Crystal Saga Rebirth Guide

Crystal Saga Rebirth Guide by shinobi919

1st Rebirth

1)Rebirth quest obtain automatically once you hit 60+
2)Requires 10 Gold
3)Require 1x Ice Shard + 1x Brilliance Shard in your inventory bag.
4)Requires only 1 quest in your quest list.(You MUST drop all quests except the rebirth quest.)
5)Requires Level to be 60+

1)50 Attribute Points, 10 Skills Points
2)Fairy(Supportive ONLY), will increase you stats by %. Upgrade’able with Soul Shard, Gold, EC, Cash Item. Details will be post below.

2nd Rebirth

1)5 Special items needed for rebirth.(either from world boss or level 80 dungeon. depends on the version you are playing)
others will be easy to get so i am not going to list them here
2)at least Level 80+ and have rebirth’d once before.

Fairy System:
Obtain Quest from “Goddess of Fate” at Tyria Village.
Kill Plantona in Himeng Village. Turn in quest and you be rewarded a fairy.

1)Fairy is in the same window as Pet. just a different tab.
2)Fairy Expandable Slot
3)Summon, Recall Current Fairy
4) Name: %Name% (idk what they gonna call it so ima skip this), Level of current Fairy. Exp, and CE required to upgrade to next level.
5)Actual Effect:
Attack %, Def %, Hp %, Heal % increase.
6)Apt Chart of Current Fairy and increase per Level.
7)Preview next Fairy via Upgrade.
8)Preview next Fairy’s apt.
9)Gold,CE,Items needed for unseal/Upgrade into next Fairy.

Types of Fairy:
7th one, which is the last one only needs soul shards and Crystal Essence for upgrade.
Therefore, i am not going to post it ;p

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