Backyard Monsters Defending Concepts Guide

Backyard Monsters Defending Concepts Guide by Jadon Fan

Instructions and Guideline
– Use Ctrl/Command F or G, depending on which OS and browser you use, to search up any defending concepts
– Any suggestions or questions related to this guide are welcome.
– When giving new information, please don’t give random and false facts. I check the guide info weekly to make sure everybody will get the right information and not mess up on their yards.

Sign Key
0=Really Hard to Make
1=Needs More Info (please help if you can)
2=Confusing Concept
3=Updated Information
R=Rarely Used
U=Updated Concept
noL= Not for Low Level Players
noM= Not for Mid Level Players
noH= Not for High Level Players
onE= Only for Experienced Players
eMhM= Easy to Make, Hard to Master
X>Sy= Not for Spread Out Yards
X>Cy= Not for Compact Yards
X>S-Cy= Not for Semi-Compact Yards

Existing Defending Concepts
Annoying Resource Gatherers of Horror (ARGoH)
Anti Zafreeti Smiley Face (AZSF)
Bunker Unison
Modern Big Dumb Bunch (Modern BDB)
Railgun Death Hall
Space Counter Death Trap [1] (SCDT)
Split SDT
Shorter Path of Doom (SPoD)
Spread SDT
Valgos Death Trap

Extras to Add-On Defending Concepts
Pitch Fork,
Resource Pathing

Existing Defending Concepts

A1. Annoying Resource Gatherers of Horror- ARGoH [!][noL]
Objective: Stops Invisible Brains from destroying the NECoRG
Invented by: Nicholas Leung
First Used: New Concept, New Base
How to Make: Put traps between Resource Gatherers
Tricky Part: You have to make sure the traps will get tripped and the brains follow the front of the NECoRG, especially around turns.
Pro: Stops Invisible Brains from destroying yard. Creates 24 mini-SDTs, causing monsters to bunch up after every RG.
Con: Wastes some of your traps (not really important)
**This Defending Concept is really important**

Credits to Nicholas Leung for his “Mission Impossible-ARGoH”.

A2. Anti Zafreeti Smiley Face- AZSF [3][N][noL][X>Cy]
Objective: Back-fire against Zafreeti while other monsters go ahead (Zaf is the slowest monster).
Invented By: Nicholas Leung/Jonty Simson
First Used: E.T. 1.3 by Jonty
How to Make: Put AA towers outside your yard (except for ADT of course), away from the NECoT, keeping the entrance to the towers at the edge of the yard.
Tricky Part: Making sure the tower monsters don’t get “attracted” to the AZSF towers instead of the NECoT. The mob attacking towers leaves goes out of range from the AZSF tower while the Zaf will heal the monsters in the AZSF tower range. Rocket DAVEs, Sabnox and Teratorns will ignore this rule, which is why you also need to protect your super towers (Teslas, Lasers and RGTs well).
Pro: Easy to kill Zaf
Con: Wastes lots of blocks. Towers maybe able to be picked off one by one. Makes your yard have low CF.
*Note: There is also Inner AZSF (which I’ve first used in Backyard Plane V2).

Credits to iPhoneHack for his “Titanium Circle”.

A3. Branching [noH][eHmH][X>Cy]
Objective: Splits up monsters to make the attack less. Effective against strong monsters.
Invented by: ???
First Used: ???
How to Make: Put a building (let’s name it building A) in front and two buildings on the sides of building A.
Tricky Part: Make sure the rest of the yard is not PPX prone
Pro: Each building will take less damage
Con: Puttied attacks will be stronger and area of effect towers will be maybe less effective.
*Note: It’s more harder than you think
Example: Please help!

A4. Bunker Unison [noM][R]
Objective: All bunkered monsters will be fighting at once
Invented by: Nicholas Leung
First Used: —
How to Make: Put all 4 bunkers together (best in the middle)
Tricky Part: Not to make them cataprone
Pro: All bunkered monsters will fight together
Con: May interfere with the core/main defense

A5. Cage-Bunker
Objective: Champion protects bunkered monsters when the attacker is baiting.
Invented by: Nicholas Leung
First Used: ???
How to Make: Put the champion cage in the middle of the yard and bunkers spread out around the core (main defense)
Tricky Part: The CC will take up heavy space in the core
Pro: Fomor will buff bunkered monsters while they take damage
Con: Needs centered CC. Bunkers can be easily baited one by one.

A6. Inside-Out [0][1][R][noL][noM][onE]
Objective: Makes monsters path through the area with highest CF many times.
Invented By: The M
First Used: Inside out base.
How to Make: [1]
Pros: Lots and lots of pathing. High CF area must be passed by multiple times. Hard to take down 2 ADTs, or 2 RGTs, etc. at the same time. Good coverage of everything.
Cons: TH usually vulnerable, sometimes prone to eye-ra bombs.

Credits to Nicholas Leung for his “The Bloody Silo”.

A7. Microchipping[noL]
Objective: Makes PPX walk longer
Invented By: cutemint
First Used: Microchip
How to Make: Put walls (8 would the best) between two. towers and/or RGs. Cover one horizontal side with blocks.
Tricky Part: Making your yard anti-cataprone.
Pro: Makes your base less PPX prone. Good for compact yards. Maybe unneeded for spread out yards.
Con: Uses a lot of blocks, especially if your going to make the base symmetrical

Credits to Matthew Betts

A8. Modern Big Dumb Bunch (Modern BDB) [1][R][noM]
Objective: Create layers of pathing to prevent puttied against compact yards.
Invented By: Gio
First Used: Modern BDB V1
How to make: Place lines of blocks outside your base, try to nearly make it full circle-ish but leave some entrances. Make sure that you’ll have a NECoT, thats one of the big thing of MBDBs and try to get the nec covered, because of the outer pathing ground monsters will always follow the whole nec, so good nec coverage is needed. Then make the core with good silo placements to prevent the catapult.
Tricky part: The NECoT
Pros: SUPER CF, perfect NEC, not catapultable (when done well) and not PPX-able (when done well).
Cons: [1]

Thanks to Gio for his “The Big Badass MBDB yard”. Ignore the hat on the town hall and Gorgo.

