Digimon Masters Online Power Leveling Guide for New Digimons

Digimon Masters Online Power Leveling Guide for New Digimons by Piedmon

Power Leveling Trick:

*please note only low level digimon can benefit or players with a new mercenary digimon that need fast training.

1: Partner up with a higher level player or one with a strong digimon: A tamer who can maintain mega form is especially effective. But do NOT form a party with them.

2: go to area where wild digimon are within 5 levels higher than your digimon.

3: let the digimon leveling (the weak one) hit first.

4: The Tamer with the stronger digimon will have to kill the wild digimon as quickly as they can so
avoid severe damage to the low level digimon that is training.

5: Keep moving to areas where the wild digimon are around 5 levels or less of the weaker digimons
current level.until the weaker digimon
has reached level 25 or so, then it can handle itself from there on. Either way both parties have to
agree when they will stop the power leveling since only the weaker digimon is benefiting from this.

Why must it be within a 5 level range?
A: the game system is nerfed so low level players cant join a high level party and net a huge amount of EXP by leeching from the kills of stronger digimons in the party.

Why must me and my friend with the stronger digimon NOT be in a party to do this?
A:Again game system nerfs exp gains if there is a huge gap in levels of party members digimon: both
of you get little to no EXP.

Why does the weaker digimon have to attack first?
A: First hit= the one who gets the EXP and drops. Of course: this rule only applies to situations
outside of a party.

*Note cooperation is key, and its better to mutually agree at what level to stop at and how long to do it for. Course anyone with a mega digimon can power level a weak mercenary in no time.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    To Partner Up :

    click on the person.

    then on the top part of the screen you will see their picture.

    right – click their picture.

    then click on Partner Invite.

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