Crystal Saga Quick Leveling Guide

Crystal Saga Quick Leveling Guide by gjgben

In crystal saga, there are many ways to level the guide below I will list some ways to help you level.

1: Do main quests. They reward quite a huge amount of exp during the early levels, allowing one to level up with quest only. For higher levels, they contribute to about 20 % to 40 %of your exp bar which is a lot, seeing you need millions of exp to level.

2: The blessed bath (lvl 30 onwards) is your friend. Make sure to do it twice a day. With a good party, you can fill about 20% to 30% of your exp bar which is a lot.

3. Do daily quest. Daily quest includes daily hunt, seed of life, a day in Vidalia, starglade tour and the newly implemented crystal ladder. All reward you level based exp so be sure to do them even when you have achieve high levels.

4: Do training (lvl 40 onwards) with 4x exp(max). This can be done with guild, seignior and your on 2x exp token. Try not to have to many people in your party cause the exp is shared. A three man party (priest ,dps and tank is ideal)

5: Do all events such as Sengolia and guild resource. They give level based exp which helps you level. For Sengolia , try to participate in both instances.

6: Help you guild win the land grab battle. This not only gives control to when the server wide 2x exp is activated but also give your guild master a chance to use guild funds to spawn a nimbus crystal in the champion bluff (a 15 min torch)

7: Grind mobs with afk when you go to sleep but remember to use a town portal scroll 5 min before your afk timer ends so you wont be easy prey for pvpers.

8: Lastly, during the exploration of crystal saga, you may see torches, immediately go to them as they give free exp. If you obtain torches by purchasing crystal, share it with 4 other person ( 4 max as the torch give exp to a max of 5 people and this is by random) and hope they do so too.

Hope i help those struggling to level up in crystal saga

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