Bounty Hounds Online Blood Invader Quest Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Blood Invader Quest Guide by Fuzzy7ogic

Hello Bounty’s

I know some of us when it comes on Blood Invader quest, we are trying to kill that i think boss or mini boss ^^, but actually you don’t really need to kill Blood Invader using your character or a party, here’s what i mean please follow my simple guide below with screenshots..

1st Step: Once you got the quest for “Blood Invader” please click the name of “Blood Invader” on your Quest Window to go on the Spot of Blood Invader, as you can see on my screenshots the highlighted Red rectangular box “Blood Invader 0/1” and “Hormone Injection 1/1”. (see screenshot below)

Posted Image

2nd Step: Now you are on the Spot of “Blood Invader” first open your Inventory don’t close it, second, attack “Blood Invader” using Left click or using a Skill (just let your inventory opened), then Left click the “Hormone Injection” and the “Blood Invader” will be killed instantly. (see screenshot below)

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