Conquest of Thrones Anti Hacking and Phishing Suggestions

Conquest of Thrones Anti Hacking and Phishing Suggestions by Ciu-Ciu

Dear CoT players,

due to the latest phishing / account hacking issue, I thought that some players need to know about HOW to make a very secure password and HOW to detect a fake link or site what could steal value information of players.
This guide is about this two HOW issues!!
I know that is to much to read and also that lots of YOU will just read 2-3 phrases and ignore the rest, but this post is for your benefit and not for those who already know.

How to make a secure password?
I will answer with an example (please DO NOT use this example password for your accounts):
– first of all, think of a sentence/phrase, like:
Today I didn’t had any kind of war in Conquest of Thrones
– as you can see, the sentence is kinda to long for a password, what can we do? Simple, we cut, tape, stick, replace and shorten the sentence… well.. we really not tape or stick , but, we can do it like:
2day I didn’t had any kind of war in CoT => 2dayIdidn’thadanykindofwarinCoT well… it kinda looks ok, but…
– this sentence can be make much more complicated and much easier to hackers to miss tape it, like:
2day1d1dnth@dAnykInd0Fw@rn6T  … hm… does this looks like a password? Of course it does, is this secure? Let’s find out fast at this password meter. Well it got 100% score and is very secure!

As you can see, it’s very easy to make a strong, very strong password. Of course you can make it much complicated or harder to guess, I could even play more with that sentence, like:
from 2day1d1dnth@dAnykInd0Fw@rn6T to 2day|d1d||th@dAny| yes it’s longer but it’s more confusing to hackers to guess it.

Try it out, make a secure password, just try to not miss tape it to many time cos some sites will temporarily ban you.

How to identify a fake link or site?
Well I will speak of my experience, so you all might have a different opinion from mine.
Most of players when they see something good they very fast fall into others traps. Remember that everything what is TO GOOD might always be a lie, trap, scam. What is to do so that we don’t fall so easily? Well you must investigate it and when you found it and have prove you rapport it  to the right authority and let them deal with the situation!
I games lots of players try the easy way to gain power, and this means they lie, they scam, they steal (you name it). If you get in chat, mail, inbox a link from a player and you are not sure if it is real or not, you start the investigation where the first thing is to see if that link is real or fake but you DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK, you never click any link that you don’t know, never ever!! At this case you ask in chat, ask a GM (if they are online), ask a GM helper, check forums, if you find a negative response, better is just ignore that link; if you are still interested, you better copy that link and ask on forum where all players can see it and answer you back, but I repeat myself again NEVER-EVER click the link.
You also can check if the link contains the game official site in his root, how? here is a simple example:
A. … &extra;=page%3D1
B. … &extra;=page%3D1

which of the 2 links are original? Well we know that is the official site in this case, do we have this in the root of the 2 links? Well the A. it really has but in B. there is missing the number “2” from now2play, so it is fake! (rapport to the right authority such case)
Also remember that game masters (GM) or any person who represent the X game (be those even moderators) will never ask players to give away vital information about their account (what e-mail, what password, what ID and so on) ‘cos they already know (just to clear things out, in this CoT case, only GM knows this vital information!!!! us simple moderators do not have such information ‘cos we are simple players like anyone of you).

TO KNOWabout GM’s and staff who represent the X game
– never ask passwords, ID, e-mails
– never ask players to click on other sites then the game that they represint
– never sell game items (be that gear, pets, coins) to players except via in game MALL (in this CoT game via SHOP)
– never give players fake information!!

Please be aware of scammers, hackers, all kind of players that ask you vital information in game (mail, password, things that could give away your e-mail password*).

Also please make a rule of “DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK” what looks to good to be true!

I wish you all fun in this game, play safe, rapport the scammers to the rightful department.


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