Dragon Nest Force User PVP Build Guide

Dragon Nest Force User PVP Build Guide by Sakasen

People mostly don’t know, what they should do when switching from PVM to PVP, there are huge differences.This Build of mine contains a „hybrid“, more majesty type of build which should cover all skills you need for being successful in PVP. You need to know the Build 40 to 50 need a Skill reset! This going to cover the Combo chains you can pull off from your Combo. Its just my choice, which build is the best for the currently Cap – So lets begin!

*NOTICE: This refers to Dragon Nest Sea– but you can use the additional SP on other versions on skills,that you want to improve.


It quite hard to decide which Skills you use for this Cap, because you haven’t got much SP to spent.

Im not going to explain all Skills, just the Ones who are worth to be mentioned.

Sorceress Tree:

Glacial Spike – High Freeze Chance, short CD, short Casting, long Range, maxed first due the low damage from Poison Missile, reset later.

Poison Missile – High Damage in Final Build, short Casting, long Range, causing your Enemy to stay knockdown.

Force User Tree:

Gravity Ball – Without and With Gravity Ball ex it will be your Bread and Butter, short CD, high damage, also nice super armor destruction. Get the Skill Heraldy for that!

Triple Orbs – Insane Damage in Final Build, but not skilled due SP-Problems in the 32 and 40 Build. Notice it wont hit knockdown Enemies in some degree…

Linear Ray – With some aiming Training you got ~80% Chance to hit,multiple Hits(and Targets!), can hit knockdowned Enemies too.

Time Stop – This is the reason, why FU are strong in PVP – Great Opening for a Combo.

Combos and Openings:

This going to explain, how you chain Combo with each other and to max your damage. Openings also can beused to chain your Combos!

Opening 1:
Teleport/Blink + Force Wave + Normal Hit
Knocking down your Enemy, when he haven’t cast a Skill with much Super armor

Opening 2:
(Timedodge) + Timestop + Summon Comet /Air kick
Nice Combination, no way someone can dodge that(except warriors), if Timedodge succeed., Use Summon Comet if he has super armor, otherwise just use Airkick.

Opening 3:
Nine Tail Laser + Force Explosion +Black Hole
Nine Tail Laser has a big hitr ange and cause your Target to be knockdown, when knockdown, you will be helpless against Blackhole. Force Blast is used if he wants to escape, but being interrupted by that short casting spell.

Opening 4:
Shockwave + (hit by wall)
You can use Shockwave to throw your enemy against the wall, if he hits, he will be knockdowned unless he using aerial escape. Notice when near walls you only use 1 of the 3 triple orbs!

Opening 5(credits to seraphuss):
Gravity ball + Normal Hit
There are cases in which Grabity ball destroy the SA and making your enemy strangle, however due the long travel time and the low-mid SA destruction i wouldn’t recommend to rely on that.
After you knockdown your Enemy: Poison Missile!!! Time to start your main combo.

Main combo:
Gravity Ball + Triple Orbs(1/2 Balls only!) + Blink[Gravity Spark] + Glacial Spike + Linear Ray

Nice Damage output, Mostly known Combo,for those who just want to know the Combo i added Gravity Spark.

Extended Maincombo1:
Timestop > Summon Comet / Air kick > Poison Missile > Triple Orbs(just 2) > Gravity Spark > Spectrum Shower > Nine Tail Laser > Force Explosion > Blackhole

The common Main combo is used here, but you add Spectrum Shower right after this. Make sure you hit the Initial Hit of SS in order to keep your Target locked down. After that you use Nine tail laser to keep him either down or knock him down again, Force Explosion makes sure that he will be knock down if Nine tail only makes him tumble. Blackhole is used to keep your combo on, regarding the next step you better look at your CD of your Spells, common to use next is Gravity Blast or Air kick while Blackhole disables him.

Glacial Spike + Gravity Blast + Linear Ray
In some cases you can knockdown your enemy but have poison missile on CD. In this cases use Glacial Spike, it has the possibility to freeze the enemy, making him unable to move. Glacial Spike and Gravity Blast have a quite long travel time so it fill in the time you need to cast linear Ray.

