Bounty Hounds Online Anghar Sharpeye Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Anghar Sharpeye Normal and Difficult Mode Guide by Skimi

The final boss in Si50/55 does look like quite a hard boss. All in all this boss fight has some more mechanics than the previous boss fights. Some of the special skill make the fight quite hard. But with knowledge of the mechanics and how to avoid certain skill, the boss fight gets more and more easy.

Phase 1: 100%-50%
In this Phase, Anghar shoots all in all range attacks on the Main tank. Basically there is two different attack spells. The usual green bolts which deal a moderate amount of damage(around 1500 each i think). And the longer casting bigger bolt attack(around 4000 i think). He only does that attack every now and then.

Special attacks in this Phase 1 are, an AOE attack which hits every one in room for quite some damage. This attack is caused by the “controller”. Once you have killed the controller, this attack does not appear anymore.

In another special attack, Anghar shoots someone in a rock. People caught in the rock loose health points and to set them free again, the group needs to dps the rock down. This attack only appears, if someone stands on range to anghar. If everyone stays close to Anghar, no one will be rocked.

Last special attack in the first Phase is the Melee range AOE Attack. About every 20seconds he casts this AOE circle. He only casts this, if someone stands in close range to anghar. If no one stands in melee range, he delays this attack until someone gets into close range to the boss. On the 55-version of the boss, this attack knocks you back(maybe on 50 version aswell). With getting hit by this AOE attack, the targets get a debuff. This debuff causes no damage as it seems, but it strengthens Anghars caused damage on that target.

Phase 2:
From a ranged attacking Boss, he changes into a melee Boss. Again he does 2 different main attacks on the tank. the auto attacks and one more damage causing attack. The tanking gear should be quite good for this boss fight.
He has some special attacks in this phase as well. If people stand too far away from him, he random charges them and nails them to the ground for a couple of seconds, with quite some damage. This attack interrupts your heal f.e., or when you are resurrecting in this moment, the cool down of your resurrection spell will be started even without resurrection the target.

Another special is his cone like Aoe-Attack. This attack gives a debuff and at least on heroic it kicks you through the complete room. The cast time is quite quick, so you need to get moving asap if you don’t want to be hit by this attack.

Then he has two more specials, in both attacks he starts some kind of red glowing around his body. the first appears after around 40seconds, after phase 2 was engaged. I have no idea what this attack does, it does look quite harmless at 50 and 55 version. it looks like a red glowing spiral.

the second one is quite harmless on lvl50 Anghar as well. Again he starts glowing red, but this glowing looks more bloody. Causes targets in close range to gain berserk buffs. Those buffs increase your damage, but i couldn’t find any negative cause on lvl50(maybe damage increase on the targets). On lvl55, this berserk buff thing is the only really difficulty about the fight. Because it leaves fast ticking dots on the inflicted targets.

Last special attack does only seem to appear on Anghar 55, he spawns some minions who help him fight us. if you bring them down, or tank them at the side and aoe them down, they wont be that big of a problem.

Group behavior:
Since we have lack of high level-players, we most often kill both version of anghar with a 3man party. CB, ST and EN. With getting better gear, we now are able to do some minor mistakes in the fight, but i do remember back when we were lvl55, there was no room for mistakes on Anghar55.

Avoiding the Rocks: this is very easy. Simply get and stay close to Anghar, and no rocks will be casted. After about 15-20 seconds he starts his first Melee zone AOE attack. As healer and range classes, take a close look at the red circle and just move a tiny little step out of this Circle. This position lets you keep safe from the AOE attack and also keeps you close enough not to get hit by a rock. Tank and melees should avoid the kickback as well. So especially the tank(gets slow debuff from time to time), should move a couple of yards away from Anghar every 15seconds, so he only needs to do one ore two more steps to run out of the red circle when the AOE is casted.

With lvl55 and medium gear this is essential, since otherwise the tank might get one shotted by the bigger bolt attack of anghar(remember the damage increase of the aoe debuff).

Avoid the random charges: In Phase 2, on normal mode, the fight gets very easy, if you stay in melee range as well. he doesn’t do the random charges in melee range. so you only need to be able to out heal the high damage on the tank, and from time to time run out of the cone like aoe kickback in front of the boss. in order to minimize movement, the party should spread out in melee range. so not everyone has to move when he targets someone for his cone attack. If you have a gunner f.e. who likes to stand on range, no problem. he gets random charged a couple of times, this is healable with pots and maybe a hot of the healer. but the melees including tank should not run after the boss. he will come back to the tank after that. the healer might want to stay and heal all the time, so he would prefer if the boss comes back to fighting campl. if you follow the boss, the healer might stand on range and gets random charged and interrupted. the gunner can also get a ctu out and let it stand at his side. that gives a 50/50 chance for the random charge, since the boss also charges ctus und range. Same counts for thunderbolt ctus. if you get some thunderbolts on range, the chances for the gunner being charged are also getting lower.

On 55version of anghar this tactic works as well. But after around 1 minute of fighting in Phase 2, he does his berserk buff spell, with everyone standing in melee range, this attack will inflict everyone, and that could cause a wipe easily. So here is what you should try. Engage Phase2 as on the lvl50 version. After around 40 seconds he does his first red glowy thing, that seems to be harmless. after another 20-40 seconds, he does the bad bloody glowy thing with the berserks. so after around a minute of boss fight in p2, healer and range classes should get some range. Melees should probably do the same, so when the berserk buff is casted, only the tank gets it. with some bad luck, he random charges one of the guys on range, and does the berserk right away. so you might not want to bulk up on range. There is room to heal the berserk buff on 2 different persons, but as far as i can tell at the moment, with 3 guys inflicted with berserk buff, it really gets tough.

During that berserk buffed time, the tank might assist the healer with all of his survival skills. Same counts for inflicted party members. Pots should be used on cool down until the berserk buff disappears and of course every extra damage should be avoided.

With only the 3 of us fighting the boss, this berserk buff thing appears 2 times in Phase 2 before the boss is down. Except this one situation with the berserk buff, the fight is all in all very easy.

update on the tactics.

as it turned out, the first red glowing special attack(the red glowing spiral) is responsible for the addspawn. there is a small blue circle underneath the target. So if you start moving a yard or two right away, no add will spawn.

we also did a quick video of the fight. At one point i do fail with this new tactic aspect and an add spawns. You might also be able to see the blue circles on the ground.

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