Carte TCG Kaideron (Black) Mill Deck Guide

Carte TCG Kaideron (Black) Mill Deck Guide by gmler

Kaideron mill is a control deck that tries to win by reducing opponents deck to 0 cards. The deck tries to achieve that by using a combination of removal to slow down the opponent and mill to speed up the decking process. Large portion of this deck’s mill is creature based, which mill the opponent and trade with enemy attackers. The deck aims to finish the game between turns 20-30.

Some math:
Decks start with 60 cards (after hero and tarots are removed).
You start with Violette with her -6 cards ability (54 cards left)
By turn 20 opponent drew 10 cards at start of every turn (44 cards left).
By turn 20 your opponent played 10 shards (34 cards left)

So this means that you only need to actually mill around ~34 cards. This is actually pretty doable.

Sample Deck List


The Fool
The Hanged Man
The Hermit
The Lovers

18- Ritual

4- Shadow Stalker
4- Skeleton Cavalry
4- Skeleton Soldier
4- Abyssal Succubus
4- Succubus
4- Incubus
1- Skeleton Knight
1- Agares
1- Lord of Darkness

1- Cursed Chalice

3- Harsh Torture
4- Chain Of Ruin
1- Contract with Devil
1- Darkest Shadow
1- Landfall
2- Scream of Ghost

2- Trick of Night-hag

Deck Notes: (this is my actual list, it is NOT COMPLETE at this time)

-The Fool is your best tarot, use it early to net you 8-9 cards
-The Hermit reduces their deck by 3 and gives you 3 more cards to mill them with
-The other two i’m using because i like everything else even less.

– The die and mill 2 creatures are self explanatory.
– Skeleton Soldier is as good as he looks if left unchecked even for 2-3 turns. The problem is you have a very hard time protecting him.
– I have not been too impressed with Abyssal Succubus, having to play them as attackers and being an X/1 can be a big drawback, but they do give u 2 guaranteed cards.
– Succubus on the other hand is an MVP, having a creature with 3 toughness is a really big deal. One of the best blockers you have.
– Skeleton Knight is a good curve topper that also mills them, again 3 toughness is big.
– Agares and Lord of Darkness are just filler curve toppers, I play them because I need some big creatures for the long game. I will change them for Skeleton Knights once i get some more.

– Cursed chalice should be a 4 of I just don’t have any more at this time.

– I only have 3 harsh tortures, but I don’t think I actually want any more. I do like the 3 I have as they let me slow down most aggressive starts from opponents.
– Chain of Ruin is self explanatory.
-Contract with Devil is there to make up for my lack of some key cards. Sacrificing a creature is a very steep cost for this deck.
-Darkest Shadow is a good removal spell, the life cost is steep so I’m not sure if I want any more then 1-2
-Landfall is a new card i’m testing. I’m hoping to get 4 of them. This deck is great at attrition wars, but against decks packing lots of top end creatures it can run out of steam towards the end. Most of my loses come from opponent sticking 1 high end attacker that I can’t deal with. This will let me move them to their defense zone where they are no threat to me.
-Scream of Ghost is there against the green swarm and black vampire decks. The problem is that this also kills most of my own creatures. I’m thinking of going down to 0-1 copies as green is not very popular and I have other answers to vampire decks.

-Trick of Night-hag is a better scream of ghosts against the decks that you really want scream of ghosts against. The problem is that it is dead against all the other decks. A 2-1 split between this and Scream will probably be reasonable once I finish this deck.

Match Breakdowns:

Green Swarm:
Should not be a problem, you have enough early plays to slow them down until you can wipe the board. Don’t be afraid to trade of creatures to prevent them from building up a massive force until you are ready to deal with it.

Black Vampire:
The deck tries to build up a massive vampire in defense zone and then sack it to make a massive swarm of mummies. Trade off creatures, and don’t be afraid to run your creatures in to the vampire to slow down his build up. Always have a few defenders in case opponent decides to play a big vampire in attack zone. Night hag, Scream and hanged man should keep you safe from the swarm. You can also use your hero to reduce their AP once opponent goes for it, just remember that some decks run the “sac creature to give +1 ap to all your creatures card, so this should only be used as final resort.

Red Aggro:
The deck is really not a problem, as you have enough early creatures to slow him down. Harsh torture is the MVP of this match. Treat Night-hag as a mana card, as it is absolutely dead in this match up. I found it pays of to be aggressive, kill of his high ap creatures and attack in to his hero. This forces him to play defensive creatures or still give you the trades that you want but now you get free damage in on his hero. You will just as often kill him with damage as with mill. If you don’t hurt his hero, then he will start picking of your creatures with equipment causing you all sorts of problems.

White Clerics:
As this deck currently stands, this match up is horrendous. It starts of well, but eventually you both end up in top deck mode. The problem is that he will eventually top deck a 5-6 drop that you don’t have a way to deal with. Their deck is a few turns faster then yours assuming reasonable draws. Basically this deck needs a few good ways to deal with high level attackers to give you the turns you need to finish decking them. This is where landfall comes in. Being able to neutralize their bombs by moving them to defense should give you the time you need to finish decking them.

Blue Blast:
I have not faced one yet so can’t give a fair assessment

Final Words:
I’ve been playing this deck in duels, and found that outside of white clerics this deck wins most of its matches. I would not take this deck to a tourney until I get a reasonable game plan against white, but against every other deck I’ve been winning 8/10 matches.

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