Carte TCG Beginner’s How To Play Basic Guide

Carte TCG Beginner’s How To Play Basic Guide by delimiter

Carte is a card game in which each card in your deck can be used either as a resource to play other cards, or for a special effect that will help you win the game.

You are represented by your Hero card. Your goal is to reduce your opponent’s Hero to 0 HP (hit points) or less. You lose the game if your Hero is reduced to 0 HP or less. Generally, the best way to reduce the opposing Hero’s HP is to attack it with creature cards.

At the beginning of the game, your deck is shuffled and you draw 7 cards from the top into your hand. Each turn, you may put one card from your hand into your Mana zone. Cards in your Mana zone provide Mana, the resource you use to play cards from your hand.

Each card has a Level, represented by the orange dots along its top border. To play a card, you must pay Mana equal to its level. The exceptions are Shard cards, which can be placed into the Shard zone for free and will add to your Mana on your next turn. It is usually a good idea to play a Shard instead of putting a card into your Mana zone.

Place cards into your Mana or Shard zone until you have enough Mana to play your cards. Your Mana refills at the beginning of each of your turns, so you can play any cards you can afford each turn.

Place creatures into the Attack Zone to be able to attack your opponent and reduce their HP. Creatures can’t attack on the turn you play them, but on later turns you can click the creature and choose “Attack” to attack with them. Place creatures in the Defense Zone to use them to defend your Hero or other creatures from attacks. Attacking and defending well are the keys to success in Carte!

Other cards, such as Trap, Magic, and Item cards can help you achieve victory by improving your creatures or Hero, damaging your opponent’s creatures or Hero, or other effects. Trap and Magic cards can only take effect once, but Item cards stay in play and you can use their effect every turn.

When choosing your deck, try out each of the starter decks to get a feel for each nation. Each nation has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Aspire – Red – High AP, aggressive creatures, strong items.
Kaideron – Purple – Balanced creatures, weakens enemies.
Sierrion – Green – Many small creatures, extra mana, strengthens own creatures.
Saike – White – Specialized offensive or defensive creatures, life gaining.
Archan – Blue – Magic damage, card drawing, weak creatures.

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