Crystal Saga Raising Your Honor and Nobility Guide

Crystal Saga Raising Your Honor and Nobility Guide by Profe

“Rising in the ranks is not easy. It requires TIME and DEDICATION.”
Welcome to my very First Guide~ ^^
For New and Old Players alike, this is a guide on how you can raise your honor and (hopefully) make it into the Honor Ranks!
Now, this guide concerns only about the honor reward from the quests, benefits of having high nobility, and nothing else.

Some tasks have a level range but generally, you can start earning honor at Lvl 20.
So in a day, the maximum Honor you can get are:
Lvl. 30-39 = 1415
Lvl. 40+ = 1625
And that’s a lot!

The Minimum = 0

Captain……..2626……5 Coupons
Noble……….4511……6 Coupons
Baron……….7163……7 Coupons…..Can Equip Green Savage/Slayer
Count……….10712…..8 Coupons…..Can Equip Green Savage/Slayer Weapon
Viscount…….15288…..9 Coupons…..Can Equip Blue Savage/Slayer
Earl………..21788…..10 Coupons….Can Equip Blue Savage/Slayer Weapon
Marquis……..30888…..11 Coupons….Can Equip Gold Savage/Slayer
Duke………..43888…..12 Coupons….Can Equip Gold Savage/Slayer Weapon
Grand Duke…..63888…..13 Coupons….Can Equip Purple Savage/Slayer
Archduke…….89388…..14 Coupons….Can Equip Purple Savage/Slayer Weapon
Elector……..121888….15 Coupons
Viceroy……..129888….16 Coupons….Can Equip Orange Savage/Slayer Weapon
Regent………137888….17 Coupons
Seneschal……145888….18 Coupons
King………..155888….19 Coupons
Emperor……..167888….20 Coupons

Coupons may be claimed @King Valcroy and you may forge your Savage/Slayer Gears @General Khran
So, here’s a complete(?) list of daily quests you can/should complete, including details and tips~

*Guild Resources
Requirements: Lv.20+, MUST be in a Guild
Times per Day: 1 @4AM 8AM & 9PM server time
Honor: 250
Where to Accept: Visit the Guild Management Officer in Starglade
Turn in: Guild Management Officer

Guild Quests
Requirements: MUST be in a Guild
Times per Day: 20
Maximum: 500
Where to Accept: Guild Management Officer (Starglade)
Turn in: Guild Management Officer
>> If you’re in a guild where Guild Quests easily run out, make sure that a few mins before the Guild Quests refreshes, be at the Guild Management Officer to take them.
>> First accept ALL Guild Labors, Guild Building, and Guild Management that you’ll be able to do. It’s pointless if you accept a quest you know you’ll die in.
>> The thing about Guild Labor is that you can stock up reserves. It’ll take space in your inventory, but it’s totally worth it. So let’s say you don’t have any stock yet. Once you’ve accepted the quest, first collect at least 30. Turn them in then accept the same quest again. Turn in again then accept the same quest again. Do these repeatedly until you’ve accepted the LAST one of that quest. Do NOT turn that in yet. Proceed to the other Guild Labors and do the same. When you’ve taken the last of each Guild Labor, collect as many items as you can (min of 35). Once you’ve collected more than 35, you may finally turn them in.
>> If Guild Labor didn’t give you the max, then I suggest you next focus on Guild Building quests. Unlike Guild Labor, you can’t stock up on what you were asked to collect. But compared to Guild Management, you kill less and only kill one type of mob. I would suggest you post a coord of the grinding spot (preferably in party chat) so you wouldn’t have the trouble of looking for that place again.
>> If those above doesn’t give you the max, do the Guild Management. No particular recommendation here sorry ^^;
>> And as a last resort, accept the Guild Crisis Management or Guild Tuning quests. But only those that you can do. If not, just let it be~

Daily Hunt
Requirement: Lv.30+
Times per Day: 20
Honor: 5
Maximum: 100
Where to Accept: Starglade Gate Guard
Turn in: varies on location
>> Best done w/ a party for faster kills thus quest completion.

Requirement: Lv.30+
Times per Day: 2
Honor: 10
Maximum: 20
Where to Accept: High Priest Epauch (Starglade)
Turn in: N/A

Requirements: Lv.20+
Times per Day: 1 @1PM 2:30PM & 6:30PM server time
Honor: 5
Maximum: 20
Where to Accept: General Krahn (Starglade)
Turn in: N/A
>> Make sure you get a good escort who’ll make you finish your run because you earn 5 honor from each checkpoint. If you die before reaching the 2nd pt. for example, you won’t get the max (and you lose your crystal, too)

Requirements: Lv.30+, must NOT have “Exhaustion” Buff
Times per Day: 2 @3-4PM & 7-8PM server time
Honor: 240 (winner) 80 (looser)
Maximum: 480 (win-win), 360 (win-lose), 160 (lose-lose)
Where to Accept: Battlemaster (Starglae)
Turn in: N/A

Starglade Tour
Requirements: Lv.30-39
Times per Day: 10
Honor: 5
Maximum: 50
Where to Accept: Natalie (Starglade)
Turn in: varies on quest

Requirements: Lv.40+
Times per Day: 2
Honor: 10
Maximum: 20
Where to Accept: King Valcroy (Starglade)
Turn in: N/A
>> One problem with training is that only a few people are willing to do it. So if you’re out of time (meaning reset is close), just solo it. You get the 10 honor anyway upon entering. You don’t need to finish up to the last wave~ (I congratulate you though)
>> For more Training Tips, visit this guide

Requirements: Lv.40+
Times per Day: 3
Honor: 80
Maximum: 240
Where to Accept: High Priest Epauch (buy scrolls)
Turn in: High Priest Epauch
>> If you’re only after the honor, solo or 2-man this.

My apologies for using a small font but I wanted to keep it clean~
Other Ways to Gain Honor:

Golden Fruit – 50 Honor, obtained via Wishing Well

Lucky Fruit – has a chance to increase your honor by 20. Otherwise, it either heals you up or hurts you. Obtained via Survival of the Fittest
Ok, my job here is done! If there are any mistake or addition, would really appreciate if you could point it out. Ok? Ciao~!

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