Waiting for Cooldowns (Mostly against Melee):

CD 1:
Teleport + Spamming Short CD Spells(Glacial Spike, Triple Orbs, Gravity Bomb)
If you need to wait for Cooldowns, try to stay behind and spam skills

CD 2:
Gravity Acension + [Blink]Gravity Spark + Linear Ray + Force Explosion
Grabity Acension is quite nice if you need to wait for Cooldowns, cause it Casting time last so long, while your enemy cant do anything about it. Notice Gravity Acension does exactly 6Hits, after the sixth one you should immediately dodge backwards adding gravity Spark and linear Ray, finishing with Force Explosion.

CD 3:
Shockwave + Linear Ray + Force Explosion
Nice if someone Melee runs into you without Super armor, pushing him away and dealing nice damage.

Perfect Combo(Im sorry for the One, who has to be in that deadly Combo)

In Short:
CD3 + Opening 1 + Opening 2 + Main combo+ Opening 3 + Gravity Ball + CD2

In Long
Shockwave + Linear Ray + Force Explosion + Teleport + Force Wave + Timestop + Summon Comet/Air kick +Poison Missile + Gravity Ball + Triple Orbs + + Blink[Gravity Spark]+ Glacial Spike + Linear Ray + Nine Tail Laser + (Force Explosion) +Blackhole + Gravity Ball + Gravity Acsension + (Linear Ray) + (Force Explosion) + …

Those in Brackets are the Skills, where i’m not sure about the Cooldown, you just skip then if CD. Also in ever experienced that – theoretical its possible! And: Who wants to be in that? Notice that this chain is LEVELCAP32 – atm its this cap in dn sea, so just feel free to add skills into your own chains.Also i included the Build for other Level Caps for those who think my theory is good.

Crests and Equip:

For Skills i would suggest:

  • Gravity Ball – 20% Damage
  • Triple Orbs – 20% Damage
  • Timestop/Teleport – CD (Depends on your personal preferences, i like to get damage more.)
  • Poison Missile – 20% Damage

For Stats i would suggest(PVP!):

  • Magician Plate – Magic damage
  • Wise Plate – Int
  • Fatal Plate – Crit
  • Wind Plate – Agi
  • Life Vitality – max HP
  • Vitality – Vit
  • Shining Plate – Phy. Def
  • Ultimate Plate – Final Damage

For Suffix i suggest:

Both Weapons – Intellect
Upper Body+Lower Body – Intellect
Gloves and Shoes – Iron Wall
Tiara/Hairstyle – Tent


For Armor i suggest:

For Weapons i suggest:
INT+Magic dmg / Dark attk+AGI

For Necklace and Earrings i suggest:

For Rings i suggest:
Magic dmg / Dark attk + INT + AGI + (MAX HP)

Play style against each Class

This is the Quint of what you’ll need to learn to win, you play style against the other classes and their openings, this differences the Good Player from the Bad Ones.

Swordmaster: There are two Types of SM – the one type immediately rush in, in this case throw your gravity ball at your feet or void blast him, before he hits you. The second Type try to initiate mostly with moonlight splitter and then goes to melee, in this case keep an eye at him to see the moonlight splitter comes, mostly they wont engage after failing this one. Keep your distance in order to get him down, since he relies to get in near combat to get your down. Force wave, triple Orbs, Nine Tail Laser and Shockwaves are good spells to keep your distances.

Mercenary: Easiest Class to fight in my Opinion, until he gets the chance to fight you close combat. The Distance Spells are mostly punishing swing and bombs away, but they are quite easy to dodge if you keep an eye of them, the key to win is to keep your distances, since mercenaries can nearly endless combo you in melee. The Answer against Iron Skin is Gravity Ascension and Timestop, in need use tirple orbs to keep him away, most mercenaries run right into your gravity ascension when they heading towards you, Timestop has to be cast before you get hit and cannot be used to knockdown your enemy with Iron Skin, you can still teleport+blackhole to keep him away.

Paladin: Quite difficult Class in my opinion to fight with. This Class has really much hp in addition also has heal and block, making it hard to get him down. In this case you mostly have to do Hit&Run;, timestopping him and knocking him down, the key is to know when he has his block in or not. When he uses Stance of Fate(Blocking all attacks but don’t be able to move), you’ll just need to blackhole him, sending out nine tail laser next to knock him down. Paladin mostly using Shield Charge, Paralyze Bolt and Charitable Zap to initiate, the last one is hard to avoid, but the other ones are easy to dodge. As before your key is to keep you distance and get him at the right Time.

