Bounty Hounds Online Cycle Missions Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Cycle Missions Guide by AssHarass


Cycle quests are the missions you can do as many times as you like and there are usually picked up at a NPC in groups of 4 missions at a time. This is useful for insignia farm for the corresponding zone (some require alot of completed quests but let you buy better devices/necklases/rings). These quests are done by defeating any mob in the zone and picking up their quest items. I have found some fast ways of completing this missions that I would like to share with you.

Shadow Sewers

I found that rotmund worms (lvl 1) drop the items for the cycle quests in this zone.
Here is a video tutorial on how to get it done quickly :

When you are lower than lvl 42 the spiders here will agro you but if you follow the exact route shown in the video you will lose agro near the right side wall of the big spider. Kill the big guy and when you are done or nearly done with him start spamming TAB+1 (change target + basic attack). Leave your tactical device on autoloot mode (all options unchecked but turned on – does not consume it’s energy).

Foggy Bay
My method here is not quite as fast as the one in sewers but it gives nice exp amounts. At certain places in this zone there are basically birds fighting crabs which you can take advantage of as shown in this video:

Basically you watch them fight from a distance and let your ranged CTU attack the bird (lvl 50) and autoattack the crab (lvl 45) once. I do it this way because my ranged damage is not as high as my CTUs damage. Maybe if you are a ranged class you can attack the bird and let your ctu attack the crab once. It’s a matter of what works best for your class and CTU types that you have. I leave it to you to find what is best for you, this is just an example of how it can be done. The trick is to get exp and items for both their deaths for which 1 single attack is enough (it does not even have to fully land – it can be dodge/block).

Closing Words

I have not yet been to Nightmare Prison but I imagine there are some cycle quests for us to explore there too.

Good luck out there !

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