Digimon Masters Online Custom Textures Guide

Digimon Masters Online Custom Textures Guide by CrimsonBronxs

Tools you will need
1 Nifskope
2 any painting program that can use .tga files

Install nifskpoe
Here is how I make my textures
For this guide I will be retexturing Falcomon
Now make a copy of the File falcomon.nif and save the to you r desktop for now

Start nifskope and click on render then setting

This will load up the render window

1 Click o Auto Detect Game Path this will detect any games that nifskope can work with
You may have some games it may not mine did not have any
2 click on Add Folder and this will make a new folder for you click on choose folder
3 Don’t do what I did and clicked the folder button
4 type the name to Digimon this will set up nifskope to look in the digimon folder
For the texture files and nif files

Now nifskope is set
Like I said at the start Make a copy of the files you are going to change
Click on load in nifskope and head over to your digimon folder mine is DigitalicDigimonMastersOnlineDataDigimonfalcom on

Load the file Falcomon.nif

Click on the mesh

1 And then click on the little arrow next to 4 NiTriShape
2 Then click the arrow next to 5 NiTexturingProperty
3 this will open 6 NiSourceTexture now you see the purple thing next to falcomon.dds
Right click it and it will bring up
4 click on texture and an ew menu will come up click on Export

Yes I know the file in the pic is different LOL
Now save the file as falcomon.tga You must put the .tga on as the file will not save right
Leave Nifskope open
Now load up you paint program I am using paint shop pro but you may have another paint prog
Open the file falcomon.tga
And make any changes you like to the file color wise
The way I did it was to select the areas I want to change and the go to hue saturation
And click colorize the pick the color I want
Save the file off

Now look at nifskope and Falcomon should be changed to the new color
1 Click the save as button and save it this will overwrite the file
Log in to digimon online and fingers crossed your falcomon will be textured

Warning This is NOT for the faint Harted it took me over a week to get it to work

to change the pack file in dmo
1 you will need to get the tools from this link DMOTools (DMO Data File Explorer/Updater)

right here we go
1 you must make 2 copy’s of the pack01.hf and pack01.pf files from your digimon dmo file it is found in the data folder
the reason I have said 2 is 1 is for editing and the other 2 are in case it goes wrong

2 This is the way I have my files setup you may have yours set differently but
if you set them up the same way it will make things quicker for you

I have my files set like this c:Digimon toolsdmotools-1.0
I have also put my pack file into a folder C;dmodata
I have also made a folder C:dmofp1 this is for the extracted pack files to go into

3 Now the Fun part LOL

go to your start menu and on the run bar (xp) search bar (windows7) and type cmd this will open the windows command

right once windows command is open type in
cd c:
this will take you to your c Drive

now type cd Digimon tools
you should be in c:digimon tools-1.0

now type cd dmotools-1.0
you should be in c:digimon tools-1.0

now type cd bin
you should be in c:bin

right now type dmotools.exe
and if you have done it correct a load of commands will scroll through

4 Right now you are ready to extract the pack01 files
type in dmotools.exe extractAllFiles c:dmodatapack01.hf c:dmodatapack01.pf c:dmofp1
making sure the extractAllFiles is typed in as it is here or it wont work
if it is done right the pack01 file will start extracting

leave windows cmd open

5 Once the files are extracted the will go into the folder fp1 and will look like this file_2601749739.dat
to open these files use nifskope and it will show up there.

right there is a second file that is in the link above called dmo_filemap_v2.odt (OpenOffice Calc Sheet). Download it and open it in windows excel
this file show you what all the file numbers mean in fp1

leave windows cmd open

Right I am going to change the file for Bearmon
do a search in excel for Bearmon.nif and this will take you to the file number for him which is 2601749739

leave windows cmd open

now go to the file for bearmon in fp1 which is 2601749739

make your changes to bearmon in nifskope and save him off
Note in nifskope highlight the texture and in the lower pain of nifskope right click and edit string and add DataDigimonbearmonthe name of the tga the mesh should be white in nifskope or the file will show up purple in game
Right go back to your windows cmd
and type in
dmotools.exe updateArchive c:dmodatapack01.hf c:dmodatapack01.pf 2601749739 c:dmofp1file_2601749739.dat
make sure updateArchive is types in like it is here

if it is done correct the file will tell you that it is replaceing the files and updating

Right once the files are updated copy the pack file from c:dmodata to your Dmo game and replace the pack file found in the data folder of dmo

now to try it load up dmo and run it if you have a bearmon digimon it should be changed
if you don’t then you will have to wait for a bearmon to show up to check it

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