont waste it on things that are easy to get just like Diamonds, Topaz or anything that you can easily get by a drop.

TIP 6: DO allways do extra instances like Kerberous Nest, Apocalypse, Manticore, Bishop, etc, still you can no longer do them for a week.

Okay so, Now lets lern The basic ecuasion to calculate the amounts of damage you will have by changing your gear:

NOTE*BaseDMG is based on your Strenght ammount
TotalDmg =  [ (BaseDMG+ Gear) + 35.2%(PhysDmg)  7.5%(PhysDmg) +124 Physical Damage + SkillMultiplayer% + PlusDmgSkill + Elemental Damage% ] – MonsterDefense ^ Elemental Damage%  IF its critical then TotalDMG will be X 2.3


Note*BaseDMG is based on your Wisdom Ammount
TotalDmg =  [ (BaseDMG+ Gear) + 35.2%(MAGDmg)  7.5%(MAGDmg) +124 Mag Damage + SkillMultiplayer% + PlusDmgSkill + Elemental Damage% ] – MonsterDefense ^ Elemental Damage% IF its critical then TotalDMG will be X 2.3

I will explain this with a short example:

ON MY CHARACTER (Kuhn) Moonlord
The damage it will done will be My BaseDamage(3203) counting all the Wisdom of my Gear plus The options of my Gear [35.2%] plus i have my plates on and every plate gives me 85 more magic damage that means (85 x 8) = 680 plus damage, and plus we may add 124 damage and 7.5% more magical damage for my awesome DMG plate, then we may add my Sword and gauntlet damage that in this case is 2336 sword + 1970 gauntlet plus we need to add the Damage of the skill, we suposse to use Half Moon slash so it would be 585% + 645, i have no elemental damage so it will give us a:
TotalDMG:  9788
Total Skill Damage: 57415 (if critical) : 132055

So have fun calculating your growth!!
and Good luck!
Any other tips are wellcome!!

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