Conquest of Thrones Getting Pet Boar Guide

Conquest of Thrones Getting Pet Boar Guide by COTGM01

Step 1:Accept the quest ‘Taming Your Pet Boar LV1’ and click the Facebook button at the top of the screen.

Step2: Click Facebook Button:

When the pop-up window appears asking you to confirm click ‘accept’ and follow the link to login to your Facebook profile.
After logging in you should notice this Screen:

Step3: refresh ‘Conquest of Thrones’ in your internet browser and then Click Accept.

If this is the first time you have liked ‘Conquest of Thrones’ on Facebook then you should notice a Pet Voucher in your inventory.

Step 4:After you obtain the Pet Voucher please reach level 5 and speak with the Events Ambassador mentioned in the quest.  The quest should present you with a clickable link that will take you to the Fruit General NPC.

Then you will get a Fantastic Pet in your bag. Just click this Fantastic Pet, you will get the FREE Pet Boar!

Note: Only one pet voucher will be sent per Facebook account
“I Liked ‘Conquest of Thrones’ on Facebook but have still not received my Pet Voucher?”
Please Refresh your browser and the Voucher should show up in your inventory.

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