Bounty Hounds Online Chemical Brawler Alternate Build Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Chemical Brawler Alternate Build Guide by Deiana

When I started to play I read the others build but no I have to share mine.
I don’t agree with the full stamina build. For leveling I advise the 2sta/1pw, it give enough attack and life to be able to go everywhere but your stuff is really important too.

At max lvl go for SI2 def type armour (Dictator), it’s impossible to go cambria with off type armour.
For weapon go for off type cestus, the ability is a mute during 12sec is usefull for secondary boss in all instances.

Once you have good stuff you can think about change your stats. I am now with 1pw/2ref, it give more block, evade and crit. (my melee atk value might seem low but I have both elemental weapon so there is 156 ice damage to add)

About skills:
I saw some say to add 6 points in Magnetic Frost gear, I prefer let it lvl1 and put theses points in Frost prediction system, giving 16% block instead of 8%. It’s easier to add melee atk with chip than block chance and block red.

Frost attack give a high dps aoe, helping a lot to keep aggro on a gunner and to kill many mobs alone.
The survival skill Ultra Frost Regeneration Mecanism is enough at lvl1. If you have to use it then your team is bad and even with the cooldown reduces to 3min, with bad team it’s way too long. Now i go in Cambria and never use it. I can stay alive with only a few pots.

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  1. This Is my Build in Bounty Hounds Philippines and its working great.. at first im a full stamina and then after i see ur guide and just try to test it.. i fucking owned :) thank you so much.. really help me alot.. i never rely anymore again from those roughtless selfcentered bio engeneers thank you and more power :)

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