Crystal Saga Guild Resources Guide

Crystal Saga Guild Resources Guide by Marlon and Azury

For more info in game click Flag next to the mini-map.

And then click the Event tab, and guild resources

Event Time: (Eastern Standard Time) GMT-5
1. 9:00 – 10:00 AM
2. 4:00 – 5:00 PM
3. 8:00 – 9:00 PM

1. At least level 20
2. Must be a member of a Guild

1. You may not teleport during the battle.
2. Players will drop resources upon death.
3. Gather all resources as follow

Purple Crystaloid: 2x
Winter Grass: 20x
Fruit: 16x
Rice bag: 6x

-Crystal spawn each ~5 or 6 min
-Grass spawns about every ~10-25 seconds.
-Fruit about every ~1 minute.
-Rice ~2 minutes.
-Each Ressources have a certain spawn area as shown on the map bellow
(some spot may be missing ill be adding them soon)

Claim your your reward at Guild Management Officer-Starglade

Quest Reward:
1.Guild Progress + 10
2.Guild contribution +10
3. Honor +250
4. Bronze Honor Badge x12

1.If you are unable to finish the quest when the battle ground closes, you can always continue it next time.
2. Put your extra resources into your vault.
3.If u havent reclaimed reward,you can still enter the battle field and collect resources help guild or stack on ressources.

For more Information in-game:



Explanation of the actual event:

You go to the guild management officer in Starglade (up and right from the king)
Then you purchase a ticket to enter and then talk to him again and enter

once in you are in PK mode so you can kill other people and they can kill you.
There are resources all around and you will notice in your quest list or quest tracker you have to get X-number of the 4 resources.
you’ll need to get:
purple crystaloid
black rice
tripoco fruit
winter grass

If you get attacked: you can either fight back or run away. Most people can’t keep up and will give up, especially if you use a mount. No one wants to waste time following you.
If someone does follow you, you can just zone back to town.

if you die: some of your resources will be dropped (don’t worry, you can’t lose equipment. just the 4 resources for the quest)

Conserve your resources: You can warp back and forth between town and the instance and store your resources in your vault. That way if you die you don’t lose all your resources.

Once you have enough resources go back to the guild management officer and complete the quests

goodluck :]

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