Crystal Saga Savage Set PvP Armor Guide

Crystal Saga Savage Set PvP Armor Guide by Binette

Ok i have seen lot of question about Savage set i will try to answer all of them in this guide!

First of here where to get the savage armor:

Talk to the general kharn


To buy your armor you will need to have honor badge.

There is bronze, silver and gold badge.

Read here to learn where to get badges.

WATCH OUT: When you upgrade your armor to a new lvl ( from green to blue, blue to yellow and so on) YOU LOOSE all of your enchanting and gems, and opened socket!
-You need to be lvl 40 to wear Savage Pvp armor pieces.
-You also will need honor ranking. (see below for rank requirement)
-All set for every class ask for an exact amout of badge per pieces…
-They will also ask for a little amount of Silver…
-When you upgrade green to blue or blue to yellow and so on… You will need the previous armor pieces.


Price and requirement to buy Savage sets

green Savage armor
Requirement : Baron honor tittle

Armor : 49 bronze badge
Helmet: 41 bronze badge
Gauntlets: 30 bronze badge
Boots: 30 bronze badge
Necklace: 41bronze badge
Ring: 34 bronze badge

Green Savageweapon
Requirement: Count honor tittle

57 bronze badge!

Blue Savage armor (require green pieces)
Requirement: Viscount honor tittle

Armor: 65 bronze + 6 silver
Helmet: 65 bronze + 5 silver
Gauntlets: 40 bronze + 4 silver
Boots: 40 bronze + 4 silver
Necklace: 55 bronze + 5 silver
Ring: 45 bronze + 5 silver

Blue Savage weapon
Requirement: Earl honor rank +green weapon

75 bronze + 7 silver

Gold Savage armor (require blue pieces)
Requirement: Marquis honor rank

Armor: 63 bronze +10 silver
Helmet: 70 bronze + 8 silver
Gauntlets: 51 bronze + 6 silver
Boots: 51 bronze + 6 silver
Necklace: 70 bronze + 8 silver
Ring: 57 bronze + 7 silver

Gold Savage weapon
requirement: Duke honor tittle

96bronze and 12 silver

Purple Savage armor
Requirement: Grand duke honor tittle

Armor: 104 bronze +15 silver + 1gold
Helmet: 88 bronze + 13 silver + 1gold
Gauntlets: 64 bronze + 9 silver + 1gold
Boots: 64 bronze + 9 silver + 1gold
Necklace: 88 bronze + 13 silver + 1gold
Ring: 72 bronze + 10 silver + 1gold

Purple Savage weapon
requirement: Archduke

120 bronze + 18silver + 1g

Orange Savage weapon
requirement: Viceroy

147 bronze + 25silver + 3g

Savage set bonus:

If your are wearing:

All class have same bonus for wearing!:
2Pieces: Penetration resistance +8
2Pieces: Crit defense: +10
3Pieces: Crit defense: +10
3Pieces: Crit damage: +4%
3Pieces: Penetration resistance: +12
5pieces: Crit damage: +6%
5pieces: Armor penetration: +8
7Pieces: Crit defense: +20
7pieces: movement speed: +15
7pieces: Armor penetration: +12

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