A9. Railgun Death Hall[noL]
Objective: Railgun will fire in straight/diagonal pathing to allow more monsters to be hit at once by the railgun.
Invented by: ???
First Used: ???
How to Make: Put straight or diagonal pathing. Put the railgun at either one or both sides of the pathing.
Tricky Part: Not to make the railgun prone to Sabnox/Rocket DAVE
Pro: More monsters are hit at once. Value of the railgun is better.
Con: Can make the railgun more prone to attacks on compact yards.
Best Used: With traps

A10. Shorter Path of Doom- SPoD [noL]
Objective: The tower easily protects the silo without the tower ruining the SDT. Also prevents catapults.
Invented by: Justin Kwan
First Used: The Jungle of Love
How to Make: Make a box and put a tower and silo opposite of each other on one end of the box, leaving a 1.5 gap between tower and wall vertically. On the other side, open up an entrance and protect the tower/silo by putting walls in the middle, giving a 1.5 gap to both the tower and silo
Tricky Part: Finding a good place to put the SPoD. Making tower monsters path the tower path. Making anything monsters and looting monsters path the silo path.
Pro: Good Protection and combining them can make towers less cataprone
Con: Can be hard to make with only one entrance and limit number of traps which can can be used for SDT. Uses up a lot of blocks.

Credits to Nicholas Leung for his “Champion Chess”.

A11. Space Counter Death Trap- SCDT
Needs Verification

A12. Split SDT
Objective: Makes monsters attack some silos before heading back outside. Similar to Spread SDT.
Invented By: __MB__
First Used:
How to Make: Divide the SDT, using blocks and gaps, into halves or quarters.
Tricky Part: Combining with the NECoRG
Pro: Easier to get damage protection and decrease effectiveness putty attacks inside the core
Con: May make your yard more cataprone

A13. Spread SDT
Objective: SDT that aren’t connected to each other, not placed in the center of the yard. Making yards less catapult able and a longer path to the other silo/building, against putty monsters.
Invented By: Many people, not 1 person.
First Used: Unknown
How to Make: Make a SDT for each silo and town hall and spread them out
Tricky Part: Not to make silos too vulnerable for daily farming
Pro: Hard to destroy all silos and town hall, anti-putty monsters, makes yard less catapultable.
Con: Makes the SDT weaker, less traps will be tripped.

A14. Valgos Death Trap
Objective: Distracts and kills Valgos with AOE Towers before they can reach the SDT walls. Similar to Eye-Ra Bait.
Invented By: Jadon
First Used: Backyard Plane V3
How to Make: Create Layers of Eye-Ra Bait. Put any anti-fling blocks. Creating Split SDT helps as reduces how much resources the attacker get after destroying many blocks.
Tricky Part: Trying to get as much CF as you can
Pro: Valgos don’t ruin your pathing
Con: Wastes extra blocks

Extras to Add-on Defending Concepts

B1. Cross
Objective: Another form of microchipping
Invented By: ???
First Used: ???
How to Make: Create a cross with blocks and put towers/resource gatherers within the area of the cross.
Tricky Part: –
Pro: Makes your base less prone to PPX and puttied invisible brains (PIB)
Con: Sometimes doesn’t work efficiently

Credits to NaCl for his “Stone Cross”.

B2. Pitch Fork
Objective: Combines AZSF, ARGoH, back up NECoT pathing and probably branching within one series of blocks. The ARGoH will work and not be tripped by tower monsters.
Invented By: Jadon
First Used: Backyard Plane V2
How to Make: Use blocks to create a pitchfork with the sharp end facing the core. One tower should go between the two fork ends. The Resource Gatherers are placed in the middle, each within one side of the lower part of the handle. Put a trap at the end of the handle. Put two towers at the end of the handle with each on the opposite side as well.

*Note: Smaller size also works. The extra blocks are not part of the pitch fork.

B3. Resource Pathing
Objective: Makes looting harder
Invented By: Nicholas Leung
First Used: Mission Impossible-Final
How to Make: Use blocks to path monsters to resource gatherers
Tricky Part: Not to waste blocks and/or make your base malphus-prone.
Pro: Hard to loot without destroying 50%+ of the towers first
Con: Sometimes uneffective, towers may become more prone instead.

B4. Ring [R][noL][1]
Objective: Monsters specifically path to the building entrance while 100% guaranteeing traps will be trapped. Saves blocks rather than just making enclosing the building w/one entrance.
Invented By: –
First Used: –
How to Make:
Tricky Part: –
Pro: Allows you to create specific pathing, making monsters always go where you want it to go unless the attacker destroys the walls with eye-ras/valgos or uses Teratorn/Wormzer of course.
Con: Can be Rocket DAVE prone.

Defensive for NEPoH Info
Gio for Modern BDB Info and Adding Spread SDT
iPhoneHack for Updated AZSF Pic
James Larry Moss for Updated Microchipping Info
Jonty Simson for AZSF Info
Jeffery Liu for Ideas, correction and information
Justin Kwan for NEPoH Info
Matthew Betts for Microchipping Pic
Nicholas Leung for Information

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