Bounty Hounds Online Tactical Device Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Tactical Device Guide by Xairam

The Tactical Device is a special feature that allows you to program select macros for different features. These features range fro simple Auto-Potion use to Auto-Attacking monsters and selective auto looting.

Acquisition & Unlocking Tactical Device

You will be able to acquire the Tactical Device option when you finish the mission [10] Force Strike and use the [Tactical Device Activation Chip] item provided. This will unlock the very first functions of the Tactical Device which allows you to use macros to control your CTUs skills.

The remaining functions become accessible after you finish the mission [30] Sewers and use the [Tactical Device Core Controller] item provided.

Both the [Tactical Device Activation Chip] and [Tactical Device Core Controller appear as the icon below in your item bag.

Posted Image

Tactical Device Overview

You will be able to open your Tactical Device by clicking on the button located on your radar found on the upper right corner of the screen.

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This icon will be static when the tactical Device is [off], and spinning if it is [on].

Clicking on the icon, will bring up the Tactical Device interface:
Posted Image

[ A ] Indicates the 4 functions of the Tactical Device.

[ B ] Indicates the amount of Energy the tactical Device has, its energy consumption
per minute, and its available operation time.

[ C ] Opens up the Tactical Device to allow setup of its various functions.

The Tactical Device has 4 major functions:

Use CTU Skills
Allows you to setup a macro that automatically uses selected CTU skills.

Use Character Skills
Allows you to setup a macro that automatically uses selected character skills to attack monsters within desired range of your character.

Use Items
Allows you to setup a macro which controls both your character and the CTU’s item consumption (e.g. potions)

Use Persistent Status Effect
Allows you to setup a macro for your character to use skills or items to maintain desired buff whenever its duration runs out.

The Tactical Device has a maximum energy capacity of 4,800. Each of its 4 functions consume 10 energy/minute when turned on. The more functions you turn on, the higher the Per-Minute energy requirement of the Tactical Device. The total operational time of the Tactical Device shows how long it will function in minutes with the chosen functions turned on.

Tactical Device Setup

To begin Tactical Device setup, click on [Settings] on the Tactical Device interface.

The first tab, [Items] deals with item consumption at a given HP/SP level of the character or CTU. The use of Tactical Device energy recharging items once the energy reaches a certain percentage.

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[ A ] The different conditions in which a player, or CTU will use an item. Use the [<] and [>] to select the desired percentage when a character will use an item.

[ B ] Drag and drop items from your bag into the slots. The Device will automatically use those items for you when the HP/SP/En drops below the specified percentage. Items are used in priority from left to right.

[ C ] Works just like potion use, but this one deals with the Tactical Device’s energy. This item will automatically use special Tactical Device recharging items when its energy drops below the indicated percentage.

[Character Skills] Tab deals with macros that let your character use skills in sequence on monsters within your desired range of attack.

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[ A ] Drag and drop skills from your Skill Menu [K] into the slots. The macro will use your desired skill in left to right priority for the situations chosen. First attack is the opening skill used per monster, while Regular attack are the skills the will constantly be used upon cooldown on the monster. Abnormal effect deals with crowd control skills, and the lowest row is used for healing/recovery skills when HP drops below the listed percentage.[ B ] Kind of resurrection you want your character to use upon death, and max limit for using paid resurrection.

[ C ] Character will attack any monster with the chosen range of your character.

[CTU] Tab functions similarly as the Character Skills Tab, but deals with CTU controls instead.

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[ A ] Drag and drop skill from your CTU Screen [P] into the slots. The macro will use the chosen skills in left to right priority depending on the chosen situation.[ B ] Enable for CTU to automatically transform when its Tactical Energy is full.

[Persistent] Tab deals with buff, both skill and item based.

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Drag and drop desired skill or item buff into the available slots. The macro will automatically use the buff skills or items once the buff has expired.

[Authorisation] This is a special tab that has function that can be used for free provided any of the 4 major functions are enabled.

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[ A ] Turning this on enables auto-loot, where the character will automatically pick up any loot which he is allowed to take. The feature also allows for auto-drop of loot. Simply drag the items you want dropped into the available slots, and the macro will discard those items from your bag whenever you pick them up.[ B ] Enabling this feature allows your Tactical Device to make Emporium purchases for you. Simply drag the Emporium items you want into the available slots, and the device will purchase them once it has detected you only have 1 left in the bag. Purchases are done in left to right priority depending on how many [Diamonds] you have left.

Tactical Device Usage

To use the Tactical Device, check the desired functions you want to use, edit them in settings, and hit start.
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Players can still override the Tactical Device to some degree while it is on. You can still chat freely, and if the device has not started attacking a monster, you can still command your character to harvest nearby crafting material nodes.

You can also manually select targets you want your character to use its macro’d skills on.

The Tactical Device automatically switches off when it is out of energy, or you can just click stop to turn the Tactical Device off.

Tactical Device Recharging

Once your Tactical Device has run out of energy, you will need to recharge it before you can use it again.

There are two ways to recharge your Tactical Device:

1.) Use a [Tactical Device Energiser] normally found in the Emporium. Restore 480 energy for each use. You need to use 10 of these to recharge the device to full.

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2.) Go back to PMC HQ and head for the Tactical Device Recovery room and stand on any of the 2 elevated platforms. Recharging to full takes 8 hours. Your character must be logged in, standing on the platform for the Device to recharge. Leaving the platform or disconnecting from the game causes the recharging to stop.

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