Carte TCG Blue Archan Anti Green Deck Guide

Carte TCG Blue Archan Anti Green Deck Guide by avl8

With so many green “spirit”-spam decks around Ive got a nice Archan deck to discuss with you.
A long time M:tG player, I love the power of recursive madness. A madness around In-coming effect cards that Archan provides us.

Heres my deck and my 5 cents about it. Feel free to provide a constructive feedback and destructive trolling!

Hero: Melina Emmons
18 hp
5: deal 1 damage to every oppenent’ creature in attack zone
6: deal 2 damage to enemy hero

– shes a best anti-rush Archan hero at the moment. She eats those x/1 creatures for breakfast once you got her some mana. And she got 18 hp that’s pretty average for a mage.


The hanged man – 7: move all creatures to opposing zone. Those rushers always make you put a strong blockers. Then you change sides and they’re gone. Nice tarot for a control/recursive deck imho.

The high priestess – 3: turn all creatures with level 5 or less to its original size. You’ll see why she’s a cute tarot for my deck!

The lovers – 3: each player gets 4 hp. Every control deck must have it.

The magician – 1: give shifter to all creatures. Works like mass-bouncer and gives you an edge versus fat creatures. No drawbacks for the deck at the same time.


Wisdom x10
Land of secrets x4 – bounces lvl 1 to defense side, essential shard for control decks

14 shards, mmm – dont know if we need more. Any ideas?

Core creatures:

Otherside Looter x4 – gives you a huge card advantage over time. If you make him going through you simply win.
Praetor x4 – makes a recursion possible, 2 of them can hold 1/x attackers forever by refreshing. Simply imbalanced creature with all other “when it comes, deal damage”-ones.
Pawn of Carla x3 – blows every blocker out by giving human bombs to those little terrorists.
Alchemist x4 – bread and butter of every competitive Archan deck. Both good with Pawn and Praetor. You can even clone some for better results!
Phantasm x4 – its a pure card advantage basic card! This one has 4 tougthness for 4 mana – and its best Archan blocker in a current metagame mana-wise. You always trade him for 2+ attackers simply because its phat and cheap!
Little witch x4 – little terrorists are great! They push opponent early, then they burst down some blocker, then they go and blow themselves due to Pawn. Awesome!
Apprentice witch x4 – another little terrorist that burst down blockers/attackers and can do some suicide runs due to the Pawn.
Steam armored car x4 – nice beater/nice blocker – and you can bounce him in/out with Praetor and pawn!

Other creatures:

Jeweller x2 – this one Im experimenting with atm. Comes early, morphs into 3/3 with some bonuses later. Then goes back into original form ones damaged. Mb i should add Phantasm’ mage x2 for more Phantasm action/advantage?
Meltmancer x2 – with all that nasty lvl 3 accessories around having 3/3 “disenchanter”-creatuer is a must imho. Bad news you cant put their weapons once she comes in. Good news she’s fat and aggressive 3/3 for 4 mana.

35 creatuers. Mb I should extract some for more direct spells or traps?


Flame blast x4 – nice direct damage that puts down all that “when this creatuer dies in combat, put 100500 spirit into your attack zone”.
Clone experiment x4 – you need more that Praetor/Pawn/Alchemist combos! Clone em on opponent turn, put in on yours! And yes, you can clone every creature in this deck!
Word of denial x3 – you need some counters versus all that terrible spells that hurt you otherwise. Bad news: you need to save 2 mana for it. Good news – its better than suffer from “put 100500 spirits into attacking zone” or “all creatuers -1/-1 until end of turn”. And finally you gotta save some mana anyway for your little witches and apprentices!

11 spells, mb some more direct damage instead of creatures? Need your advise!

Basic strategy/Pros:

You put some early pressure with witches. Then you put down Looter and clear his way by direct damage. Then you get card advantage and re-use your creatuers for the win.
Every little creature with Pawn or Praetor can deal nasty damage to either opposing attacker or blocker.
Vs rush you put down Phantasm/Pawn combo – and quickly clear the table with suicide runners.


Angel with blitz can pwn you badly – theres no shields vs continues 4/3 angel spam buffed by toughness gain.
Ultra fast red rush can eat you if you lack phantasms early.
Phat black creatures can eat you alive with continual removal and recursing of nasty pale-moons.

But more important thing is – you really eat those green-spirit decks for a breakfast with my deck. Most of their creatures will die by direct damage – and 1st hero’ skill prevents Green mages from spawning more spirits/ x/1 creatures in their attack zone.

Other ideas:

Ive tested healer x4 and nurse of senote x4 inside this deck. Both Saike creatures are nice addition to the strategy. But you lack deck slots for core creatures if you use either healer or nurse. Still dont know if its worth adding them.
As well as I dont know what creatures from other faction can strenghten this deck. Do you know any?

Melina Emmons is cute, isnt she?

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