Bounty Hounds Online New Player’s Guide

Bounty Hounds Online New Player’s Guide by Mike Cosgrove

This guide was written with the intention of helping a basic newbie to understand the Bounty Hunter Online game and its basic game mechanics. Furthermore, it is intended to be a good stand in for the help manual for some of the more commonly asked questions until the in-game version is working properly.

Part 1 – Classes and Factions

There are 5 different classes to pick from and 4 different factions (which are called PMC’s in game) to choose from. Please be aware that if you want to play with friends it is VERY IMPORTANT to pick the same faction as your friends – otherwise you will be unable to party/play with your friends!

Trooper – Off Tank/DPS Hybrid (Primary Weapon: Melee?)

The Trooper is a “Captain” like character – he has good melee attacks and can work as an off tank if the main tank needs to cool off for a while.

Artillery – Nuker/AOE DPS (Primary Weapon: Ranged)

The Artillery is your Long Range DPS – Amazing damage output and tons of AOE skills.

Scientist – Tank (Primary Weapon: Melee)

The Scientist is your Tank – He utilizes defensive buffs and melee attacks to keep the enemy focused.

Bioengineer – Healer / Buffer (Primary Weapon: Ranged)

The bioengineer is your typical healer. Healing in this game is a bit more challenging than in other games so you might need to practice using this character a bit more than you would for other healers.

Agent – Rogue / Single Target DPS (Primary Weapon: Melee)

High Evasion, Amazing Melee Damage, and a few DOTS (Damage over Time) make the Agent efficient at killing single targets quickly

Common Class Questions:

Q: What stats do I put points into?

A: As for now, nobody knows what can be considered “best”. However, generally:
Trooper: Power and Stamina are required for damage and tanking.
Artillery: Accuracy is extremely important for your long ranged weaponry.
Scientist: Power and Stamina with emphasis on Stamina for tanking
Bioengineer: Will is extremely important for your heals
Agent: Evasion and Power with emphasis on Evasion for Dodging or Power for more DPS

Q: What skills should I get?

A: As for now, nobody really knows what is “best”. Try out builds and report in how they work!

Part 2 – Missions

There are three kinds of missions: Daily Missions, Storyline Missions, and Garden Variety Missions. Because monsters give a low amount of exp per kill, missions are the only way to gain exp in meaningful amounts.

Daily Missions (Blue exclamation mark on the map) are repeatable missions that can be only be completed once every day. It is unknown if there is a specific time they “reset” to become available or if there is an individual timer on every mission that counts down 24 hours after you complete it.

Storyline Missions (Red exclamation mark on the map) are critical missions that must be completed to advance the storyline of your character. Typically these missions also unlock other missions when they are completed.

Other Missions (Orange exclamation mark on the map) are missions that don’t fall into the other categories – these are just your standard fare MMO missions. Fetch Quests, Escort Quests, Kill/Loot Quests are the norm here.

Another thing to note is, that on Quests that aren’t Daily Missions you can click on the mission info in the marked mission area(ie: Kill Bad Guys 0/20) and your character will auto travel directly to their general spawn area. This can also be used to travel to the person to hand it in when you are done.

Common Quest Questions:

Q: Help I have no more quests to do and I need to level up, what do I do?!

A: Find Repeatable quests and start grinding. There should be a large number of repeatable quests so that you hit your next level up well before they run out. NOTE: If you fail a quest (Escort quests are common to do this in) you need to abandon it first before you can take it again. Press the L key to open up the Quest Menu. Find your quest, click on it, and press the “abandon” button on the bottom. Your quest should be available from the person who gives it now.

Part 3- CTU’s (Pets)

CTU’s are customizable pets that follow you around in this game. There are three main versions that exist – Melee, Assault, and Defense. Hopefully you can figure out from the names what each pet specializes in. Pets are an important part of your ability as a character so think carefully for what you want your pet to do before investing time and resources into it.

Common CTU Questions:

Q: How do I use my pet?

A: All pets start off as a CTU core in your inventory. You need to double click on it to turn it into a useable CTU in your CTU Menu (P button)

Q: How do I paint my pet?

A: In the CTU menu, click on the “paint” button and then select your color and hit Confirm. This requires 1 CTU Paint Kit Item in your inventory

Q: How do I dissemble my pet?

