Crystal Saga Shadow Rogue Guide

Crystal Saga Shadow Rogue Guide by ediejohnny

Hi everyone, today I bring to you a Shadow Rogue guide until Lv. 60.


Now, let’s start by the stats.

Until level 25, put all in AGI, after it, put all in STR. Why?
Because Shadow Rogue takes MUCH damage, and it’s better to be a critical damage.


See the skill tree, forget about Combat Tree and focus only in Shadow Tree:

I put Slayer’s Cloak at level 1, why? Because the Shadow Strike is on level 5, that gives you the Slayer’s Cloak level 5 and takes MUCH damage.


I really recomend a Baby Archer / Vulture / Bear Cub with Charm, or if you can buy, a Teeka. And try to buy the Charm Lv.2, it will give you about 13 seconds of Stun, you can take a lot of damage without your enemy attacks you, this is very cool.


Put Spirit of Ice only on 5 and work out only in Brilliance Soul, and then, you can work on your DEF.


I REALLY recommend Epic Ethereal / Bloodforge set, because it gives you more critical than Savage set. Of course, Savage gives you strongly DEF and Hit, but I personally prefer Critical. For the Weapon, choice Green Savage and try to put it +9 or +10, your Rogue will be very pretty with a yellow dagger at your hands.

Why green savage?
Because it’s more easy to enchant than blue savage, and the difference between green and blue is only some points of PATK.


Ruby, of course, and Sapphire or Ambers, you choice, but personally I prefer Sapphires, because most people attacks with MATK.

Alright, finished. Opinions?

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3 Responses

  1. i think it would be better if you max slayers cloak rather than shadow strike… invisibility time and movement speed of shadow strike is still based on slayers cloak… + if u stunned and attacked the enemy but didn't kill it… it can ran away and u wont be able to chase it or stun it because ur invisibility reduces 40% movement speed so that will really sucks…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why agi to 25 then str to 60? Wouldn't your agi lag behind by the time you hit 60?

  3. Anonymous says:

    mix and serve with the rogue shadow blade power shift?

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