Crystal Saga Where to Get Honor Guide

Crystal Saga Where to Get Honor Guide by PoisonStarglade

This guide is dedicated to helping you guys obtain as much honor as possible.

Honor is important in Crystal Saga as it allows you to equip higher level PVP gear and Insignia (obtainable from General Khan in starglade), and also increases your daily coupon bonus (obtainable from king valcaroy in satrglade Daily).

I am going to list every way of earning honor, how much u get for doing certain things, and how many times you are limited to a day.

First is the best, Guild Resource Lvl 20-80

In order to get honour from this You must first of all be accepted into a guild. Once you are in a guild at server times : 9:00 , 16:00 and 20:00 the Guild resource battle ground will open.

Once inside it will be your duty to “harvest” (collect) certain items. ( beware death from other players will chance dropping quest items)
These are – Purple Crystaloid X2
Black Rice X6
Tripoco Fruit X16
Winter Grass X20

A little tip , Once you have collected enough.. If guild resource battle ground is Quiet store all your quest items in your vault.. go back into guild resource battleground and harvest until time runs out.. “Stocking up”.

Once you are done with the Guild resource battleground, Leave and turn in the quest to Guild managment Office- Starglade.
Your reward for completing this quest will be as follows –

Guild Progress +10
Guild Contribution +10
Honor +250
Bronze Honor Badge +12 ( used to exchange for Insignia, pvp set, battlefield consumables)

Next we have – Starglade TourLvl 30-39

Take a visit to Natalie- Starglade , You will be able to complete 10 very short quests from here.
The rewards are –

1 X coupon
Level-Based Exp
Guild Contribution +1
Guild Progress +1
Honor +5 Ten times daily means Honor+50

Daily Hunt – Lvl 30-80

Is exactly as the name suggest, Accept the Quest from Starglade Gate Guard – Starglade. You have 20 attempts at this per day
You will be tasked to kill a certain amount of monsters in exhange for –

Guild Contribution +1
Guild Progress +1
Honor +5 Twenty times daily means Honor +100
And a chance to recieve a Morph crystal after completing your 5th and 10th Quest. ( used to try your chance at morphing your pet into rare stronger ones)

Delivery – Lvl 20-80

This quest is accepted from General Krahn – Starglade 13:00 , 14:30, 18:30
To complete the quest simple deliver the Crystaloid to the 4 delivery points.
Quest is Available ONCE per day unless you are VIP with 25 crystal ( 25 crystal will buy you a lvl 6 crystaloid attempt)
You Can upgrade they Crystaloid once inside Using Refining Capsules ( obtainable through the Redemption Quest)

The rewards for this EVENT are as follows –

Gold (depending on Crystalois Level The higher the level the higher the return)
Guild Contribution +1
Guild Progress +1
Honor +5
Bronze Honor badge +2 ( Maximum of eight, 2 recieved per checkpoint reached)

Blessed Bath – Lvl 30-80

Blessed bath is a place where you can go with a party and work as a team to gain as much exp as possible. Try to work out a order of heal, and locate the safespot from thunder located on the bridge. This Can be attempted twice daily and Honor is awarded as soon as you enter.

Rewards are as follows –

Level Based Exp
Guild Contribution +2
Guild Progress +2
Honor +10 Twice Daily means Honor +20

Redemption – Lvl 40-80

Go and visit High Priest Epauch – Starglade , Purchase from him three scrolls that are nearest to your level ( note.. DO NOT purchase scrolls that are higher level than yourself) Double click the scroll to start the quest. This can be done three times daily.

Rewards are as follows –

Honor +80 three times daily means a total of Honor +240
Refining Capsule +1
Level-based Exp

The Training – Lvl 40-80

Start this quest from King Valcroy-Starglade. You have 2 attempts per day, I suggest you get 4 other players of the same level range to do this.
The longer you go inside the more exp you recieve.

The Rewards are as follows –

Large amounts of Exp
Guild Contribution +2
Guild Progress +2
Honor + 10 Twice daily means a total of Honor +20

Sengolia – Lvl 30+ PVP

This is the most fun i have on Crystal Saga.. is a massive battle between two teams “red vs blue style” .. A great chance to get payback on some of those untouchables outside of sengolia… you see sengolia balances everyones stats to make it fair. You can get into the Sengolia by visiting BattleMaster – Starglade. However i advise you be wuick about it.. there is limited spots and they get taken quickly. Sengolia is open at Server time 15:00 and 19:00.

The rewards are as follows –

Honor +80 Twice daily means a total of Honor +160
Bronze Honor Badge +10
Level-Based Exp
Silver Honor Badges – Depending on How many kills you get.
Winning Team Honor +240

Lastly. Wishing Well Starglade All lvls

If you are lucky enough you will recieve a Golden Fruit of Honor


Guild Quests All lvls

You can do this upto Twenty times a day, Collecet from Guild Managment Officer- Starglade.

Rewards are as follows –

Guild Progress +1
Guild wealth + 2 copper
Guild Contribution +1
Honor +25 Twenty total means a maximum of Honor +500
Exp determined by Level

I hope that this has helped some of you with Honor and where to get it

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