Digimon Masters Online Booster Items Guide

Digimon Masters Online Booster Items Guide by Dphoenix

I used to thrash all my HP/AT/DE Rank A/B items away in my 1/2 account as I had no idea how to equip them, I was wondering if any others had the same problem and decided to create this (short) guide. The possible item names would be:

DE (Defense)
DE Rank A
DE Rank B

AT (Attack)
AT Rank A
AT Rank B

HP (Health Points)
HP Rank A
HP Rank B

So far I have not obtained any other items although the headphones which are Eye-Wear have a blue outline and Shoes have a Green Outline.

Basically all items have either rank A or B, as you can see. However, when you mouse over those items in your inventory, they have levels like 3,4,7…

However, to see the levels, they have to be scanned either by the Monster Maker from Season 3: Digimon Tamers:

or Kamemon in the Digital World:

The first option is Scan and the second one is Equip . (Yes you can only equip at where they are)

Clothings of the same type e.g. Upper Body, Lower Body, Hands, Eye-wear, Head-wear, etc. are able to equip the same type of scanned item.

When equipping, the background colour of the equip must be the same as the colour of the item’s equip slot’s outline.

AT items have yellow backgrounds, DE items have Black/Grayish backgrounds and HP Items have Red backgrounds.

As far as I know, Upper Body Clothing can equip HP Items, Hand-Wear can equip AT Items, Lower Body Clothing can Equip HP Items.

You can get a low quality AT and HP item from one of the early quests before you obtain your DATS Uniform.

The quality of the items is based on the outline colour after scanned; White being at the bottom, Green being in the middle, and Blue being at the top. Also, White one usually need 5/15 bits to equip and remove, Green ones need 100 to equip and remove and the Blue ones need 200 bits. Also, White ones can be scanned for 5/10/15 bits, Green ones for 100 (Excluding green outlined (after scanning) HP ones which need 200) and Blue ones for 200.

Different clothing have a different percentage number which affects the intensity off the item’s effect; the higher the percentage being better, but usually small differences like 15% only have a difference of 5 HP Points in the Character Stats Menu (C) even with a Green outlined level 4 HP Equip.

Obviously for an item to have equips it must have an empty slot.


I created my own Power Glove by using the yellow background, yellow outline glove by using a Level 7 Blue Outlined AT Equip and a Green outlined Level 3 AT Equip.

This is the glove:

And it even has the same animations:

I hope this guide helped you and I hope I contributed!

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