Priest: This is quite tricky to fight with, as aggressive play will resume into being electroshocked all the time, since he spams his sticks all the time. The Key is here is hit him as hard as you can with your timestop combo and keep the distance than in order to not get shocked, since this is the key damage from priest. Also these Sticks are really painful, just keep away from them and don’t try to destroy them.

Acrobat: In my Opinion the hardest Class to fight against, can jump 2 Times, Bind you and deal heavy damage with melee combo, making it nearly impossible to escape from that. Since they Skill level of your Enemy depends, there’s no real role you can follow, aggressive play is not good, because you’ll just earn that heavy melee damage, so i guess you be good by trying the nine tail laser combo and using timestop AFTER he jumped 2 Times, important to notice – also most acro going to jump when you just get near them, so try out, maybe you get the key by yourself.

Bowmaster: You need to be aggressive in order to get near them and fulfill your combo, since the range skills of bowmaster are stronger than yours. Notice aggressive Gameplay doesn’t mean you just running at him and spamming your skills like an idiot, it means, you need to stay as near as you can by the Bowmaster and still be able to dodge his attacks. The Key here is to stick at him, so when he uses a long casting spell you dodge behind him and force wave him.

Elemental Lord: Elemental Lords are known for their big Damage output, if you aren’t careful enough, hell just kill you with a single combo. Strongest moves are Chilling Mist and Fireball. He also has a shield that grants Defense, but at the Cost of Mana, so he will be quite screwed up when a long battle occurs. The Key here is to dodge his Ice attacks and flame spark, since they are skills mostly Ele open their Combo. Great trick against Flame Rod is to cast 3 Triple Orbs, so he’ll get huge Damage from that, also Gravity Ascension stops their Spell – care NOT to cast Timestop, since it has quite bugged animation(in my experience), it can happen he just fly straight ahead even if hes timestopped right behind you. After the patch is nearly impossible to knockdown an EL with iceshield, i order to kill the EL you need to use hit&run;, meaning timestop+gravity bomb+triple robs will do, since you cant knockdown an EL with iceshield. You can use GA to keep him away or to get time for CD of timestop, try to keep ranged since nearly all skills are close combat. An EL without iceshield will be a free combo!

Force User: Interesting if that happens, its a question of Gear(Ladder) and Skill, who timestopped first, who screw up that timestop? If you can avoid the Timestop, you have a huge advantage, also a huge disadvantage when you fail to hit. You know the Openings, its your own, so there wont be much of explanation needed, notice hitting Timestop first and avoid it is the Key to Win.

Is this PVP-Build viable for PVM?:
In Fact its the same Build at the 32 Cap like PVM-Build, so it is yes, you don’t scaling you pvm skills very high but at least you get Force mirror and SS, important PVM skills in exchange for timedodge in cap 32. I think you nearly always doing well in pvm, so i guess its viable.

Level 40 CAP
It was quite hard to decide whether to enhance timestop or get more damage instead, i chose the option to get more damage, since you are already used to timestop lvl3 – which should be high enough to start your combo. For those, who prefer to enhance timestop, delevel linear ray or gravity spark.


So we finally reached the Build we want to get, after a skill reset you see the full potential for this Build, getting max Poison Missile and maxed Triple Orbs. Focusing the whole Dark Tree, getting linear ray and nine tail, there was no Sp left for enhancing Timestop, quite sad but still viable, since you deal the max damage output possible with strong 1on1 focus. For those, who are stuck to timestop, delevel gravity spark to get timestop to level5, but i feel you need that for pvp, since my dodge feels so empty without it.


This Build provides you with a nice boost of aoe Damage, including the Ultimate from the Laser Tree at the cost of your ability 1vs1. Since this Build rely, that your mates guard you while you deal decent aoe Damage, you might only get this, if you’re rely concerned about it – otherwise just take the Build before.

