Crystal Saga Inventory Guide

Crystal Saga Inventory Guide by Mega_Kratos_Man

The inventory is just located in the bottom left beside the skill tab.The keyboard shortcut for it is the “B” button.You can see it under its name.

If you clicked the inventory button,this will open.

Turquoise:Sort-used for assembling things in your inventory.



Red:Enchant-used to upgrade equipments.Simply click the “Enchant button” and then this opens:

Gold:The Equipment/Enchantment stones-to upgrade an equipment you need to be sure you drag your equipment to the middle square.The 4 other squares is the place to drag your enchantment stones,the more stones the better success!

Light Salmon:Auto or Best-Auto is used to automatically place stones in the squares.Best is used to recommend and buy things to be 100% success.

Cyan:Enchant-It is used to enchant the equipment.Whether you fail or win, you will lose your enchantment stones but not the equipment.


Golden Rod:Socket-Used to put gems in your equipment in other words, make your equipment strong too.

Black:Equipment-Where your chosen equipment be put.

Red:Socket spaces-Used to where to put your gems.

Lime:Required Socket​-Used to unlock the socket spaces.The higher the needed socket space, more higher required socket.

Lime: Disenchant-Not literally downgrading the equipments and giving you the enchantment stones you wasted, instead, giving you soul crystal VI-X.If you click it this will open:

Green:The Equipments-The equipments you chose to be disenchanted.

Golden Rod: Disenchant-This button will disenchant the equipment.Beware!Disenchanting the weapon will make the weapon disappear.


Indigo:Item Synthesis-This synthesize a equipment to shard or medals to weapon/armor/necklace/ring/insignia etc.You need to have shard or medals to have a weapon.If you click it this will open:

Yellow:Category-Your category of wanted thing.

White:Sub-category-the category of your wanted thing to be exact.(ex.your category is gems then the subs are ruby,sapphire,emerald,etc.)

Orange:Components-The required things to avail the synthesis.

Purple:Second Components(no explanation because i didn’t saw anything with secondary component)

Turquoise:The finished product-when you upgraded the components successfully, that will be the result or success.

Gold:Chance-The chance of getting the success.

Lime:Synthesis Fee-The fee for synthesizing the equipment or other things.

Saddle Brown:Synthesize Button-Used to Synthesize the thing.

Gray:Count-How many you want to synthesize.Beware!the more counts, the more you need components!

Gold:Close-To cancel the synthesizing.


Dim Gray:Split Stack

Black:Count-How many do you want to stack?

Red:Confirm and cancel-Confirm will successfully split the thing you have chosen to be split stacked.Cancel means to cancel the Split.

Watch care fully to the shard:


I will split by one, that means that i will split one shard to the other squares.



Dark Grey:Buy crystal-used to buy crystal purchase.


Lavender bush:Renew Items-Used to renew an item with a limited time usage.

Teal:The list of renewals-The place where items are placed to be renewed.

Green:Renew-This button renews the chosen item.


Light Salmon:Temporary Storage-The place where your rewards from dragon hunt or others.

Black:The Items-The place where the items are placed.

Red:Withdraw All-The button that makes all of your items be withdrawn to the inventory.

Golden Rod:My Shop-Your Private Shop.Requires Level 30.

Black:The name-This is where your shops’ name will be entered.Many where asking why their shop is not open, this is one of causes, the name.Please pick a name until there is a name on your head with a blue background.

Orange:The Items-This is where the items you wanna sell.


Antique White:Pages-Used to be backup spaces in inventory.Can be unlocked by bag slot expander, but only 6 slots can be opened.


Pale Turquoise:Hot-It been used to be have the “hot” name because it is the latest and been bought by many.

Indigo:All-This where all items are placed.


Plum:Quest-Only quest items are only in that category.


If you don’t see the letters because of colors,you can highlight them too see them well.

1.I cannot open my shop!What do i do?
A:Maybe you are not at Level 30 or your name needs to be changed.
2.How can i sell my items?
A: Drag the items you want to sell, then pick a price to it.
3.I synthesized a weapon, but i do not see the weapon at my inventory?What the…
A:Every weapon has a chance rate.
4.I synthesized the gem, but it do not want to avail.What do i do?
A:Maybe you didn’t got those requirements to avail that gem.
5.When i click “Sort” it became dimmed and i cannot click it.What do i do?
A:Because it needs recharging of 10 seconds.
6.How can expand my bag?
A:You can buy it from private shops in starglade or buying it with crystals in item mall or from beginner quests.

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