Bounty Hounds Online Quest Stuck At Level Solutions (PH)

Bounty Hounds Online Quest Stuck At Level Solutions (PH) by Xairam

“Wala na Quest at Lv. 14; Stuck at lv. 14.”
• Open Mission Log [L]
• Look for Failed Quests
• Click on them
• Click Abandon
• Get the Quest again from NPC
NOTE: Most Failed Quests at this level are Escort Quests. Quests with Time Limits are usually escort quests. Look for the green monster NPC wants you to protect and make sure you don’t stay too far away from them.

“Wala na quest for Lv. 19; Stuck at Lv. 19”

• Go to Alex
• Look at floor, look for Videocaster
• Click/Talk to Videocaster
• This will unlock a quest chain which will help you get to level 20.

“Ano po gagawin sa “X” Quest”

• Click on Quest Name
• Read Quest Objective
• Check Bag for items you NEED TO USE ON THE SPOT OF QUEST

“Pano upgrade CTU; Pakapalin Armor; Evolve; Ibahin Itsura”

• Open CTU Page [P]
• Look for Mod Lvl and Mod Max
• Mod Lvl current stats ng CTU based sa modifications nya
• Mod Max is max na pwede abutin nung stats
• CTU Appearance or Armor Rating (upper right ng CTU Page) is dependant on how close your Mod Lvl is to Mod Max

“Pano upgrade CTU”

• Open CTU Page [P]
• Click modification (button below)
• Look for “Choose a modifier”
• Pick your mod choice (Thunderbolt, Ironback, Steelblade Mod)
• Pick amount to use
• Click Start
• NOTE: Upgrade is a 50/50 chance regardless of how high or low your CTU upgrade is.

“Pano Magpalit CTU”

• Open CTU Page [P]
• Unsummon/Deactivate CTU (2nd button on side skillbar)
• Click on the boxes found on lower part of page. (The one beside locked boxes)

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