  • Gravity Ball – 20% Damage
  • Linear Ray – 20% Damage
  • Summon Comet – 20% Damage
  • Spectrum Shower – 20% Damage

GvG Preparations:

I noticed that there’s the need of balancing a Team, since every Class has his own Strength and Weakness – I’m going to introduce the Function of each Class and the Setup i would recommend. Notice that i mentioned some preferences, but you don’t have to follow up these like Moonlord is preferred in GvG. Also notice this refers to GvG and not to 1vs1 –  The Function and Strength and greatly change in other Mods. Well here we go:

Swordmaster (Close-Mid Range)
SM are pretty flexible with their dash and brush off, Their Purpose is going in fast and out, disabling enemies while being unable to be caught.
Aim: Disabling mid-long ranged
Strength: Disabling, Flexibility
Weakness: Debuffs to a certain extend, Crowd controll (eg. Blackhole, Gravity ascension)

Mercenary (Close Range)
Mercs have nearly no Range Skills, their Iron Skin makes them perfect to rush in and stay without being interrupted.
Aim: Disabling long ranged
Strengh: Hardly being Disabled, breaking the backlines
Weakness: Debuffs to a certain extend, Gravity Ascension,

Acrobat (Mid Range)
Their flexibility and their escape abilities make it easy to avoid being hit by melees, also they can make Close-Midranged strangle.
Aim: Disabling Close-Mid Ranged
Strength: Evasion, Dps – Function
Weakness: Debuffs like electrocute, Freeze, timestop, “bindings”, low SA when being hit.

Bowmaster (Mid-Long Range)
Their Long Ranged makes them perfect to interrupt the defense line, allowing an great opening for the team.
Aim: Disabling Mid-Long Ranged
Strength: Long Range, high disabling ability to a certain degree.
Weakness: Low SA, close range can interrupt them easily.

Paladin (Close Range)
Divine Avatar is a key here, disabling and shocking while not being affected at all.
Aim: Disabling Long Ranged
Strength: Electrocution, interrupting, Durability
Weakness: Debuffs like electrocute, Freeze, timestop, “bindings” – can be ignored through Divine Avatar.

Priest (Mid-Long Range)
The Positioning of the Relics are the key for winning, Miracle Relic is a must have to rush in, since the remove of buff and damage reduction is a miracle itself.
Aim: Disabling close-mid Ranged
Strength: Heal-, Cure-, Binding-, Miracle relics are great, Shocking state can be add as bonus too
Weakness: Knockdowns are a serious Problems for Priest, since they got nearly no skill to stand up again.

Elemental Lord (Close-Mid Range)
The Skills of EL have mostly a short range, but a high disabling power. Make sure you slow in first hand and deal Damage in the second Way.
Aim: Disabling Close-Mid Ranged
Strength: Damage and Slowing
Weakness: Debuffs like electrocute, Freeze, timestop, “bindings”.

Force User (Mid-Long Range)
Force User can be seen as Supporter like Priest, with low SA they are needed to be at the back, their crowd control can change the game.
Aim: Disabling midranged
Strength: The disabling ability is without an question unique, meteor swarm, gravity ascension, timestop, all these are key Spells.
Weakness: Due their Low Super armor they are pretty helpless against strong Close range – Paladin & Merc

Looking at these Characteristics we can made an Lineup that should having following Classes, Amount is dependent on Guild and Strategy.


Frontline(3 people):
Mercenary (Iron skin, Calamity Crush, Life Saver, Brush Off, Cleaving Gale[Disabling]) [Barbarian preferred]
Paladin (Divine Avatar, Block, Shield Charge, Stance of Faith, Paralyze Bolt, Heal)

Midline(5 People):
Swordmaster (Bursh Off, Life Saver, Eclipse, Block, Cyclone Slash, Halfmoon Slash, Great Wave[AOE!]) [Moonlord prefered]
Elemental Lord (Fireball, Firewall, Flame rod, All ice Skills)[Ice Witch preferred]
Acrobat(All Evasion Skills, Spirit Boost, Falling Star[AOE!])

Backline(3 People)
Priest (Heal, Block, Paralyze Bolt, Chain Lightning, Buffs, all Relics, Holy Burst)[Saint preferred]
Force User (Triple Orbs, Blackhole, Gravity Ascension, Meteor Swarm, Force Mirror, Timestop, Beyond Time, Gravity Trap)[Majesty preferred]
Bowmaster (All Evasion Skills, Ankle Shot, Rain of Arrows, Guided Missiles)

I Hope you liked this Guide about PVP, Visit me at Youtube(TheSakasen) or leave a message here if you got suggestions to keep this Guide up to date.

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