Carte TCG Easy Golem Raid Strategy Guide

Carte TCG Easy Golem Raid Strategy Guide by Healusion

Hi everyone !

I wanted to create a post which contains the tips and tricks of experienced players who succeeded to beast those bad golems !

Even if it is called “easy”, it is not at all if you do not have the inital strategy ! For my first game, my mate got one shotted, and we just said ” WHOOO :/”

First things to know :
– The Hero has 60 HP and you can’t attack him. He loses 10 HP each time a golem dies.
– He has golems (1 then 2 then 3 ), which are 25AP/25HP. Each turn they win 1 HP, and when they die, they do 2/3 damages to all your creatures (prepare it !).

The strategy :
– Get 4 Healers in your deck ! You’ll need them !
– Try to not use any cards who make you loose life!
– This game is fully oriented on : spamming creatures, buff their AP, and got each turn 2 defenders.
– You need High AP creatures, HP are useless here since the Golem has 25 AP, so focus on creatures like 3/1 4/1 5/1 ! ! ! ! ! => Aspire !
– A good player recommended me to add a Devil’s play and Death tarot card, to kill one the the three golems, which helps a lot.

Ok, so don’t forget : Healers, High AP cards, spam them, do not lose life with cards, and THE MOST IMPORTANT, you need teamplay you need communication with others! They are your mates, your brothers, fight together In order to not loose 40 minutes in pain and loose, keep 5 minutes to check everyone’s decks and your knowledges before starting !

Here is my little experience and it is obvious that there is better so tell us the best you found, share it to the world ! ! ! I’m sure that this first raid will become soooo easy in the next weeks, but for the first day, it hurted a lot !

Come on and share your wins !


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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw this strategy first from some asian guys (surprise =D ), and seemed really solid:
    Similar to the one with Aspire creatures, but with Vampires instead. You can boost up the little creatures, then feed them to the Vamp, creating a tough monster who can deal with 1 or even 2 golems herself.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It can be easily done using only Basic cards. Play Saike, put in 4 Little Angels and 4 Unicorns for consistent buffing and healing, and play either Errant Warrior (from Aspire) and/or Royal Mage (also Aspire). Add blockers and anything else that heals that you have room for in your deck.
    Only block, buff (and heal your heroes) until you have buffed your Errant Warriors to 25 AP and 25 HP. Then you can easily kill all enemy creatures directly after they spawn. 3 fully buffed Errant Warriors are all you need. This strategy consistently wins after about 30-35 turns. Enjoy!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Put the Magic Card "Cruel Dispear" x 2 in our Deck … Max Round 12 is the Raid Boss dead

  4. Anonymous says:

    we got a better strat :)
    2 supports (mostly white with a few red that buffs up ally items stats) and one red, who actually just build up his items.angelic shield and rusty iron sword. in around 20 turns, i had a hero, that was able to attack for 25 dmg with 13 SP, so he could EASLY attack one of em without consequences. why is this strat better? easy – because you build it up while only 1 of the "bosses" are up. So you won't hve problems shielding against 2 or even 3 of em at the same time.

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