Crystal Saga Rare Pets Guide

Crystal Saga Rare Pets Guide by BrotherVT

So, it seems that people seem to be confused when it comes to hatching the following four eggs:
1) Teeka Egg – Second hardest egg to hatch – Maximum Attempts – Avg: 8-10 unless your luck says otherwise
3) Baby Angel’s Egg – Easiest Egg To Hatch – Maximum attempts is around 6 – unless your luck says otherwise
4) Baby Demon’s Egg – Second Easiest To Hatch – Maximum attempts being around 12 – unless luck says otherwise

That being said, you must understand that all these eggs that have been mentioned only have a “CHANCE” of actually successfully hatching.

Now, if you wish to purchase the Eggs in the Crystal Shop – here are the following prices.

Now, purchasing them isn’t the only way to acquire these eggs – and most of you already know this.

Let me just remind you all of the other ways to acquire these eggs!

1) There is the Dragon Hunt – Since you get one free Green Dragon Token to play once every day once your server resets.
2) You can purchase it from other players – the price varies depending on your server.

Now then! Let’s get on with the point I wanted to address you all with!

What To Do When You Want To Hatch The Egg!

First thing’s first, you must MAKE SURE you have one free space in your Pet Slot!

Example will be my Pet Slots.

When you wish to hatch one of the four following eggs I’ve mentioned earlier, then you must make sure there is one free space – being the red-box in the image provided just now.

NOW! One of two things will happen!
1) It will say something where you successfully hatch the egg!
2) It will say something where you have failed to hatch the egg! 

Now, if you fail the egg, it’s no problem! Just keep trying to hatch them until you succeed at it – However, the success rates are REALLY LOW. Just had to mention that.

Also, if anyone could, please provide me the screenshots of when you succeed in hatching an egg and a screenshot of failing to hatch an egg!
Please take regards and look at my Guide labeled in my signature to take screenshots if you do not know how.

If you could, provide constructive feedback on how I can improve this FAQ + Guide even more.

Extra: I will show you how the following pets look when being Morphed into their better versions!
1) Baby Angel – Super Angel – Burning Angel 2) Baby Demon – Super Demon – Demon King 3) Teeka – That’s just it o.o
4) Fire Lord – That’s just it also LOL 

I will be posting the pictures based off the list I just gave for the transformations of the pets.

Baby Angel Super Angel Burning Angel

Now just to confirm for any of you people – The Angel itself is a Magical Offensive Pet.

Baby Demon Super Demon Demon King

Note – The Demon itself is a Physical/Magical Offense Pet!


Note – The Teeka itself is a Support Pet!

Note – The Fire Lord itself is a Balanced-Pet, so skills will vary from Support to Offensive!

There you have it people!

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  1. Ive used 13 Baby Angel eggs so far so I don’t think its 6- and It took me 5 bone dragon eggs to hatch if u wanna include”!!!

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