A: In the CTU Menu, click on the “Dissemble” button. Higher Level pets give greater rewards when dissembled. These rewards can be used to strengthen other pets

Q: What is Specialization?

A: When your pet hits level 20 the “Specialization” button will be available. This allows your pet to grow in strength and specialize further in its abilities. Specialization requires specialization points which can be obtained from the Level 30 Lottery or from mission rewards as an item. You need to use this item and have the pet you want to receive the specialization points as your active pet for that pet to get the points.

Q: What pet is best for what class?

A: No Pet is best for any class, as far as anybody knows. Pets are force multipliers, not armies themselves. Tanky characters can benefit from an assault pet to help with DPS while at the same time the same character can benefit from the defensive pet to help with the tanking. It is 100% up to you what you do with your pet, and until more information is obtained on how effective they are with each class, do whatever you want!

Part 4 – The Interface

1 – This is you! The top bar represents your shields, which has a modestly fast recharge and is based off of Will. The middle orange bar is your HP bar and is based off of Stamina. The bottom bar is your SP bar which is used for any kind of skills and is based off of Will.
2- The HP/SP for your pet and any party members are displayed here. Any of their debuffs/buffs are also displayed here
3 – The enemy you currently have targeted and its Shield/HP/SP
4 – Shows what the enemy you have targeted is currently targeting, and how much health it has left – Very helpful for tanks and healers!

The chat bar! Click on any of those bottom buttons to change who can see your text. Please note that the PMC chat requires PMC speakers that you can pick up as a Daily Mission in PMC headquarters.
Also note that any vender trash item comes up as yellow text in the chat window. Anything useful is in green, and rare equips have their own color scheme as well.(So far it goes Green, Blue, Purple, Red with Red being most rare).

1 – Your skill bar. The small lock icon allows you to lock the skill bar so you can’t accidently move the skills around. The small Orange gauge labeled EXP is your EXP bar. Note: F1 is always the attack command
2 – This is your Class Level bar. Your class level goes up a lot slower than your base level because of how much more EXP (around 2x) your class level requires. So far all quests give the same amount of EXP for Base and Class, so expect your class level to always be half of your base level.
3 – Your Pets skill bar. The red gauge that goes up to 300 is your pet’s tactical energy bar. When fully charged you pet can go into War mode and unleash its devastating ultra-move. While in War Mode the red gauge goes down over time. Every time your pet auto attacks the gauge goes up by 5. Note: F1 is always the command to make your pet attack your target and F2 is always the command to make it enter War mode. F10 is always the “auto attack” selector, which determines if your pet will auto attack the same target you attack all the time or not.
4- Your pets EXP bar. A pets level cannot exceed your own and will stop 1 EXP short of leveling up if it would do so.

1 – This is where your current buffs and debuffs go. Hover over them to get more detailed information. Note: As of Closed Beta not all buffs are currently translated and the timers on some of them don’t work properly. Don’t be scared to see moon runes on some of them!
2 – Your minimap area that contains multiple buttons that allow abilities that are currently locked because they require cash shop currency. Of note is the Glowing Red double digit number that denotes your current channel. Click on that will allow you to switch channels.
3 – Your Marked Quest information area. You can click on quest titles to re-read the quest info and click on monster names to head to their general area. This doesn’t work on Daily missions, remember.
4 – Your Quick action bar, 100% customizable. You can drag and drop any actions from the “Other Functions” Menu found in the system button in the lower right to here for quick and easy access. I’ve added the Calendar and Warp button to mine because I use them often.

Part 5 – Gangs and Gang Development

Gangs are the game’s guilds – groups of people under a common standard working for the greater guild. Any person can start a guild at level 20 for the cost of 9000 currency. A basic gang can only hold 6 members, which is the same size of a pull party.
Once you join a gang, you will receive the option to do daily quests from the gang NPCs in Solaria. These quests are the only known way to receive important resources that your gang needs to grow. Some of these abilities do not work right now, but the important ones are functional (such as increasing member size, allowing a symbol next to your gang name, etc).
Wolfpacks are available at level 40 and since nobody has reached that level yet, nobody knows what exactly they do. They could possibly be bigger gangs, or a group of gangs allied together.

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