Crystal Saga DragonSpine Event and Dragon Sword Guide

Crystal Saga DragonSpine Event and Dragon Sword Guide by ediejohnny

Alright, I’m here again!
Now, I’ll teach you how to play DragonSpine and get the awesome weapon Dragon Sword.

The DragonSpine event starts at 2:00pm and 5:00pm (server time). Don’t come later!

You can participate this event by talking to General Khran, see:

When you enter, go fast to the middle of map, Dragon Sword is there, and all your enemies are there too, take care.

Now, buy some Healing Flasks, to be alive.

Put your Hellfire on a Horseback title, you gain +10 movement speed, so you can go to the middle faster, it will be helpful.

When you are in the middle, try to grab the sword, if you have AoE skills, spell it AT the sword, so no one will grab the sword.

Use your Healing Flasks and try to grab it fast, its only about 3 seconds to do it.

If you got the Dragon Sword, you’ll receive a 3 minutes buff and you will receive an special aura, at this point, your stats go up and your HP too. Now, take care, EVERYBODY will try to kill you, but don’t worry, just run around the map, kill some people that takes much damage to you and continue using Healing Flasks. When the buff over, you can get out of the map.

Congrats, at this point you will receive the awesome Dragon Sword for 24 hours and 1x Gold Honor Badge.


  • ONLY leaves map WHEN the 3 minutes buff is over, or you won’t get the Dragon Sword.
  • When you die, try to go to the middle as fast as you can and use your AoE skills at the sword.
  • When you got DragonSword and the 3 minutes buff, run fast around the map.
  • Be friendly with others, don’t kill people with it and just have fun!

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