Bounty Hounds Online Login and Character Creation Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Login and Character Creation Guide by Xairam

The game will start with the login screen. Simply input your registered username, and your password. To reduce the risk of keylogging, you may use the mouse and the virtual keyboard on the screen to key in your password. The virtual keyboard shuffles the keys around for some degree of protection from eye loggers.

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After keying in your username and password, you may select the server you wish to play in. Server Name displays the list of active servers. Character indicates how many characters your account has in that server. Server capacity indicates the state of the server in terms of how many people are playing in it.

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Once you’ve selected a server you wish to play in, click COMFRIM.

Character Creation

After choosing your server, you will be brought to the character selection menu where you may choose which character you wish to play within the server.

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If you do not have characters yet in the server, click on any of the 3 blank slots on the upper right part of the character selection screen. Doing so will start up the character creation. After clicking a prompt will come up asking if you wish to create a character, just hit confirm to proceed.

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You start character creation by choosing the character class you wish to play from the upper right. There are 5 Character classes to choose from:

  • Soldier: All around fighter with an assortment of melee and ranged skills.
  • Gunner: Long ranged damage dealing specialist.
  • Sentinel: Close-Quarters fighter capable of taking a beating.
  • BioEngineer: Decent ranged fighter with healing and support skills.
  • Reaper: Masters of fast paced close combat.

Below the class selection, you may choose your characters gender by simply clicking on the appropriate symbol.

Once you’ve decided on your character class and gender, click NEXT to proceed with character customization.

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In character customization, you may choose your characters desired face, skin color, hair style, and hair color from the different options available found on the upper right.

Once you’ve decided on your characters look, input your desired character name on the field provided and click FINISH to complete character creation.


  • Only alphanumeric character names are allowed.
  • Character names are case sensitive.
  • Character name cannot exceed 15 characters.

Once you’ve finished creating your character, and/or chosen the one you wish to use, click on ENTER GAME to begin playing.

NOTE: By default you will be logged into channel 1 of your chosen server. In case the channel is full, you may select a channel with a light load from the right side of the screen before entering the game.

Experience, Stats and Skills

You will gain experience through defeating monsters and completing missions. There are several different experience types that you will be gaining in BHO.

Character Experience – Gaining class experience will give your character levels and stat points.
Class Experience – Gaining class experience will give your character more skill points.
CTU Experience – Your current CTU will also gain experience and level up accordingly, but it cannot be higher level than your character.

(Click on this icon to access your character stats)
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Will (WILL)
• Raises max Spirit Points
• Raises Spirit Recovery
• Raises max Shield
Power (STR)
• Raise Melee attack damage
• Raise Melee critical damage
• Raise block reduction
Accuracy (DEX)
• Raise range attack damage
• Raise range critical damage
Stamina (STA)
• Raise max Health Points
• Raise health recovery
• Raise defense
Reflexes (AGI)
• Raise critical chance
• Raise evasion bonus
• Raise block chance


(Click this icon to access your skill window)
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Skills allow your character to do additional things aside from moving and doing basic attacks. You can use shields to defend yourself, launch powerful explosive attacks, weaken your enemies, and many other things.

What skills are available to you will depend on what class you have selected. You will earn skill points and you will be able to select which skills you gain as you level your character.

Once you have acquired a new skill, you can drag it onto your action bar so that you can easily use it with the press of a key.

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