Bounty Hounds Online Level 30 Crafting Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Level 30 Crafting Guide by Teufelich

R&D; Crafting Guide

First the most asked question: “Should I level up my crafting now?”
My answer is: IF you are 25+ then yes, otherwise just level.

The second most asked question: “Can I make better gear than what I can buy or get from quests?”
My answer is yes, BUT if you are below 25 don’t bother you will level up to fast to need good gear yet.

Past that all other questions I have had will actually be answered in the following.
Keep in mind this is ONLY for closed beta. there are still translations and fixes that need to be done to the crafting system.

For example: BioEngineer and Agent both have gear in Helm, Shoulder, Armor, Boots and Greeves. Where as every other class has their own tab. This is also confusing on DA in respects to the same issue on recipes.

Crafting is Nice and very important at higher levels because you can make real good gear. Also if you want the level 30 “Uber weapon” or the nice DA armor set you have to craft them yourself.

for all level you need 2 key ingredients. Defected Ordinance Component(s) & Defected Armor Component(s). If you stock these up you will notice you will get 1 ordinance per 3 armor.
I covered some in my basic 1-25 guide on leveling but to recap:
Early stage you need glass fragments, flower extract and collect copper ore, All found in Wastelands.
To start make armor and disassemble it until you get no R&D; XP out of it any more.
Next craft Intro HP/SP syringes. You either have a huge stack of Vials or you can buy em. Either way push your R&D; with these they last past armor.
Next do weapons. Level 20 weapons are nice even if you are level 25. (don’t forget to disassemble them)

Next stages you need fiber and copper ore from Dipole Island. Don’t worry about the upgraded stims etc. They are nice, but I would not spend the time farming flower extract for these.
again, armor and weapons and Disassemble. Rinse repeat and keep it up.

Obviously once you hit level 30 you go into waterway, and there you get new stuff to farm etc, and expect it onwards.

What everyone WANTS TO KNOW

by level 9 you should be able to do your DA armor.
NO you do not get your DA armor recipes right away, you get them from DA.
Recipes are random drops. Any mob will give them.
Recipes will say like “Greaves (Artillery)” or such. Refer to above for glitch.
ALSO you will get boots, helms gauntlets etc as drops with purple names… these are key parts for your armor.
this is where you will need to hit DA over and over again because you may not see a recipe drop in 1 run, at same time I have seen up to 12 recipes in 1 run.

I can confirm that now there is not 1 set of DA armor for any class. I have made 2 different pairs of boots for my Bioengineer. I expect 2 for every piece, but not sure if they are limited to just 2 types.

The UBER level 30 weapon.
Ok you had a level 25 mission where you got to choose a weapon that had a purple name. If you did fortune smiles upon you.
at level 30 disassemble this weapon and grab your odd piece.
next make a Crit version of a level 30 weapon. (i recommend 7 crits of the weapon) save up enough copper and ordinance parts to try at least 7 times… and try to make your uber level 30 weapon.
you do not need 7 claws, mandibles etc. If you fail and get a purple version, disassemble it and you get your claw back, try again.

IF you did not get your purple level 25 weapon, OR you want a different one then you got a fight on your hands. there are 2 Map bosses in DI.
I call them Dino and Roach.
Dino drops pieces for ranged weapons.
Roach drops pieces for melee weapons.
Tested in team of farming a map boss we got 1 drop in 10 kills.
The scary number, the odd chance you are lucky, make a crit level 30 weapon in 1 try, kill a map boss and get the piece you need, and then make the RED crit level 30 weapon is a 1 in 9800 chance.

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