Crystal Saga Newbie Guide

Crystal Saga Newbie Guide by R21388915


Ancient Coins turn them to lucky coins
ancient coin + 15silver= 1 Lucky coins

1ST= 3lucky coins
2ND= 6lucky coins
3RD= 9lucky coins
4TH= 12lucky coins
FIFTH= 15lucky coins

After Receiving a certain amount of Title Cache Shards you can turn them in to the well to receive a title, which can be upgraded when a certain number of shards is reached.

Lucky Coins(random number)
Ancient Coins(random number)
Golden Fruit of Honor
Heroic Wings
Refining Capsule
Title Cache Shard
2x Offline Exp Token
Blessed Stone (Bound)
Bronze Honor Badge(random number)
Silver Honor Badge(random number)
Pet Skill Books
Pet Exp Pearl (Bound)
1 Hour AFK Card

Guild Resources

Guild resources is a activity where you try and collect the required number of resources before the hour is done. You do not necessarily have to work with your guild for it, but it makes it easier. Members of other guilds will be able to PK you. If you are killed by another player you will drop a random amount of ressources.

Player MUST be in a guild
Need to be LVL 20+

Purple Crystalloid X 2
Spawn Time: 5-6 min

Winter Grass X 20

Tripoco Fruit X16
1 min

Black Rice X 6
2 min


Guild Progress +10
Guild Contruibution +10
Honor +250
12 Bronze Honor Badges

Nobility (Honor)

Rank Honor
Peasant 0 Can’t Claim
Vassal 520 Can’t Claim
Squire 1378 Can’t Claim
Captain 2626 5
Noble 4511 6
Baron 7163 7 Can wear Green PVP Armour
Count 10 712 8 Can wear Green PVP Weapon
Viscount 15 288 9 Can wear Blue PVP Armour
Earl 21 788 10 Can wear Blue PVP Weapon
Marquis 30 888 Can wear Gold PVP Armour
Duke 43 888 Can wear Gold PVP Weapon
Grand Duke 63 888 Can wear Purple PVP Armour
Archduke 89 388 Can wear Purple PVP Weapon
Elector 121 888
Viceroy 129 888 Can wear Orange PVP Weapon
Regent 137 888
Seneschal 145 888
King 155 888
Emperor 167 888

It’s updated every week based on the honour rankings.
Viceroy 25 Players
Regent 15 Players
Seneschal 9 Players
King 5 Players
Emperor 2 Players

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